We operate 2 websites: Ituglobalfx.com.ng and Instantforex.com.ng

The later website used to experience frequent downtimes, but that has now been fixed, as we moved to another server.

Now the downtimes should be reduced drastically.

However, you may visit one of our websites and think you can’t access it. This may also happen when visiting Neteller website or any other websites.

When you’re using Glo to browse, you may discover that you’re unable to access certain websites (like Neteller, our website, etc). If that happens, simply switch to another network, say 9Mobile or Airtel. You’ll see that the website would show, once you type it in the address bar.

If you use Airtel, and you discover you can’t access certain website, then switch to another network.

It’s unwise to rely on one Internet service provider, especially if you’re doing serious things online (like business).

Your trusted network can develop a temporary or protracted problem when you need it most. You can be held to ransom when you need to do something crucial online, quickly. But if you have an active data subscription on another network, you quickly switch and do what you want to do.

When you’re doing something serious online, like business, you need to have active subscription with at least, 2 service providers. It’s far better if you have active subscription with 3 service providers.

This is one of our secrets, which enable us to process funding and withdrawal orders of Neteller, Payeer, Perfect Money and Epay (without disappointing customers).

To see our current rates, please visit www.ituglobalfx.com.ng

To fund and withdraw with Neteller, please visit: www.instantforex.com.ng