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    Default How much can you make on Instagram?

    The answer to your question is it depends.

    If your Instagram is full of high quality content, instead of some random photos and some really nice ones, you will make more.
    If your Instagram is dedicated to fashion/beauty/travel/lifestyle, youíre in the best industries and will make the most money.
    Someone with under 100K followers can charge up to $2,000 per post. But that will depend on if you are creating content, or simply publishing an asset the brand has given you. Those numbers also change if you have to attend a photo/video shoot, usage rights, exclusivity, length of campaign, etc.

    There is money to be made when you hit 10K followers, even more when you hit 100K, and even more when you hit 250K. Somewhere between 100K and 250K you should start looking for an agent so they can find campaigns and you can focus on creating content.
    I know plenty of influencers who hit 100K followers and then quit their jobs. Itís definitely possible.

    I book influencers for major brands at a giant publishing company.
    I co-founded an influencer education company to help aspiring influencers create great content and make money.
    I am writing a book on how to become an influencer which will hit bookstores next year.


    Perfect Money/Payeer/Epay/Neteller:
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    To make money it must be a lot of followers. How to get them?

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