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    Default mt4stats -

    I am not the admin of the program.

    The features of MT4 Stats are stunning and very easy to setup for any trader using the Metatrader platform.
    You simply register, use the received activationcode by email, setup the publishing config in Metatrader and you are already done. You don't need to worry about publishing your real name anymore, your real account number, and not even your broker will be displayed! It's all free and you get your own subdomain as well (

    MT4 Stats was founded in 2008 by Hans Bowles due to increasing demands for a service which was capable of publishing and sharing realtime trading results to others. However, there were a lot of Metatrader traders around who did not want to reveal their real name on the web, or competitors in the trading world, nor they want to have the account number and broker which they are using to be published.

    MT4 Stats was born, and has setup a free FTP server for everyone their trading accounts. Before this, traders could only upload and publish it if they had their own webserver. Now MT4 Stats does it all, and any Metatrader trader can use the service for free. The MT4 Stats web- and ftp servers are hosted by outstanding hosting companies who keeps the server up running for all of you.

    Right now MT4 Stats has 20561 active accounts, over 10 thousand unique visitors every day, and millions of views every month. I try to keep the ads as minimal as possible, only to cover the hosting costs which you can imagine are huge with all the massive traffic. I think that I have achieved my goal in helping out a lot of traders using the Metatrader 4 platform to publish and share their results.

    Have a good trading!


    Here you can find the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

    It doesn't publish all my trades (only last or current month) anymore?
    Go to Metatrader, In the Terminal window the 2nd tab should be Account History.
    Right mouse click on 1 of your trades and select All History, wait 5 minutes for publishing and it's there.

    It doesn't show anything at all on my MT4 Stats page?
    - Please check the following page, in order to check if everything has been setup correctly (also the accountnumbers must be the same)
    - Make sure you typed in the port number 2354 correct as well, NOT 2345.
    - Check your journal-tab inside your Metatrader platform and look for any kind of error messages while publishing.
    - Make sure your computer/VPS hosting/internet provider/router/wirelessrouter doesn't block the publisher traffic on port 2354, if it does please contact your systemadministrator, vps supportdesk or your internet provider.
    - If you have a STOR error or anything else inside your journal tab of Metatrader 4 it's a good idea to restart your Metatrader 4 platform.

    My MT4 Stats page seems to look scrambled (layout screwed up or half published statement)?
    Please restart your Metatrader platform and if the problem still exists, reinstall your Metatrader platform because some Metatrader files might have been corrupted on your computer.

    Help, I'm not receiving my activation code?
    Please give it a little more time, some email providers can be very slow, also note that you might have to check your unwanted emails (spam) folder as well.

    Help my activation code is expired, what now?
    Go to this page in order to receive a new activationcode.

    Help I forgot my password, what now?
    Go to this page to receive your password.

    My question is not listed here?
    Go to the Contact page and feel free to ask your question (select "Support" as subject), your question will be answered by mail and might also be published on this FAQ page.

    For more information, visit

    Added for discussion


    Please do your DD before investing in any program.

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    rajhere, there's a even a better one, which I recomment highly, just switched from mt4stats... it's called myfxbook, and their analytics are just amazing..see their website and let me know what you think

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    I had some issues publishing my trading account with mt4stats.

    To resolve the problem i started searching for alternative. in my search i landed on a forum where they were talking about an auto trading expert advisor where someone mention of this mt4 information posting and analysis website known as

    I believe its much better than MT4live and mt4stats. i can add as a much as account as i want and maintain the track of all account.

    I have noticed the following intresting features:

    Monitor open position in real time (just like you check yout mt4 platform)
    Verified Real or demo accounts
    fxstat performance publishing
    Create public or private performance
    Create trade network and share your open positions with your network
    Connect your account to Facebook and twitter

    if any one here is on fxstat, im glad to connect with him to create a team and trade network.

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