Why do founders get fired?

I think we all know "it depends" is the answer. Thus, I hope that Quora "collapses" any answer that can be interpreted as "it depends." Use Steve Jobs and Apple as the archetype of your answer, but not your literal answer. :-)

I'm entering my 16th year at Pandora. Happy as ever, feeling productive and more connected than ever to the company. I think the reason I've stayed is because I've continually re-evaluated my role - constantly asking myself what's the best thing I can be doing? Focusing entirely on that and being prepared to adjust.

Founding a company doesn't entitle you to lifetime tenure. Like every employee, you have to earn and re-earn your standing - and companies are pretty unsentimental about that stuff. If you stop being useful, you get quickly shuttled to the side. That said, the Founder does have a distinct advantage that comes with the title, and with that a unique opportunity to contribute. It takes self-awareness, and the confidence to hand over the reins, but it can be a very healthy and productive long term role.

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