No one pays attention to the guy trading tech penny stocksóthat is, until he multiplies $10,000 of his savings into more than $300,000. Thatís not an exaggeration or dramatization; it actually happened to a 16-year-old investor named Connor Bruggemann.That being said, technology penny stocks are some of the best opportunities that retail investors have to score triple-digit gains. Pension funds have a mandate to stay away from tech penny stocks for 2016, which leaves room for average investors to scour the market for stocks below $5.00.These stocks have the power to mint overnight millionaires.

But sorting through all that data can be time-consuming. Thatís why Iíve compiled a list of the top penny stocks in the tech sector. The list isnít exhaustive, but each of these stocks passes the smell test. Theyíre also cheap enough for regular investors to afford.

1. Top Penny Stocks in Tech Sector 2016: Plug Power Inc.

2. Top Penny Stocks in Tech Sector 2016: Bazaarvoice Inc.
3. Top Penny Stocks in Tech Sector 2016: Gilat Satellite Networks