To be a successful investor, you need tools. We’re past the age of slide rules and speculation -- you’ve got to have the right tools in order to interpret the data and see the complete picture of the market.
You also need data. Prices, ratios, and averages are the fuel that drives the financial engine. You need to have a consistent, reliable source of data on which to base your judgments and calculations.
And you need insight. You’re an individual, but you’re not in this alone. Harnessing the power of a like-minded community is essential to help you gauge the validity of your own opinions, as well as to discover new ideas.
StockCentral provides you with the winning formula for investing successfully in the stock market, using our finely-tuned methodology:

  1. Screen for winning stocks using the only online stock screener developed exclusively for long-term growth stock investors.
  2. Review 10 years of a company's fundamentals (or download data directly into our Investor's Toolkit software for Windows).
  3. Analyze candidates using our trademarked Take Stock method of Instant Stock Analysis, generating buy or avoid signals on demand for any stock.
  4. Gather insights from like-minded investors and pundits in the StockCentral community to confirm or refute your conclusions about a stock.

Whether you're an individual investor or a member of an investment club, StockCentral gives you what you need.
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