Hello There Guys,

My name is Josh and I am a city trader, I trade in up and comming companys and have a few contacts in different areas who share tips with me. I am offering a help service to anybody out there who wants to. This is not a HYIP and I can not promise silly returns, I on average make 60% profit on each of my. Some times this is done in a couple of hours, some times in a couple of days.

What I am offering to you is a service that allows me to trade for you like a broker, I will recommend a share and if you feel you want to [ then you will pay me through e-gold and i will buy for you. I will offer a promise! if you are not happy and if your investment loses money i will pay back 100% of your investment. However this will not be the case and you will be in profit! I will send each with me a link so they can track there share and the price! They will know the level they bought it for and the level it is as that time! so can decide when to sell! If you do not ask me to sell I will withdraw when i feel the max has been reached.

What are my fees, well i will only work for commission, so if i dont make you money i dont get paid. My fees are as follows.

Nothing until you are 10% in profit
I will take 1% when share is 11%-15% in profit
I will take 2% when share is 16%-20% in profit
I will take 3% when share is 21%-29% in profit
I will take 4% when share is 30%-39% in profit
I will take 5% when share is 40%+ in profit and that is the max i will charge you! If a share make 300% my fee is still 5%, as this makes me really work to find you the best deals.

My offer is going to be open for the 1st 10 people who get in touch with me. After 3 months of this I hope all the positive response will enable me to open this up further. I will always cap it at 25 people.

As I have stated this is a and your money will be invested in the FTSE in London, I will post and sent you emails and statements to prove you have been bought, If you have any questions or will like to get involved right away email me or leave a response on here!

Many thanks,