After Liverpool beat Tottenham on Sunday in the Premier League, Mo Salah gave an interesting interview to Sky Sports. Salah has been criticised for his stats this season.

However the Egyptian forward, who has scored 17 Premier League goals, hit back: I haven’t scored for a couple of games, yes, but there are some players who have the same amount of goals as me but they are saying they are having the best season of their lives.


There are three or four players that no one is talking about or just saying they are having a good season while I am the only one who is having a bad season. Aguero has two goals over me and they say it is one of the best seasons so far.

I don’t care. I just want to win the Premier League. Salah: “I don’t care too much”Literally talks for 30 seconds about how he doesn’t deserve the criticism and is
doing just as well as AgüeroGet lost Mo, you’re having a bad season end of .

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