Here were my picks as posted on another thread:

After checking for the necessary criteria and conditions, here are my picks for tonight August 6, 2007.
- Chi Cubs @ Houston: I知 picking Houston and taking the +1.5 runs (if they win the game or lose by 1 run I still win)

- Boston @ LA Angels: I知 picking LA to win.
If any of these 2 plays lose tonight I値l have a look at them tomorrow and decide what my strategy will be.

As it turns out, both of these won for me in the first game of their series.
Houston won 2-1 (Aug 6/07)
LA Angels won 4-2 (Aug 6/07)
These two series are now officially closed in my books and no need to go any further with them.
I think I've found another series starting Aug 7/07. I'll post my picks tomorrow.