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  1. Hệ Thống Kệ CŰng Nghiệp Navavina
  2. MŠy Nước ĐŠ Phương Điện
  3. Cần bŠn bột men bia 41, 46% đạm. Nguồn bổ sung men tiÍu hůa hiệu quả
  4. Tấm nỉ tiÍu ‚m ak
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  6. Bg/sblc for lease
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  8. Which one should I buy android 4.1 tablet?
  9. Download phiÍn bản facebook mới nhất cho Android
  10. seeking for business partner(for VNmese and others)
  11. Should I buy some VND?
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  13. A look at Saigon : A city tour in Saigon
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  15. Vietnam should devalue the dong, Harvard University's analysis
  16. Non-dollar currencies revaluating, is it time to invest in currencies?
  17. SBV Sets USD/VND Exchange Rate At 16,484 on Dec 02
  18. Vietnam to cut spending to curb inflation in 2009
  19. Vietnam Dong Falls To 13-Day Low Versus US Dollar
  20. Vietnam's banks to cut dong deposit rates further
  21. VND/US$ exchange rate down, capital flowing into stocks
  22. Vietnam's Inflation Rate Quickens After Fuel-Price Increase
  23. SE Asian Stocks-Thai banks lead losses, Vietnam at 15-wk high
  24. Vietnam Bonds Drop on Speculation Inflation Quickened in August
  25. Banks facing increasingly high NPL
  26. Vietnam's Dong Trades at Two-Week Low
  27. Vietnamís credit card market: much potential, many absurdities
  28. Vietnamese Bonds Advance; Dong Trades Near Two-Month High
  29. Central bank expects forex surplus in 2008
  30. Dong Gains a 7th Day as Importers Sell Foreign Exchange
  31. Bonds Advance for Second Day as Dong Gains Lure Buyers
  32. Vietnam Dong Rises to Two-Month High
  33. Investing in Vietnam Bonds Is `Safe' Now
  34. Bonds, Dong Gain on Government's Tougher Price Measures
  35. Vietnam: Dollar demand eases as trade gap drops
  36. Vietnam banks slashing deposit interest rates
  37. No more opportunities for dollar-surfing investors
  38. Vietnam Central Bank Keeps Key Rate Unchanged at 14%
  39. Vietnamese Inflation May Quicken to 2% in August
  40. Exchange Rate for Dong Has Stabilized
  41. Inflation returns to haunt a dollarised Vietnam
  42. Dong Advances as a Report Says Dollar Demand Eases
  43. VND Little Changed, Similar to Reference Rate Setting
  44. Vietnam center bank says dong stable, not intervening
  45. Vietnam: US dollar price nudges up a tad
  46. FDI hits record of 45 billion USD in seven months
  47. Monetary market remains stable after petrol price hike
  48. VND Advances for Fifth Day
  49. USD exchange rates fall into line
  50. Vietnam's bond market loses lustre
  51. Vietnam Dong Completes Best Week in Three Months
  52. Vietnam Shouldn't Waste Cash Ending Twin Rate, World Bank Says
  53. Vietnam sets official dong at record low
  54. Weakness in Vietnam an opportunity
  55. VietNam, U.S. to sign economic agreements
  56. Vietnam: Gold price changes 5 times within an hour
  57. Govít warns banks on exchange rates
  58. [b]Greenback sees new price hike wave[/b]
  59. Viet Nam's Capital Controls Will Prevent Crisis, S&P's Chew Says
  60. Bonds, Dong Advance After S&P Says No Currency Crisis
  61. Viet Nam Stocks Jump on Speculation Trading Limits May Be Eased
  62. Bonds, Dong Gain; No Plan for Currency Depreciation
  63. U.S.'s Hernandez Says Inflation Not Just `Endemic' to Viet Nam
  64. Investors Should Sell Asian Local-Currency Bonds, Deutsche Says
  65. SBV did not devaluate the local currency
  66. Bonds Drop, Yields Rise to 19.9%; Dong Halts Decline
  67. Viet Nam State Bank denies currency, bank failure rumors
  68. Viet Nam's economy at risk of foreign capital flight - Moody's Economy.com
  69. Dragon Capital's Scriven Says Viet Nam Rate Increase `Positive'
  70. Dong daily rate virtually unchanged
  71. Dong Halts 3-Day Drop; Central Bank Sets Stronger Rate
  72. Vietnam Bonds Plunge, Yields Exceed 19%; Currency Slumps 2%
  73. Viet Namís economy not so bad off: Vietnamese experts
  74. Quoting prices in VND Ė no longer an option
  75. Viet Nam effectively devalues dong 2 pct, analysts
  76. Dong Fall After Central Bank Increases Rates
  77. Vietnam: Confidence is most important thing now: expert
  78. Viet Nam to Let Currency Weaken Tomorrow, Sets Rate at 16,461
  79. DBS's Wee Says Vietnamese Dong to Weaken to 16,850 by Year-end
  80. VietNam to Face `Turbulence' Until Inflation Slows, Fund Says
  81. VietNam Raises Key Rate to 14% to Rein in Inflation
  82. Dong Advances as Central Bank Cracks Down on Illegal Trading
  83. Vietnam's Bonds Gain on Optimism Over Reserves; Dong Weakens
  84. VietNam May Intervene to Maintain the Value of Dong
  85. VietNam earns its stripes as an Asian tiger
  86. Vietnam targets 7-7.5 per-cent GDP growth rate in 2009
  87. Goldman Sachs: 3 reasons for optimism about VNís economy
  88. Heat taken out of dollar trades
  89. Vietnam Says It Doesn't Need Financial Aid Yet From IMF
  90. US$ price soars to VND18,500/US$1
  91. Dump Your Dong
  92. VND/US$ exchange rate breaks VND17,000/US$1 threshold
  93. VietNam reiterates need for flexible currency
  94. Exporters benefit from stronger dollar
  95. Depositors flock to enjoy higher interest rates
  96. Vietnam raises interest rates to fight inflation
  97. Viet Nam dong sets new multi-month low versus US dollar
  98. Vietnam Set to Rely More on Higher Interest Rates, Goldman Says
  99. Banks raise rates after central bank removes cap
  100. 100% foreign-invested subsidiary bank to be set up in Vietnam
  101. Dong weakens as dollar demand rises
  102. Resonance of inflation and speculation must be avoided
  103. Viet Nam Raises Its Benchmark Interest Rate to 12%
  104. Tightened credit policy not relieving foreign currency shortage
  105. Dong pushed for depreciation
  106. Viet Nam Money - Dong falls as hefty imports boost dlr demand
  107. Asian Currencies: Baht, Ringgit Lead Declines on Oil, Dollar
  108. People returning to dollars, but donít expect fat profit!
  109. Vietnam: Where are the dollars?
  110. U.S. to be No. 1 Investor in Viet Nam, Businessman Says
  111. Imports drive US dollar over dong
  112. PM: Primary priority given to curbing inflation
  113. 10-20% gold import tax increase proposed
  114. When will it be time to test the sovereign bond?
  115. Vietnam: Forex policy as fickle as weather
  116. Dong slips against greenback
  117. Vietnam: Dollar price skyrocketing, again
  118. Viet Nam sees slower CPI increase in April
  119. Dong advances after central bank sets stronger rate
  120. Cash create
  121. Asian Currencies: Singapore Dollar Rises to Record After MAS
  122. Dong/US dollar forex rate dips
  123. Dong weakens on speculation banks to increase supply
  124. Dollar fever will continue
  125. Standard Chartered, HSBC plan expansion
  126. In the short term, making VND deposits more profitable
  127. Vietnamese dong falls 0.09 per cent
  128. US$ value increase may be a trap for speculators
  129. World Bank: VN Economy to Slow to 8% This Year, Grow 8.5% Next Year
  130. New interest rates to be applied as of April 2
  131. Greenback value rebounds unexpectedly, why?
  132. Economy to rebound soon, government promises
  133. Rising US dollar motivates banks to buy up
  134. Investors miss forex opportunities
  135. US dollar price surges again
  136. VND strengthens against greenback
  137. VND/USD exchange rate stays at VND 16,000 a US dollar
  138. Gradual VND revaluation better than shocking jump
  139. Viet Nam has to accept bitter pills: SBV
  140. Dong eases on concern currency strength to hurt growth
  141. State Bank buys foreign currencies to help exporters
  142. Banks agree on 11 percent cap for deposit interest rates
  143. VN: WTO membership - flattering to deceive
  144. SBV announces forex rate at 15,990 dong/US dollar on March 20
  145. Time to be nervous: Credit Suisse
  146. Vietnam central bank may lift curb on dollar/dong trade
  147. Vietnam: FED slashes US$ interest rate, dollar price bounces back?
  148. Market shuns the greenback
  149. Three paradoxes in foreign currency market
  150. Anti-Inflation Policy to Be Effective, Banker Says
  151. Controlling inflation: no more action in immediate time
  152. Experts warn against raising dong
  153. Vietnam needs to further widen forex trading band: expert
  154. Is it necessary to limit foreign currency credit?
  155. Viet Nam Money-Rates ease on ample supply, after T-bill sale
  156. Viet Nam govít steps into the ring to defend exporters
  157. Dong hits 2.5-year high on inflation measures
  158. Ministry recommends measures to help exporters
  159. Falling dollar robs exporters of revenue
  160. US$ interest rate down everywhere except Vietnam
  161. Viet Nam may allow faster currency gains: analyst
  162. VND revaluation may help ease dollarisation?
  163. VASEP requests Govít assistance over dollar devaluation
  164. Predication on dong/US dollar forex rate after SBV's amplitude expansion
  165. Letís guess about exchange rates and interest rates
  166. March 10: Dollar price drops to VND15,865/US$1
  167. Stocks rise, dong up on govt moves
  168. Government accepts 2% VND revaluation
  169. Viet Nam dong rate at 16 month high on central bank move
  170. Dong shortage may lead to bank mergers in Viet Nam, S&P says
  171. Dollar loses weight
  172. SBV should buy up foreign currency, say finance investors
  173. Government explores options to get a grip on inflation
  174. Vietnam to Expand Dong Trading Band to Tame Inflation
  175. VND interest rates will go down
  176. Dong continues to strengthen against dollar
  177. Vietnamese prefers to keep the dong than US dollar
  178. US dollar price could surge: forecast
  179. Investor association argues VND should revaluate 5% against dollar
  180. Viet Nam Dong Hits 22-month High Against Dollar
  181. VN: Dollar unsellable as banks refuse to buy
  182. VN: Dollar value slides make exporters cry
  183. Why does the US$/VND exchange rate continue sliding?
  184. Viet Nam to Widen Dong Trading Band to Slow Inflation
  185. VND hits 16-month high on dollar influx
  186. Buying dollars: a double-edged sword
  187. Viet Nam Money - Dong rates ease as banks boost funds
  188. Vietnam Dong set for sixth-month gain
  189. Gold price jumps, US dollar drops
  190. UNDP economist urges Viet Nam to reduce inflation to single digit
  191. Getting dong for dollars is tricky in Viet Nam
  192. Inflation Rate Hits 15%, Highest In More Than A Decade
  193. Commercial banks not allowed to increase interest rates to over 12%
  194. VN Central bank calls for savings rate cap
  195. Vietnamís currency crisis causes headache: FT
  196. Dong continues to strengthen against dollar
  197. US$/VND exchange rate slide continues
  198. Central bank talks the talk, but forces banks to walk the walk
  199. Vietnam pumps $278 million into money market
  200. VND spike hits market
  201. Five ways to reduce inflation: State Bank of Vietnam
  202. State Bank of Vietnam Plans to Withdraw VND90Tln in First Quarter
  203. Vietnam Must Allow Dong To Rise To Fight Inflation: ADB
  204. VND10tril more pumped into circulation
  205. ANZ releases report on Vietnam's monetary finance market
  206. ADB chief lauds Vietnam growth
  207. Commercial banksí race to increase interest rates and predictable impacts
  208. Dong advances to 21-month high on currency shortages
  209. VN: Sacrificing the stock market to curb inflation?
  210. SBVís promissory note plan threatens to destabilize economy
  211. Vietnam Passes 4 to Reach List of Top 30 Exporters to the U.S.
  212. VN Banks mired in deposit interest rate war
  213. Dong drops after govít says to control prices more
  214. Vietnam Central Bank To Compel Banks To Buy $1.26 Billion T-Bills
  215. Bank forecasts 8.9% inflation
  216. Vietnam dong interest rates build up
  217. Vietnam Dong May Gain Most in 14 Years, HSBC Says
  218. VN: Banker says VND to stabilize this year
  219. Vietnam's Dong May Advance, Standard Chartered Says
  220. Vietnam set 20 percent Ď08 retail sales growth
  221. US dollar deposit rate could slip for US FED's interest rate cut
  222. Vietnam Dong drops, headed for first weekly decline this year
  223. Banking on bonds
  224. To deal with dollar excess: itís necessary to find Ďdollar containersí
  225. Lower fees for dong transactions key to lessening dollarisation
  226. Bitter pill may alleviate Vietnam inflation woes
  227. Dong drops on speculation nation seeks weaker currency
  228. Vietnam: Dollarization domination
  229. US dollar forecasted to weaken more against dong: HSBC
  230. After China, Vietnam Will Be World's Factory
  231. Vietnam Money-Dong may be allowed to rise in 2008
  232. Do you think the Dong is really a good investment?
  233. new to this dong/dinar
  234. SBVís four major year-end policies
  235. Trustdinar also provide Vietnamese Dong
  236. Lop
  237. Dong on ebay.com...
  238. For the Dong holders....
  239. How to buy Dong in the UK
  240. June 4th Prediction
  241. DinarTrade has made Investing in Dongs & Dinars "BETTER" for "Rolclub Members".
  242. 'Direct' U.S.-China Talk on Yuan Reported
  243. Vietnam Mutual Fund
  244. Wher to buy Dong!
  245. China Moves to Let Currency Rise
  246. Vietnam the Second Thailand...
  247. Vietnam Prospers Under WTO Membership
  248. Anything New On the Dong?
  249. site with polymer info
  250. got my 3 million dong today!