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  6. FBI investigation into Iraqi dinar investment
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  17. E-Dinar cryptocurrency
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  19. Old Iraqi Dinar Notes
  20. What is RED PAY LINE?
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  25. Iraq Delete Three Zeros = Redenomination
  26. Dinar RV
  27. Iraq Chit-Chat Thread (With Articles)
  28. Iraq Music
  29. GCC countries should stop pricing oil in dollars - economist
  30. Charley Reeses final column for the Orlando Sentinel
  31. Cautious Optimism about Iraqs Future
  32. Latest News - Iraqi Dinar Think Tank - Discussion
  33. ME's Biggest Gas Deal Ready for Signing
  34. Economic Analyst accused govt of obstructing banks & criticizes decision to withdraw desposits
  35. An international expert: Iraq last unexplored sites on the surface of the earth
  36. The text of the government's program for the years 2011-2014
  37. Oil in a Week - The Repercussions of the Gas Agreement between Iraq and Shell
  38. Iraqi women
  39. Iraq plans first bond sale since 2006
  40. CWC's Iraq Petroleum 2011 Will Take Place on 12-14 July 2011
  41. Trying to find beauty in the darkness of Iraq
  42. Private equity in Iraq: A once-in-a-generation opportunity
  43. Iraq's lasting success will be measured in barrels per day
  44. Two More Merc Firms Get Big Iraq Contracts
  45. Iraq Archaeology Sector
  46. Scientific minds of the Iraqi immigrant returning to her Homeland
  47. Iraq Land Transportation Sector
  48. Iraq Construction News
  49. Iraq Green Energy Sector
  50. R.V of Exchange rate and re-denomination of Iraqi dinar! EVERYONE MUST WATCH!!!!!!!
  51. Iraq Healthcare sector
  52. Iraq Electricity Sector
  53. Iraq Maritime sector
  54. Iraq Agricultural Sector
  55. Iraq Water Sector
  56. Iraq Telecommunication sector
  57. Iraq Aviation Sector
  58. Creative currency design: the kuro, euro of kurdistan
  59. Hoping this happens
  60. Please listen to Contact Two and Lean how the Dinar is Tied to The Global Settlements
  61. Managing a Crisis
  62. Iraqi Dinar Revaluation -1 - think about it Information and Facts
  63. Unconditional welcome the invitation of Iraq's accession to the GCC
  64. Erbil Ranked 5th for Foreign Direct Investment
  65. The problem of Iraq's debt
  66. Special Report: Risk, reward and Kurdistani oil
  67. Research and Markets: Latest Iraq Oil and Gas Report - Q1 2011 Edition
  68. Central Bank of Iraq
  69. Archive News - Iraqi Dinar Think Tank - 24/01/201 - 23/07/2011
  70. Kurdish Independence Movement Thread
  71. Big-name sports follow the money to the Gulf
  72. Saudi Arabia soars ahead to dominate Rich List 2010
  73. Former Blackwater Purchased by Investors
  74. Trade between Kuwait and Germany surges 76% in 2010
  75. Iraq Installs 'Warning Stations' to Detect Nuclear Radiation From Iran
  76. Journalist who threw shoe at Bush throws book at Iraqi prez
  77. Iraq Tourism
  78. Iraq Real Estate
  79. Fedex Express wants to deal with Iraqs official bodies
  80. Oil's tense trading scene may sway a move to Dubai
  81. Archive News - Iraqi Dinar Think Tank - 06/10/2010 - 24/01/2011
  82. Oil Minister: Iraqi oil reserves under the ground of 505 billion barrels
  83. Investment a "success story" in Iraqi Kurdistan
  84. Revival of the New Iraq is the best kept secret in world finance
  86. Deleting Zeroes off currency?
  87. 3 million dinar for sale.(25k Notes)
  88. Agent sued over sale of Iraqi currency
  89. Iraq Central Bank Fails To Sell T-Bills Worth $170M - Official
  90. The future trajectory of stabilisation in Iraq
  91. how many rupees are in one dinar?
  92. 1000 dinars
  93. Archive News - Iraqi Dinar Think Tank - 22/06/2010 - 04/10/2010
  94. Economic: Iraqi currency in need of radical reforms commensurate with location of the country's oil
  95. Confused !
  96. Archive News - Iraqi Dinar Think Tank - 28/03/10 - 21/06/10
  97. Maliki: We will not accept the election outcome
  98. Allawi says that Iraqi List open with all the political blocs to an alliance with
  99. A joint statement by Ambassador C Hill and Gen. Ray Odierno on Parliamentary elections in Iraq
  100. Iraqiya wins 91 seats, rival Malikis State of Law 89
  101. Results of parliamentary elections
  102. Oil Companies--Some Run by Former Bush Officials--Make a Risky Move Into Kurdistan
  103. Launch timetable for GCC single currency on March 30
  104. Currency trading is the place to make your fortune
  105. Sinan Al-Shabibi - CBI Governor says current exchange rate reasonable
  106. latest news
  107. Will there be a coup dtat in Iraq?
  108. Investigation after a sack of 900 million dinars stolen from the bank manager of Warka Bank
  109. Iraq says can be top global oil producer in 6-7 yrs
  110. Use of US Dollar to Be Eliminated in Iraq
  111. Iraq could make up Global Oil shortfall
  112. Central Bank: The foreign exchange abroad "project" and seek to erase the zeros from the dinar
  113. House of Representatives vote on the Federal budget for 2010
  114. Iraq attracts serious investment commitments
  115. Iraqis protest in support of 'Saddam' candidates ban
  116. US Embassy in Baghdad looking for Facebook friends
  117. The Middle East needs vision to look beyond the oil age
  118. Central Bank: perfective of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies much
  119. Archive News - Iraqi Dinar Think Tank - 01/10/09 - 27/03/10
  120. Iraq to start crude oil shipping
  121. Unique publishing pictures GCC currency
  122. More Results of Oil Bids
  123. Some Results of the Oil Bids
  124. reviews trustdinar.com
  125. Iraqi Parliament approves amendment on vetoed elections law (Updated)
  126. Iraq could join WTO by end of 2011 (Reuters)
  127. Gulf Cooperation Council will link a single currency to a basket of currencies
  128. CNBC'S "ON ASSIGNMENT: IRAQ" Will Air Friday, November 20th
  129. Evidence the International Compact was Signed on 7th November?
  130. Adoption of the Election Law
  131. Iraq signed the biggest oil contracts since the U.S. invasion in 2003
  132. Senior Economist calls for new political dinar exchange
  133. Iraq Stock Exchange moves to full week of trading
  134. Iraq: the upcoming "goldmine" for Wall Street investors?
  135. Warka Bank for Investment announces the issuance of MasterCard cards for the first time in Iraq
  136. Hussain al-Shahristani: Iraq will be the largest source of oil in the world
  137. Central Bank: low demand for the dollar does not mean a decline in aggregate demand
  138. UN - General Assembly: Fifth Committee
  139. Iraqi Finance believes that the removal of zeros currency was premature and not to harm
  140. Archive News - Iraqi Dinar Think Tank - 08/09/09 - 09/01/10
  141. Disappearance of the coin is because of wrong policies or economy was not ready to be issued
  142. Central Bank is expected to increase the value of the Iraqi dinar during the next two years
  143. Central Bank: The version of a Coin soon
  144. Does the treatment for the return of the Iraqi dinar to the true value?
  145. Interview: CBI adviser Mohammed Saleh discusses new currency and deleting zeros
  146. CBE: soon issue a new currency in both Arabic and Kurdish
  147. Interview with Al-Shabibi - discusses Exchange Rate, Currency, 'deleting zero's' and the economy
  148. Osman is likely to be the ratification of the oil and gas law during the current session
  149. Confirm the formation of a high-level committee in preparation for adoption of Law of Oil & Gas
  150. Dollar to Dinar? Coming Sooner Than You Think
  151. "The government is optimistic to get out of Chapter VII of this month"
  152. Adviser Central Bank: Monetary policy on the verge of new developments after military withdrawal
  153. Foreign firms refuse Iraq terms for oil deals
  154. Iraq, the biggest show on earth?
  155. US broker in landmark Baghdad move
  156. 7 companies to join electronic trading next week
  157. Iraq Debt Beats Treasuries for Templetons Hasenstab
  158. International Conference to discuss the oil and gas law in Baghdad on Sunday
  159. Mark Mobius eyes Iraq as new investment frontier
  160. Monetary Union Pact Signed
  161. The report of the Security Council, Ban Ki-moon on Iraq in preparation for the lifting of sanctions
  162. AMWAL Consortium of Banks Issue MasterCard Credit and Debit Cards in Iraq
  163. Dear Gordon!! Bye, bye
  164. Kurdistan region of Iraq begins exporting oil today for the first time
  165. To take important steps in the way of ratification of the oil and gas
  166. The Adoption of the Council of Ministers a copy of the draft law of oil and gas
  167. Sixteen year old Iraq boy cracks 300 year old maths puzzle
  168. Mechanism of action in the auction, the Central Bank of Iraq need to be quick fixes
  169. Do you sacrifice the stability and the central bank raising the zeros?
  170. spam
  171. Stock Exchange: June 18, the date of the last meeting of the manual handling
  172. Parliament denies the oil & gas law to the secretariat of the Council of Ministers
  173. Iraq legislative vote on January 30 next year
  174. Speculators turn to shaky Iraqi currency
  175. May I have some help ?
  176. Zubeidi: Iraq signed contracts with the company (Visa Card)
  177. Archive News - Iraqi Dinar Think Tank - 06/05/09 - 04/09/09
  178. Investors look to cash in on Iraq's gains
  179. ISX investors are demanding the "liberation" of the meetings of the prices of electronic trading
  180. Front Page of ISX Website - Rise in ISX 18%
  181. Secretary-General of Council of Ministers draft open electronic trading market in ISX
  182. Opening of the draft in the electronic trading market, Iraq Stock Exchange
  183. e-Trading in ISX for the first time
  184. Confirmation of the first five Companies to trade electronically
  185. Official Announcement of the Electronic Trading
  186. Fess Up - Is This You?
  187. Baghdad gets set for 'Big Bang' with a difference
  188. Kurdistan Economy
  189. What is central in the Economic Vision concerning the Daily Auction
  190. Final Review with the International Monetary Fund in Amman
  191. Parliament is likely to halt the policy of the central bank's daily auction of Dollars
  192. The stock market rises 8%, the highest number of contracts carried out in four years
  193. Iraq takes Banking advice from Citibank
  194. The call of investors & shareholders to explain the instructions of the electronic trading
  195. First Day of Electronic Trading.
  196. Do you still believe in this?
  197. The Start of Electronic Trading in the ISX
  198. Why invest in midle east countries..?
  199. Archive - Latest News Think Tank - 15/01/09 - 04/05/09
  200. Iraqi family
  201. Statement on the ratification of the Convention Parliament security
  202. De Mistura after meeting with Sistani that the time is appropriate to exit Iraq from Section VII
  203. Sofa Passed - Sofa Passed - Sofa Passed
  204. URGENT...Iraqi parliament session will be held at three o'clock this afternoon
  205. URGENT - Postponement of parliament session for Iraqi security to ratify agreement on Thursday
  206. There is a comfortable majority for the ratification of Convention, & voting will be public
  207. Iraqi Parliament holds session
  208. Iraqi legal expert in constitutional affairs Tariq war is likely to pass the agreement Next Week
  209. Iraq and United States sign an Security Agreement
  210. The End of Today's Economic Systems
  211. Iraqi Parliament passes Provincial Elections Law
  212. Talabani Called on the United Nations to rid Iraq of Chapter VII Today
  213. Archive Latest News - Dinar Think Tank - 27/08/08 - 15/01/09
  214. where are we?
  215. paying taxes on dinar
  216. Solag: the decision to lift the value of Iraqi dinar was the result of studies value
  217. Personal experience with Trust Dinar
  218. CBI denies dinar revaluation plan...
  219. CBE: low inflation and good for the deletion of zeros
  220. Iraqi Dinar Bank Fraud Scam Alert Marshall Wayne Donnerbauer
  221. Invite the Central Bank to abandon the adoption of tight monetary policies
  222. Low level of inflation in Iraq during 2007 and attempts to delete zeroes from the Iraqi dinar
  223. Why so quiet?
  224. does this mean anything?
  225. GCC Single Monetary Union
  226. Article 140
  227. Central Bank is to increase and improve the exchange rate of Iraqi dinar
  228. "Nigerian letter" from Iraq
  229. US 'Supports' Currency Reforms
  230. Changing Role of IMF
  231. Chapter VII
  232. Archive Latest News - Think Tank - 15/04/08 - 26/08/08
  233. A List of the 35 Companies Qualified to Bid for Oil Contracts
  234. Alshabibi: citizen started to regain confidence in national currencies
  235. Today,1 million Dinar = $____________
  236. Am happy to report wired funds returned from "Trust Dinar.com"
  237. What is the current exchange for iraqi dinar?
  238. Is Iraqi Dinar really worth it to buy now?
  239. I am getting out and selling my dinars
  240. Hydrocarbon Law....when
  241. Stratfor: Intelligence Assessment on the U.S.
  242. Iraq, Syria: Pipeline Repairs and Diplomatic Deals
  243. Recent 3 Zero Currency Lop Example Of Interest
  244. Archive Latest News - Think Tank - 01/01/08 - 14/04/08
  245. Iraqi Dinar for Newbies
  246. Recognition for a job well done!
  247. 80% debt forgiven - I don't think so.......
  248. What it would take to achieve parity
  249. Bull run on Iraqi dinar too good to be true ~Reuters~
  250. IQD market rate at $873 per Million 12-12-07