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    Default These are the careers that will make you rich

    What are all the career paths that made people ultra-wealthy?

    There are several. Here they are in order of how common they are in the top 1% of income earners:

    Corporate executives : CEOs, VPs, and directors at large companies make a lot of money. Even owners of successful small businesses rake in the cash.

    Medical professionals: Specialized physicians and dentists, especially those who are either self-employed or work in surgical specialties, earn a lot of money. However, this definitely comes at the cost of spending your 20s in school, not earning any money, and accumulating debt.

    Finance professionals: The classic fancy finance jobs like banking, private equity, hedge funds, asset management, private wealth management, venture capital, financial advisory, and sales & trading all pay very well (multiple six figures, with potential to reach seven, and possibly eight figures)

    Lawyers: Lawyers, especially those in corporate law and successful self-employed lawyers, earn a ton of money.

    Engineers: This is one I would not count on, but very successful engineers can make a lot of money. However, the median is tilted toward higher five figures, which certainly won’t make you wealthy.

    Skilled sales professionals: Salespeople who sell complex enterprise software, medical equipment, financial services, real estate, and consulting, have unlimited earning potential, but the norm is six figures. Experienced enterprise software salespeople earn $300–500k+. Medical device salespeople earn closer to $150–200k, but very successful ones earn high six figures

    ($700k+). Financial services salespeople have enormous income potential, especially those who hold assets under management, and can earn seven figures with a lot of hustle.

    Blue collar workers: This might come as a surprise, but the blue collar professions have enormous potential. The demand for plumbers, electricians, etc. is skyrocketing, and the supply is low. Even employed blue collar workers can earn six figures, and self-employed plumbing/etc. business owners can earn a ton.

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    I think that software engineering is another great career path to choose. And I am about to get into that. It's quite hard to star, for example check out interview questions that you can find here. But it's not that hard if you are interested in the thing.

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