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    Default is a web search engine, which pays

    iam admin

    Hello! We are the team. is a web search engine, which pays you 50 Satoshi ( Bitcoin) for each search and to 500 Satoshi ( Bitcoin) for surfing the web and advertisements.
    There are 3 levels of the referral program :
    1 level 25 %
    2 level 10%
    3 level 5%
    We have 2 types of advertisement to offer to advertisers:
    a) PPC ad for a click
    b) showing your site in full work
    c) possibility to buy a banner 486 and 100/100 ( in August)
    To users:
    Stable payments in 10 different currencies.
    Possibility to draw referrals.
    The Lottery and the Bitcoin sites catalog will be added while the project is advanced.
    The ICO is held on 1 September.

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    Official rules bounty Campaign project BTCsearch.

    The date of the Pre-ICO

    At the moment, earned Satoshi will be available to the conclusion after carrying out PRE-ICO.

    We are pleased to announce the launch of the bounty Campaign BTCsearch. BTCsearch Pre-ICO starts September 14. The time of the ICO is scheduled for November 14.
    Before you begin, we invite You to participate in our bounty campaign and to help the project BTCsearch in creating a base of active users.
    We already have users who use Bitcoin and know what cryptoamnesia.

    BTCsearch is a search engine. For each entered query or viewing ads Satoshi are accrued.

    The number of search queries:

    The number of new registered users:

    General information.
    Just made 1.000.000 tokens on the platform waves.
    1 token = 1$

    30% team.
    10% will be the first nick bounty.
    20% PRE-ICO. The cost for pre-ICO token : 0.5$ (50%). September 10 - October 10
    50% of ICO. 14 Nov - 31 Dec 2017

    90% of the profits will be directed for payment of dividends.

    Bounty program:
    On the bounty program is designed 10%.
    Our bounty program works on this principle:
    • For the registration of the user we give 1токен.
    • 3-level referral program, which gives 25%, 10%, 5%.
    • Within the site we made section PRE-ICO BOUNTY, which to pay for every subscription of from 1 to 5 tokens.

    The amount of tokens received during the Bounty program, you can see in the personal Cabinet.

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