Newsletter being sent out today 8.Oct.2012
Dear member,

Rolclub is planning to launch a Ecurrency Exchange service with a escrow system, where our members will be able to buy or sell ecurrency directly to us, or escrow the amount in a member to member exchange. There has been several members and investment programs owners in the past period that have asked us for exchanging ecurrency, and we are at the moment not able to help out all.

Our exchange service will launch Jan 2013. Until then you can use our member to member section: http://www.rolclub.com/money-exchange/

We are in these days also promoting Rolclub all over net, so you can get your programs / ref.links promoted with more views with us.

And your also welcome to vist our forum, if you simply havent visited us for a while at : http://www.rolclub.com . We have many investment programs promoting these days on Rolclub.com

We are also looking for moderators. If your interested in moderating Rolclub forum, please leave us an email at : [email protected] .

Best Regards

Ray Marek
Admin of


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