This is an online market research company. Since it's inception in 2000, the community has grown to over 3 million people across 190 countries earning cash by participating in their online surveys.

There are several survey websites out there, but far and away, the best one I've found is They pay CASH for their surveys, where other companies may sometimes offer raffles for prizes (not as good).
The surveys pay anywhere from $3
The real money from SurveySavvy is in the residual income that they will allow you to create. A residual income is one that will continuously be paid to you monthly.
SurveySavvy allows you to build a residual income by paying you for surveys and referrals and my website can help you to get them from all over the Internet.

Please remember to fill in your profiles as soon as you sign up as you will not get any surveys until you do! will pay you $2 for each survey taken by someone you referred, and $1 for each survey taken by someone one of your referrals referred. The easiest place to get referrals is the Internet itself! That's a 3-tiered payout system for simply giving your opinions on things! If it doesn't sound like much, consider what happens after your referrals begin making referrals. Remember that this is free to join and the surveys will repeat and continue to be distributed to your referrals regularly. And not only that, they'll give you a handy referral link that you can paste onto a website, put in a newsletter, promote in a search engine, put into a free banner exchange, use as a part of your email signature, etc.
You have a unlimited earning potential from referrals,this makes it very easy to promote. If you were to submit your referral link to the LinkReferral directory, you could begin getting traffic to your referral link immediately. In the How to Get Referrals section, there are more free advertising links to help you promote your referral link.

The payment can be made up quickly by participating in a few surveys.

This income is built one survey at a time. Depending on your submitted profile, sometimes weeks may go by without you getting a survey. This is normal. Marketing companies submit their surveys at random.

Survey companies want "well-rounded people" with a large set of interests. Everyone is well-rounded, but your chance to be invited to paid surveys will increase dramatically if you indicate that you have a wide range of interests, even if they are just "passing interests".
The first thing to do is to login to your account and fill out the Profile Enhancers. Even if you have the mildest interest in something, its good that the survey companies know about it.
Be sure that the email address you give them is one that you watch regularly,otherwise it can be changed when you login.
They have a quota of people who can take each paid survey, since many people don't respond to the invitations. Take the survey immediately, otherwise the quota may fill up and they won't need anymore people.
You risk nothing..

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