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    Default A Free MoneyMaking and Products-Ready Website to Start Your Home Business.

    Good day forumites, how are you all doing? Since almost a year
    that I'v been searching how to make money on the internet, I never
    thought information marketing could be so interesting, to the extent
    of promoting free products that offer you bonuses that baffles you
    When I wanted to start my online business, I had no money to build
    my website, so I just typed "How to get a free website" on
    Of all the results, there was only one that was utilizable because I
    realized it will even make me a lot of money than whatever I have
    planned-- Please I will come back to this issue of free moneymaking
    website in case there are some that are interested in starting their
    business with it. every information you will need about your free
    moneymaking and product ready website is here,
    Now lets cut the crap and go straight to the point. My website is In this site, there are 6 inbuilt
    products, I promote 4 of them, and 1 is entirely free to join. They
    1. Hostgator
    2. SFI
    3. Empowerism
    4. Myworldplus
    5. CarbonCopyPro
    6. GDI
    The one underlined which is SFI is the only one that you can join
    free of charge. SFI is one of the largest, Fast-growing, and of
    course, one of the highest paying affiliate companies. They offer
    series of mysterious bonuses that you even begin to wonder why you
    deserve them. When you click on SFI link on my website, you will
    register free of charge as an affiliate. The term they use for their
    sales is Versapoints.
    If you were referred by a member (by going through my site), You
    will be given 402 points out of the 500 versapoints you will need to
    start earning immediately. If you can complete the 500 points with the
    remaining 98 points within 2 weeks, you are entitled to bonuses worth
    about 1700 dollars apart from what you will be earning monthly. Dont
    be disturbed if you do not have marketing skills. After joining them,
    they will send you 30 emails (each everyday for 30 days) called
    Launchpad 1-30. These launch pads will train you on how to market your
    products even if you are total novice, but in the field of marketing,
    we call it Newbie. You will find the rest of the information on their

    SECTION 2 ( Please note, this section
    is not free of charge but you can actually own a free moneymaking and
    Products-ready website registered and hosted for just 23-30 dollars

    Now, If you are interested in having your own free Money-making
    and Products-ready website: Wait I'll explain in a lay man's word; You
    must have a name for your website e.g, or, e.t.c. The name you give to your website is
    called domain name.
    Once you have your domain name, the next step is for you to
    register it with a domain company. After that, the next thing is for
    you to find a hosting company that will host your website for you just
    like you recharge your GSM with service providers. Now, the good news
    is that Hostgator will host your website for approximately 7 to 15
    dollars per monthdepending on the plan you want (the 15 dollars is
    better because its for business), And at the same time, this same
    company will also register your domain name for 15 dollars for 1 year.
    That is not all, after you have completed everything with hostgator,
    you will get:
    50 dollars per month per 1 person you refer for the first 5 months.
    75 dollars per month per 1 person you refer from 6th-10th month
    100 dollars per month per 1 person you refer from 11th- 20th month
    125 dollars per month per 1 person you refer from 21st month upward
    That is why their motto is "We Eat Up The Competition" because
    they do everything they not to make you regret choosing them.
    When you click on the hostgator link on my website, automatically, you
    have been referred by a member, so you wont be left out in any of the
    bonuses accruing to you. you even get another 50 dollars just for
    rating them.
    Assuming there was no free affiliate product like SFI, I would say
    its actually not a bad idea to have a website that will promote and
    market only its hoster which offers crazy offers, but if you have a
    credit card with at least little balance to host a site and pay to
    join 1or 2 products, I think its reasonable to just take total
    advantage of it.
    A little advise I'll give is that; if I were you, I'll first
    register free as an afilliate with SFI, and after, you can work on
    getting your website and at the same time marketing your SFI products,
    so as not to miss out on their bonuses.

    The 3rd product thjat can also enrich you is Empowerism. They are
    also known as
    "International Success Mentoring". Empowerism is the most trusted,
    stable, and longest-standing online business opportunity. They offer
    various kinds of benefits for their members, You get 20 dollars per
    week per one personal sale. And apert from that, Without making sales,
    you can still earn from their money-matrix program, The free tools
    they even give you to download is more than enough to boost your sales
    and also applying it for selling other products you promote, so you
    dont need to go to seminars or buying unnecessary ebooks to succeed.
    There are half other benefits you will still get from being there
    member so far you are referred.
    the 4th product you will also benfit from is called MyWorldPlus.
    It is the most
    costly of all these products, but you earn crazy commissions and
    benefits as a member. They are much more than just an affiliate
    company, they are very classic in terms of their services, and they
    really value the interest of their members. Infact the quality of
    their website and their services speaks for itself. They have 3 plans,
    but I recommend you choose the plan that says "maximise my earnings".
    The cost is 70 dollars and 2 dollars for shipping your MWP card to
    Please note, its not compulsory to join all these programmes in
    case you feel MWP is too costly. The truth is that I started with only
    3 of these programmes when I first knew about them.
    The 5th is CarbonCopyPro. I absolutely recommend you to
    buyCarbonCopyPro because it will teach a mad man all he needs to know
    about marketing a product, incase you are just hearing the word "Info
    Marketing" for the first time.. You really need it to start your
    business proper. The price is approximately 30 dollars.
    Well, you can check GDI and see how great they are in terms of
    what they offer their members.
    If you are looking for a way to make money online especially if you
    are interested in Home business, The afore-mentioned products are the
    best of the best that you can actually utilize to start making your
    money, and they even come with a free website ready to be built for
    you. All these you will find in my website

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    Has someone else tried this out already? I'd like to know on how this worked out for you please.

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