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A personal welcome from the founder of MillionaireX3

James Lee Valentine...

As an internationally published author of personal empowerment books

and as the founder of MillionaireX3 it is my pleasure to welcome you.

If you're like many people, you have searched long and hard for an easier way to create a substantial income for yourself and your loved ones.

I have devoted the past 13 years, since 1996, to helping empower people

to live more extraordinary lives and reach their fullest potential.

This program has been created, together with MillionaireX1, to empower

people FINANCIALLY . . . to help them create large residual incomes.

Welcome to this exciting online home business --- MillionaireX3

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Here’s YOUR new retirement plan…

Work for only one month and be paid up to

$442,860 with absolutely no risk and no selling!

“Try it before you buy it… with our FREE membership”

Right now, this very minute, you have a chance to break free from the poverty game once and for all. You can transcend all of your limitations in just a few weeks by following several easy steps. We have infused our program with a “Wealth Formula” of strategies and principles that will transform the lives of the people lucky enough to be invited to this opportunity. What you have in front of you is a groundbreaking system to EARN MONEY FAST that could change the way online businesses are built forever.

If you like the idea of earning fast cash, read on so you too can begin amassing vast sums of money very quickly, starting just minutes from now, because…

You can build your downline and

see your profit BEFORE you pay!

Everyone joins FREE for the first month!

We will show you how to turn a ONE TIME purchase

of only $77 into $442,860 using our fast, solid system!

Study every word of this website because…

there has never been a system like this before!

You could waste this month surfing the internet and playing computer games, or you could turn it into as much as $442,860 with absolutely no risk! You’ve been waiting for the BIG ONE haven’t you? MX3 is it! When you see just how easily this can be done, we promise you won’t sleep tonight, perhaps not even for the next month.

You see, you’re going to create your own

personal ATM machine that’ll spit money

at you forever up to a whopping $442,860

We say “forever” because you have unlimited time after your first month to keep earning all the way up to the maximum payout of $442,860. Below is what makes our program so unique. If you take full advantage of it, MX3 can change your life forever!

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________

Imagine a game show where you win by going inside a booth and money pours down on you. You are allowed to keep as much as you can grab in 30 seconds. Just how fast would you be grabbing? Now imagine going into a grocery store with a shopping cart and being allowed to keep as much as you can grab in 30 seconds. We’ve seen what people can do when given a time limit. Same here. You’re invited to grab as much money as you can during your first month in MX3 and the amount you grab is yours to keep as your downline upgrades after you. Speed is the key word here!

Ever been frustrated by inactive downlines? No problem. You won’t be able to stop people from going ballistic with this one. They could even surpass you in their dash for the cash. But no worries --- all of you can earn the maximum payout of $442,860.

You’d have to work your butt off for years to make anything close to what you could make in just one month with MX3. Not just $5,000, not just $50,000 but all the way up to $442,860. Imagine having all your bills paid off, taking that long needed vacation, buying your dream home, and doing things you want to do rather than what others tell you to. Just taste the freedom that kind of money could bring you in just a few weeks from now.

An affordable, empowering product that appeals to and benefits everyone, not just a niche market. You’ll find many “golden nuggets” hidden within the MVP2010 50-week financial mastery and personal empowerment program, with wisdom and guidance for every member of the family.

No ongoing monthly auto-ships, nothing to stock, nothing to ship --- we send the product to you digitally during a 50 week period --- and no need for you to change your spending habits or do anything except tell a few people about MX3 using our powerful TELL-A-FRIEND viral referral system. Can you say EASY!

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________

Within 30 days from now you could bank

up to $442,860 with absolutely NO RISK!

Now let’s show you how to do it…

Here’s what you need to do:

Join MX3 for free TODAY. Upon joining, you are classified as a Distributor and may invite others to also join for free --- that is so easy using our powerful TELL-A-FRIEND viral referral system.

Take IMMEDIATE ACTION in building your organization this month. You and your team members each only need three personally sponsored free members --- the sooner the better --- to MAXIMIZE the pay plan of $442,860. Anyone can do this but you must act quickly --- don’t waste a single minute. Lost minutes equal lost momentum equal lost money! You wouldn’t sit on your dud if you were in the money booth, would you? No! Instead, your arms would be flailing all over the place grabbing as much loot as you could, right?

Mark your calendar for the last day of this month (or any time before). It will be time to upgrade with your $77 purchase of the MVP2010 product. And time to CASH IN INSTANTLY as your downline members upgrade also. Once you have made your purchase of the product, you are classified as a Qualified Distributor with lifetime rights to build your business --- forever.

All payments are processed through AlertPay. If you don’t yet have an AlertPay account, no worries, you have your first month to open one and fund it with $77. We will pay your commissions into the same AlertPay account you use to make your product purchase with. KISS --- Keep It Super Simple!

Kick back and COUNT YOUR MONEY --- all the way up to $442,860

Incredible MX3 benefit…

You have lifetime rights to invite people

to join for FREE for their first month!

Once you have purchased the MVP2010 product, you become a Qualified Distributor and have the rights to invite people into MX3 for free for their first month. This keeps your matrix constantly filling until it maximizes at s at $442,860 total income for you on a full matrix --- there is no time limit for you to fill your matrix.

Introducing the MX3 compensation plan…

You only need to sponsor 3 free members who upgrade.

They all do the same as you… and your matrix will fill,

earning you a whopping $442,860!

The pay plan of MX3 is a 3x10 forced matrix. This is three positions wide multiplied by ten levels deep. Any additional members you sponsor after your first three will SPILLOVER to the next level. This happens on all levels --- so all members are helping each other as they race to beat the clock. You earn five dollars for every person in your matrix who upgrades by purchasing our MVP2010 product. Get ready for action as you see what you could earn during the next month starting from today --- get ready!

With the 3x10 matrix of the MX3

you get spillover from above and below!

Spillover is generated by people above and below. Given the illustration in this chart, watch how you could earn up to $40,000 and more! The fact is you could have any number of people upgrading, depending on how fast everyone sponsors just three or more people.

Levels Products Sold Income At $5 Per Person

1 3 $15

2 9 $45

3 27 $135

4 81 $405

5 243 $1,215

6 729 $3,645

7 2,187 $10,935

8 6,561 $32,805

9 19,683 $98,415

10 59,049 $295,245

Total 88,572 $442,860

Even a matrix only 1% filled

still earns you over $4,000!

Consider this: If your matrix was just 10% filled, you would still earn in excess of
$40,000. When was the last time you did that? Even a miniscule 1% filled would earn you over $4,000 for a $77 one-time product purchase --- and a product with tremendous value too. Are you beginning to understand the power of what you have in front of you?

To participate in the
MX3 money grab and maximize its potential, first join for free then sponsor as many free members as you can during your first month. But don’t stop at just three. Use our powerful, yet simple TELL-A-FRIEND feature to keep going. Sponsor as many free members as you can month after month after month. You will always be paid on the 15th day of the month following any sales. That could be as little as a few hundred dollars all the way up to tens of thousands and more.

You can use whatever means you like to promote this program

but absolutely no spam! This is your chance to earn more

money than you’ve ever made, so don’t risk it!

The process of joining MX3 and

earning commissions is so simple!

In a nutshell it is this:

Any person may join MX3 for free --- and upon signup they become a Distributor.

Distributors may recruit unlimited numbers of people to also join MX3 for free --- you have an easy to use TELL-A-FRIEND feature to help you do this at the click of a button.

All Distributors have until the end of their first month to upgrade to Qualified Distributor status by purchasing the MVP2010 product for $77 only.

We allow for an extra one month grace period for late payments to be processed if the purchase is already in process by AlertPay awaiting account verification.

Qualified Distributors can continue to recruit unlimited numbers of people to also join MX3 for free, month after month, year after year.

Qualified Distributors always earn five dollars per sale within their own 3x10 matrix --- which is 88,572 people in a filled matrix.

Payment of commissions on new Qualified Distributors is on the 15th day of the month following their purchase of the MVP2010 product.

People that join for free but do not upgrade by purchasing the MVP20009 product by the end of their first month are compressed out of the matrix allowing for full earnings potential.

All Qualified Distributors have a maximum earnings potential of $442,860 for their single one-time purchase of the MVP2010 product.

Whether it takes 30 days or 30 months or longer, Qualified Distributors have as long as it takes for them to maximize their earnings.

For those seeking even greater heights of income, MX3 has two sister companies founded by the same team --- MX1 and MX5 --- which will both be in full swing during 2010.

MX3 Transparency

How many times have you been baited into joining something for free? Or how many times have you found out the program you joined is not what it was made out to be. We believe in full disclosure at
MX3. We want you to understand everything upfront so you can make an informed decision. This is very important since your financial future and even your reputation in the industry can be on the line. We have made every attempt to disclose everything. We have nothing to hide and no secrets to keep you guessing. We are proud of what we are offering.

MX3 has partnered with MultiSoft --- one of the top mlm software developers in USA, with 22 years experience --- so that you have a sophisticated back office from where you may view your entire genealogy. This means you will know exactly how many free members you have who could potentially upgrade. You could potentially have thousands of members by the end of your first month --- and each one who upgrades earns you money. It may not sound like much initially, but when you have thousands of people all joining for free to ‘grab the money’ it could amount to tens of thousands of dollars for you.

Act now by recruiting 3 free members

within just 3 days --- the power of three!

If you follow our guidelines and sponsor a minimum of 3 people within your first 3 days, who each do the same, your matrix will be full by the end of your first 30 days. But, even if your matrix is not full, your matrix will continue to grow and you will continue to receive money as people below you in your matrix join then upgrade. The question is this: How quickly do you want to receive your
$442,860 --- in just 30 days or longer? It’s your choice!

We’ve designed MX3 for you to make money fast. How many times have you joined programs where you’ve suffered the frustration of people not acting quickly enough, hindering you from making any money? If you’re a seasoned networker, likely more times than you can count.

The beauty of MX3
is that we’ve made it so easy. This gives even the novice a shot at earning up to the maximum $442,860 --- which shows the power of sponsoring a minimum of 3 people within your first 3 days who each do the same, filling your matrix by the end of your first 30 days.

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