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Welcome To Oxford Privacy Group

The gateway to your financial success!

You are on the verge of discovering a whole new world of financial opportunities and management strategies which were at one time only available to a select few. Membership in our exclusive, invitation only, group entitles you to participate in a unique, global co-operative.

Our members enjoy access to a fine selection of diverse financial opportunities, carefully researched by a proven team of experts. Each financial opportunity is chosen for its significant growth potential coupled with an acceptable risk factor.

Veteran investors have the freedom to select their own choices. The beginners can relax in the knowledge that an experienced team of professionals will be providing the selections for them, if they so choose.

It’s not what you make that counts. It’s what you keep that really matters.

Now is the time to level the playing field. Discover a whole realm of entities that will secure, protect and preserve your assets. Asset protection is just one of the many important services that we offer our members.

How will membership in Oxford Privacy Group benefit you?

Membership in Oxford Privacy Group affords you the opportunity to:

* Turn your financial future around even in a downward spiraling economy.
* Partner with a team of proven experts who have a vested interest in your success.
* Actively choose the Projects in which you wish to participate or let the experts select them for you.
* Reap high returns regardless of your level of participation.
* Control, protect and preserve your assets.
* Provide your family with the financial security that they deserve.

If you are ready for a change in your life, join Oxford Privacy Group.


Financial gurus have found the “Golden Nuggets” and they are ready to share!

Being in the right place at the right time is one of the keys to financial success. You have arrived and we are pleased to welcome you. Never before has Oxford Privacy Group offered so many golden opportunities to grow your wealth… exponentially.

However please be advised, at any time we may have to close the doors to membership in this very exclusive group. We have no intention of diluting the high returns of our members, so the size of the group will be limited.

Membership in Oxford Privacy Group (OPG) is the gateway to an innovative organization called Oxford International Co-operative Union (OICU2). Once a member, you will have access to a complete OICU2 Member's Guide.

The experts have carefully sifted through a myriad of opportunities and have found the “Golden Nuggets”. We will share with you many Individual Projects selected for their high growth potential coupled with their satisfactory risk profile.

We hope that you are beginning to appreciate what is offered here. Let us remind you, the only way to become a member of OICU2 is to first become a member of Oxford Privacy Group. Don‘t miss this opportunity to change your financial future.

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