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Earning Money On The Internet!!

Dear Reader,

Are you tired of being let down by empty promises?

Are you up to your nose in programs that cost a lot of money while you are bringing in no money?

Do you really want to earn money on the internet?

If you do then I have good news for you: from today, you have a real chance to earn hundreds or even thousands of Dollar on the internet!

I'll be honest with you: I too have seen myself paying for every kind of apprenticeship premium on the Internet. But over time I would find out that there are money making opportunities on the internet that truly are fair and lucrative. ENSHINCO Inc., a shareholding company registered in the United States, currently offers such an opportunity.

Earn money without risk

According to experts, there are more than 100 million people across the globe trying to make money on the Internet � but more than 99% not only fail to do this, they lose money instead of earning.

Why is it like this?

It is one thing that some websites promise that those who use their facilities will see the silver lining in the sky, for a single lump sum or monthly payments. Another thing is that many business ideas are not fully developed or sold in an unprofessional manner.

If you want to earn money on the internet today, a good business idea is not enough � you also require the services of an extensive expert team to lead the charge in programming, design, legal, marketing, logistical and other matters. Together with the necessary marketing expenditure, one can quickly end up having to invest several millions before the first Euro may be earned.

In spite of all this, the Internet is the booming industry of the 21st century. Business ideas like eBay and Google became businesses with turnovers measured in billions in the space of just a few years. Millions of people around the world earn their day-to-day living on the Internet.

The ENSHINCO Idea � simple, yet great!

The ENSHINCO team has analysed successful internet portals and arrived at the result that more than 90% of Internet users surf the Internet for at least 1 out of 4 reasons.

1. Entertainment




In recognition of this, ENSHINCO from January 2010 will offer a new kind of web portal, specifically to satisfy these requests! Spending more than 10 million $US on development and marketing, ENSHINCO is well on its way to rapidly gaining a significant presence on the Internet.

The more users use a website, the more successful the business. It is for this reason that ENSHINCO Inc. would recently start up a new kind of pre-launch program � one without precedent:

ENSHINCO has free shares totalling 3 Million US$

The awarding of free shares is a part of ENSHINCO's marketing strategy:

The more users participating in the business directly, the more entitled to free use of the ENSHINCO Portal at a later date!

The earlier you register with ENSHINCO (free of charge) the more free shares you can collect together:

Register with ENSHINCO free of charge right now and invite your friends, relatives and business partners to be a part of this unique business idea.

When your free registration is complete, you will immediately receive the first ENSHINCO ValuePoint (EVP). For every other person registering directly as of your recommendation, you will receive 2 additional EVP's, and for every further registration in your down line you will receive yet another EVP.

All EVP's will be converted to ENSHINCO Inc. shares in January 2010 � to the total value of 3 million US $. The more EVP's you collect before this time, the more free shares you will be entitled to!

See multiplied success with the use of a little trick

ENSHINCO doesn't just award 3 million US$ worth of free shares; it also offers an additional 100,000 shares under special conditions.

For every single 10 US$ investment you will receive an ENSHINCO MultiPoint (EMP). Come January 2010 your EVPs will be multiplied together with your EMPs when the shares become converted. For example: you have collected 150 EVPs and ordered 10 EMPs; the distribution of the free shares calculates at 10 x 150 = 1,500 EVPs.

You will also receive in January ENSHINCO Inc. shares worth 30 US $ for every EMP.

N.B. There is a total of only 100,000 EMPs delivered whose selling rate increases by 1 US $ every week, thereby reaching 30 US $ January 12th.

My tip: register now, free of charge; and spread the word of this amazing business opportunity to friends, relatives and business partners.

There is no obligation to order EMPs. However, you should certainly invest if you have enough money. In this way, you will get the best that this business model has to offer!

Best wishes,


enshinco.biz is a service of Enshinco Inc.,
P.O. Box 522610, Miami, FL 33152, USA.

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