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Liberty Reserve = U2141221

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Instant Cash Statistics
Total Positions: 212
Total Withdrawn: $0
Member Count: 50
Paid Members: 28
Free Members: 22
Total Sales: $519.38
Total Paid: $375.29
Last Member: markus
Last Joined: 8/23/2009
Running Time: 12d 7h 9m
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We Accept : AlertPay and Liberty Reserve

NEW $3 line start on Monday August 24, 2009 at 7pm EST!

The $10 and $15 dollars lines will be up on Sunday, August 30, 2009 at 1pm EST.
The winner for 2x $10 prize goes to: dwalse and cherry! Congratulation!!!

Active Name Maximum Positions Auto Reinvests ROI Last Cycle
Yes $5 - The Grunt 20 Yes 215.00% 8/23/2009
No $3 - Adult Peon 35 Yes 200.00% - - -
No $15 - Blademaster 10 Yes 230.00% - - -
No $10 - Bandmaster 500 No 185.00% - - -
Yes $1 - Puny Peon 500 No 175.00% 8/23/2009

InstantCashCycler.com offer a Balance Cycler System to ensure everyone have a fair chance at making instant cash. We are members oriented and will continue to offer great services for you. Our balance system includes auto-reinvest and Instant ROI lines. The auto-reinvest lines will be capped to ensure fairness for everyone. The Instant ROI lines are non auto-invest lines that will be cap at 500 so you can make your money instantly anytime and any day.Everyone work hard for their money so we feel that you should get your pocket changes back. Right now we are offering $2 minimum withdrawal so you can go out, enjoy the weather and grab a coffee while your investments cycle.
Referral Contests:

1. The First member to refer 30 paying members will win $60 cash deposited directly to their InstantCashCycler account.
2. The Second member to refer 30 paying members will win $50 cash deposited directly to their InstantCashCycler account.
3. The Third member to refer 30 paying members will win $40 cash deposited directly to their InstantCashCycler account.

Conditions for Referral Contest - All paid referred members must deposited a minimum of $12. You must send us an email saying that you are ready for the prizes and we will review your referrals. The prizes will be paid on the Monday of the following week, and the contest will stay on until September 6th, 2009. This contest is not only for 3 members to win, if there are 4th, 5th, 10th or even 20th person with 30 (paying members) referrals, then we will still give you the 3rd placed prizes (AKA $40!!). Your names shall be legendary and we will have new lines named after you!

If you spend $200+ within a week, we will give you a commission of 7% from your week's total spending. With this deal you can get even more instant cash for your wallet. The cycled auto-invested amount have no effect, only new purchases in any given lines count for this deal. You must send us an email with your week's total spending for review and the commission will be paid in a timely manner. The day begins at 12:00am Sunday and ends at 11:59pm Saturday EST.

You are important to us so do give us feedback to help us provide a better service for you. Or maybe just drop in and say hi!

Sign up now and get your referral ID from your members page. Our referral commission rate is based on $2 minimum withdrawal and therefore we are paying 5%referral commission on ALL lines.

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