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To the members of CLUB-SBCI (SBCISTEPS)

As the founder of CLUB-SBCI, I am very happy to tell you about the development of your CLUB.

We began our operations in Montreal in January 2006 with business breakfasts. In March the same year we held our first meetings at the “Bonne Adresse on Hochelaga St.”, also in Montreal. The concept took flight under the guidance of our founding members and rapidly spread around the world. Because of member involvement, we are now active in more than 14 countries Canada, France, the US, Panama, Morocco, Africa, Guadeloupe, Africa, Costa Rica, Germany and England. We are honored and privileged to have with us many committed business people.

I am pleased to tell you I expect to see phenomenal growth in our concept throughout the world over the next few months. It goes without saying that this rapid growth depends on you, the business people participating in breakfast and supper-hour meetings. There are, in fact, any numbers of activities that make it possible to discuss and multiply contacts based on business and friendship. They help you make a difference.

I think it is important to emphasize that CLUB-SBCI is a non-profit organization (NPO) that from its start has set aside time and money for a variety of humanitarian causes. Our members find themselves able to build a solid financial base using CLUB instruments such as, training, coaching, business meetings, advanced Internet tools (web page and self-managed web sites) as well as profit-sharing through Bi***ore-Savings.

This is all without obligation, simply by funneling their efforts into their businesses. In a little while you will be able to look over the various humanitarian causes we have helped and promoted.

Rest assured that CLUB-SBCI is working tirelessly on your behalf to provide the maximum number of products and services so you can achieve success. Work with us. Help us provide you with the best possible results by using the Internet tools at your disposal and participating regularly in Club events. This can only work to your advantage.

Robert La Rivière


Courriel : [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is This An Investment Program?

A: No. It is a membership program which provides immediate benefits to members in terms of member educational information, resources, introductions and training on a variety of financial issues such as; building better savings, gaining more accumulations quicker, getting out of debt and securing a solid financial future with an organized rational and aggressive approach suitable for alternative thinkers. SBCI also has a wealth of information and training on how to do business globally using business structures such as international business corporations or trusts and how they can be used for, asset protection, privacy issues and related financial objectives.

Q: What Is The Membership Fee Used For?

A: t is used to provide members with their immediate member benefits and the bulk of membership fee residuals are then given back to the members by way of the ‘optional’ benefits of the ‘Bi***ore Savings Educational benefits”. This is a club designed to benefit the members immediately up front and even more, long term.

Q: How Does The SBCI STEP System Work?

A: this a 3 x 2 matrix, meaning that there are 3 member slots to fill on your first level, 9 on your second. To qualify for the Step1 benefits, each member is required to make a minimum of 3direct member referrals that join. When members refer more than 3, the extras go to fill slots below the filled level and this helps everyone fill the forced matrix faster. This is why they call it a ‘forced matrix’ because referrals beyond ‘3’ are ‘forced’ into position in the next available slots in the levels below. This helps everyone. Once the third level is complete, all benefits accrue to the member who has achieved this. With such excellent benefits, there should be no reason for members not to make 10, 20 or more referrals so the entire team achieves success much faster.

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