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    Cool We Are Helping Others~Help A Furry Friend Or Less Fortunate Human

    Have you ever wanted to be a part of something really good? I have and now we all have that opportunity.

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    Helping Others is an great income opportunity!

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    So PLEASE folks, come and support the site today.
    You can become a member and help others starting at just $10 a month - yes $10 and you too can be part of something that is going to be just wonderful.

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    feel great!

    Begin Your Helping Journey HERE

    We look forward to welcoming you.

    Paypal, Alertpay, CC

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    Group Loop Update From Roxy-

    Hi there Group Loop members.

    This is to let you know that I have paid ads in various places going out for Group Loop over the next 4 – 7 days.

    NOW is the time to get your contacts into Group Loop! Get them in ASAP.

    Why? Well they will benefit most from the cycling!!!!

    Remember the Money Creator part of Group Loop is a cycler and it cycles 30 positions every time someone joins.

    The more shares you have the more cycles you get.

    Anyone interested in my TRIPLE share offer – please contact me.

    In the meantime login to Group Loop, grab your URLs and advertise like crazy!

    Your GL, PLB and Helping Others balances will thank you!




    OH PS….

    Please get to the forum and PARTICIPATE on it.

    We and other members are there to HELP YOU.


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