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Welcome to HyperLinkCash.com. The new and quickly growing Interstitial ads affiiate network . Our program will help you to get maximum profits with minimum efforts! Here your income depends only on you and we will help you to increase it!

With HyperLinkCash.com you will make money from interstitial ad impression coming from links that You posted on Your blogs, forums, websites. The only thing you have to do is generate new links in our system and replace your old links.

Automatic link generator.
We pay for traffic from almost any country.
Current rates for Interstitial ads :

# USA - $0.80 for 1000 impressions

# United Kingdom & Canada - $0.60 for 1000 impressions

# Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Belgium - $0.30 for 1000 impressions

# Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Norway, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Brazil, Argentina, New Zealand - $0.07 for 1000 impressions

# All other countries - $0.02 for 1000 impressions (except China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea)

Advanced, real time statistics.
Weekly Payouts (up to 7 days from request) with just $1 minimum.
We pay you through PayPal
Dedicated affiliate support.
You will also receive 20% of the total earnings of each member you refer to hyperlinkcash.com

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