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Affiliate Program

With our Affiliate Program, you may earn great commissions as our thanks to you for referring friends, relatives, customers or family members. Once you have bought a least one "crambe unit" you may start to refer other people. Simply share your promo link with your friends, customers and family members and we'll do the rest.

Refer a Friend

In the member area, you’ll find a tool to automatically invite your friends to WLYMG! We recommend, before using the tool, you call your contacts first and ask them if it’s okay for you to send them an electronic, emailed invitation and, if so, tell them to look out for it.


Also in your member area, you’ll find downloadable banners you may post on the World Wide Web to attract further referrals to the program.

Offline Promotion

If you want to promote WLYMG offline consider handing out our flyers. We have printed flyers on sale at our cost-price, plus the cost of shipping. If you have the Adobe software and computer and printing equipment available to you, you may access .pdf file versions of our flyers which you may reproduce and post on bulletin boards, distribute at networking meetings, etc.

Withdraw Earnings

WLYMG will transfer “breakage” and “club account balance” (if any) plus “profits” from selling “seed units” to your “reserve account”. Every time the balance in your “reserve account” reaches ₤15, the system will automatically purchase another seed unit.

WLYMG will transfer earned “referral bonuses”, “forced matrix commissions” and profits from selling “cash units” to your earnings account. From the earnings account, the money may be withdrawn via Bank Wire, prepaid Gift Cards and AlertPay.

PowerPoint Presentation

We have developed a PowerPoint presentation which you also may send to your individual prospects or share with a group using an overhead projector. Click here to download this informative presentation.

No Spamming

Absolutely NO SPAMMING of information about this service or our web site is allowed. The penalty for violation of either of these rules is your permanent removal from our system, without return of any money!
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Please do your DD before investing in any program.

I am not the admin of the program.

Educational Programs

Mortgage * Credit Card * Student Loan * Auto * IRS

Q: What are these programs?

A: These programs are Administrative Remedies using the International Admiralty. They are based on laws of commerce governing international trade that have been in existence for hundreds of years.

Q: Are you a debt elimination company?

A: No. FCUSA provides you the educational means to acquire the funds to payoff your debt and retain a sizable return in most cases.

Q: Are the programs legal?

A: They are 100% legal since they use the remedy long built into Commercial Law. Sadly, the alleged bank loans we have been provided are the programs that are not legal.

Q: What is the history of the program?

A: The process is based on over 50 years of research in law and banking.

Q: How many cases have actually been done successfully?

A: Each member completing the process has successfully received an international judgment against their bank. These judgments can then be converted to cash to payoff the bank plus produce sizable awards for the members.

Q: How long does the process take?

A: Since this is your educational process, it depends on how diligent you are in your preparation. Once you are ready to proceed, the administrative phase of the process can be completed in about 30 days; the second phase securing monetary compensation is completed in about 30 additional days once funding has begun.

Q: This seems too good to be true. Why doesn't everyone know about this? My lawyer says this is an Internet scam. How can I show him that it is real?

A: You will never hear about the remedies that work, since the news media is controlled by the banks and the government. Your lawyer is also part of the problem not the solution. Read the article "Who Is Running America" on the website for details as to how the American Bar Association and the Federal Reserve (a private banking cartel) work together. Attorneys are under oath to stick with the program and not fight the system. Also note that attorney's first allegiance to the court and judge, not you their client - or they could get disbarred.

Q: Could anything keep the process from working?

A: We cannot predict the future, however, since this process in based on stable international Uniform Commercial Code, it is a superior law. All commerce is regulated by the UCC and supersedes any local, state or Constitutional laws, and is the basis of all commerce.

Q: How do I actually get the title to my house when the process is finished?

A: The Deed is already in your name, however, the bank has a lien against the property. An international judgment is awarded against the bank usually in excess of the loan amount. When the judgment is monitized there is normally enough to pay the loan and have a sizable award. You are now debt free. Through simple administrative filings which we do for you, you can become the secured party on your property and yourself.

Q: Can you give us a time line of what we can expect will happen after we send in our money?

A: First, you will need to review and understand the educational materials. Once you are ready to begin a process, your consultant will help you order online. At that point we will begin the Administrative Remedy. A series of notices will be sent to the bank or IRS in an attempt to settle the debt. In about 30 days, the debt is settled and ready for the payment cycle.

Q: Do I have to go to court? If so do I have to go myself? How much extra will that cost?

A: This is an administrative process done by mail thru an administrator. This is not a state or federal process and is done as an administrative remedy thru the International Admiralty.

Q: Is the 30 days to administer the process Business Days or Calendar Days?

A: Calendar days.

Q: Can late payments be cleared or wiped off my credit report?

A: Yes, since the loan was fraudulent to begin with, there is no such thing as a late payment. That too is fraud. FCUSA now offers a good credit restoration program - your consultant can help you with this.

Q: I understand if I have two mortgages with one company, I can combine these as one transaction. Can two mortgages be combined if they have been originated by one company, but sold off to two different companies?

A: Yes. Since one bank originated both, the terms of that transaction follow wherever it is sold. You would list all the companies (original and new) on the paperwork.

Q: I have a first mortgage and line of credit together with one bank. Can I process these as one?

A: Yes, these can be combined as one. Use the total of payments on the mortgage (principal and interest) and the line of credit.

Q: Will completing this process on my mortgage damage my credit rating?

A: It actually should help your rating since you will be showing a paid in full.

Q: How many times can I go through the AR process?

A: You can apply the remedy to as many properties, credit cards, student loans, IRS or paid off car loans as desired - once per contract. If a co-signer is on the loan, the co-signer may also do the process for the full amount. Each credit card, mortgage, etc. is a contract. You can also use this remedy on property that is paid off or has been sold, and credit cards, student loans and car loans which no longer have an outstanding balance. Once paid off, we suggest staying out of the banking system and remaining debt free.

Q: What kind of properties can I use this process on?

A: All properties with a federal reserve bank mortgage (about 99%) whether owned by an individual or entity. (LLC, corporation, etc.)

Q: How long does it take until I can refinance or sell my property?

A: Since your judgment against the bank will have been processed for cash and you will be compensated, you have been made "whole". You can then simply pay off your mortgage from your proceeds and sell or refinance the property as you choose.

Q: Who are predatory lenders?

A: Some banks intentionally put consumers into homes with payment structures that are either illegal or doomed for failure. It is their intent to let you fail, foreclose on the property and sell it at a profit and keep all the payments you've made.

Q: Are some mortgage companies more difficult than others?

A: This process works the same for all lenders.

Q: Why wouldn't the Banks want to settle?

A: Banks use Commercial Law in all their loans and foreclosure processes. However, since their bank loans were done in fraud, they use them illegally. You can use the same Commercial Code laws, and recover the conversion against you.

Q: What do I do if people from the lender call me about my payment they have not received?

A: Once the process begins, you are to continue making payments and you stay in "honor". If you cannot stay in "honor" and calls come, have them put all correspondence in writing.

Q: Will the mortgage company sue me?

A: In about 30 days, the bank receives the final letter showing the account balance is $0. There is no incentive to sue. Should you be behind in payments, they may proceed as before since the remedy will not interfere with their existing procedures. Once funded, simply payoff the loan.

Q: If papers are filed against credit bureaus, will they really correct credit issues?

A: We suggest using a credit restoration program. FCUSA now offers one.

Q: What is the normal amount for the fines?

A: Fines are based on principal and interest payments made to the bank on mortgages. With credit cards or credit lines it is the larger of payments or the line of credit. This total is multiplied by 4 for compensatory damages and this amount is then multiplied by 200 for punitive damages. This total is combined to create the total True Bill and ultimately becomes the amount of the judgment.

Q: What amount can be expected from payment on the judgment?

A: This will vary, but even 10% of the expanded True Bill is still quite significant.

Q: What are the education fees?

A: Programs now include our GL/UCC filing.

Club dues (annual): $300
GL UCC Filing (Strawman) $300

GL UCC Release of SOS filing $150

First mortgage educational program: $2700 (UCC included)
Second mortgage same property: $2300 (UCC Included)

Credit card educational program: $2700 (bank UCC included)
(may combine cards - same bank)

Second set: $1300 (may combine cards from same bank)

Third set: $1300 (may combine cards from same bank)

Student loan educational program: $2700 (UCC included)

Paid vehicle loan educational program: $2700 (UCC included)

IRS educational program: $2700 (UCC included)

These include all administrative fees.

Q: Are there any back end costs to members?

A: No out of pocket fees are expected. Once the administrative process is completed and a judgment is secured against your bank, the judgment is converted to cash. On a full-pay AR, the split is 70% for the member and 30% for the club.

Q: Is there any maximum dollar amount associated with the 3 credit cards?

A: No. It may include multiple credit cards with the same company as one remedy, therefore several cards possibly could be done for the cost of only one. There is no dollar limit on each one.

Q: What is my involvement in the process?

A: This is YOUR process. Once you have paid your club dues and desired educational program(s), your first opportunity is your personal education. Next your FCUSA team will begin your administrative remedies.

Q: What if I have already filed my UCC-1 against my Strawman?

A: This will need to be released and a new GL filing will replace it. Current UCC Secretary of State filings are no longer valid for our processes. This is done thru a GL/UCC Release.

Q: Can you help me with the UCC-1 filing?

A: Yes. This is a full service filing process completed thru the club. We will provide you an input form to collect data, then submit to the club.

Q: How long do I have to keep making my payments?

A: We suggest you continue making payments throughout the process if possible.

Q: If I stop making payments, will the bank throw me out of my home?

A: Once you stop making payments the banks may try to bring some action against you. It takes, by law, certain steps and time frames to bring about an eviction. However, you can continue the process WHILE making payments under duress thus removing much of the stress.

Q: Is this money taxable?

A: Funds are disbursed as tax pre-paid. You can learn more once a member. Check with your tax advisor for legal advice.

Q: Do you have an option if I do not have enough for the entire program?

A Program: Members can maximize their return with a 70% payout purchasing FUlLL PAY programs.

B Program: Members able to partially afford their first program have three B programs to select from, offering 10%, 29% and 44% for reduced fees of $1200, $1850 and $2550 respectively.

C Program: Members lacking funds for the B1 program (minimum $1200 for membership, program and Strawman), will have another option available AFTER funding is underway to pay some or all of the B1 fees. These members can "earn" their program costs thru benevolent "credits" toward payment. Work with your consultant with this option.


It is important for each prospect to apply their own energy and talents to understand our programs.


After the first payout, members will have enough funds and are required to select only FULL PAY programs and maximize their returns of 70%.

Q: Can FCUSA consultants, members or others fund new prospects processes?

NO. For ease of operation, there will be an online method for prospects to choose the "C program" when support for funding is required, they can then "earn credits" toward payment.


Q: Can anyone share in a member backend payout?

NO. This is strictly forbidden. No one is allowed to share a prospects backend beyond their FCUSA agreement. Anyone negotiating a backend split with a prospect will cause both the prospect and the 3rd party to lose all proceeds that would have come from either's backend and not be allowed to participate in future programs.

Q: If I do this for my credit cards, can I still use credit cards?

A: You will likely not want to apply with the same bank, but you should be able to acquire a new card from another bank and continue using existing cards. We do, however, strongly urge people to avoid the credit card system and learn to live in a cash/debit card system.

Q: For the credit card program, what figure is used, credit limit or balance?

A: You can use the highest credit card limit ever allowed, or the sum of all payments made, whichever is highest.

Q: What if I can't do all of my credit cards at once? Will the ones I still have cut me off from using them?

A: Since the other cards would be from different banks, they likely will not cut you off. They might, however, increase your interest rate without warning. Remember, you can combine several cards from the same company into one remedy.

Q: If I do a GL UCC-1, will I still be able to get Social Security and Medicare benefits?

A: You paid into those programs and they are not affected by your filing a GL UCC-1.

Q: What do I do if I need to add or remove something from my GL UCC-1?

A: It is very simple. Submit your changes to your consultant with appropriate fees and a GL UCC-3 will be submitted with the changes.

Q: Do personal taxes still need to be paid after a GL UCC-1 is filed?

A: This program is not designed to remove you from the VOLUNTARY income tax, and we cannot give you tax or legal advice.

Q: What is unique about the vehicle program?

A: The vehicle program is available for vehicles that are paid or you no longer own (sold or traded). All payments made including the payoff amount are included in the remedy.

Q: Can you do this for commercial loans?

A: Yes, if the loan is with a bank or financial institution using the federal reserve system.

Q: Is there anything I can do to hurt the process?

A: This is a simple process, and when you follow the guidance of the educational program and your support team, you cannot hurt the process.

Q: Can I file in one state if I live in another?

A: Yes, this process is International Law, therefore we are able to file your GL UCC no matter what state.

Q: What if we submit a figure and we later find out it is was more? Are there any fees to make amendments?

A: As the process is so quick, there is no time to change the remedy once submitted. If the amount is substantial, simply submit another process on that amount.

Q: I am in process with a chapter 13 bankruptcy. Can I still do the remedy?

A: Yes. If you are in a current or previous Chapter 7 that erased specific debts, then you have been made whole on those amounts. However, if previous payments were made and not included in the Bankruptcy, then you can process these amounts.

Q. I am dealing with a 3rd party collector on a line of credit. Can I use the process for this?

A: Yes, you will do the remedy, however, against the original lender of your loan.

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Please do your DD before investing in any program.