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You just landed on the most Extreme Matrix Cycler on the web!!!

At 3x3 Gold, we set out to make the most unique, the most innovative, and the most exciting Money Making System EVER CREATED!!! And we accomplished that goal, by creating a program completely different than all the other Matrix Cyclers on the internet! How is 3x3 Gold so different? Well let's do a few comparisons:

* Most Matrix Cyclers make you wait until you fill your matrix before you earn any commission. But at 3x3 Gold, you earn commissions while you build your matrix! In Fact, you earn commissions from every referral in your downline; either from direct referrals, indirect referrals, or spillover. And with a 3x3 matrix, you'll probably get a lot of spillover! At 3x3 Gold, you earn $4.00 for your first level commissions, and $3.00 for your second and third level commissions. Which means you could earn up to $120.00 while building you matrix, and then YOU earn an extra bonus of $130.00 when your matrix cycles! For a total of $250.00 each time you cycle!

* Most Matrix Cyclers will take your earnings to re-invest them into an upgraded matrix, meaning you earned nothing for all your hard work. Plus the upgraded matrix does not fill until referrals in your previous matrix cycles (if it even happens at all). At 3x3 Gold you earn commissions on every one of your matices; commissions while building your matrices and commissions everytime you cycle! And your lifetime membership gives you the potential to build an unlimited number of matrices!

* Most Matrix Cyclers have a low membership fee, but only payout a very low commission for each cycled matrix. The 3x3 Gold One-time membership fee is modestly priced at just $25.00, but once again, you will earn $250.00 ($120 Matrix Build plus $130 Matrix Cycle Bonus) for each cycled matrix! And 3x3 Gold never takes any of your earning to upgrade you! YOU start out as an upgraded member from the very start!

3x3 Gold Benefits

* YOU Will Receive Seven Volumes of Ebooks worth over $600 with full resale rights!

* Full Graphic Genealogy of Your Downline - Know where you referrals are in your downline!

* Ability to email your entire downline from your back office "Build Your List!"

* Access to a host of Downline Builder Programs with the potential for YOU to create multiple income streams!

* One-of-a-kind Matrix Build Commissions...

* 1st Level Commissions - 3 x $4.00 = $12.00
* 2nd Level Commissions - 9 x $3.00 = $27.00
* 3rd Level Commissions - 27 x $3.00 = $81.00 = Matrix Build Commission of $120.00

* PLUS a Cycling Bonus of $130.00 for a Grand Total of $250.00 everytime YOU Cycle!!!

* EXTRA BONUSES!!! 3x3 Gold also pays a daily "Activity Bonus" of $5.00 to any member who gets three or more direct referrals in any given day!!!

* And 3x3 Gold Pays Weekly Commissions - No waiting an entire month to get paid!

Once YOU add it all up, you'll see why 3x3 Gold is...

"The GOLD Standard in Matrix Cyclers!"

Our 3x3 Gold philosophy is simple! Reward our members as they grow their matrix by paying them Matrix Build Commissions! Reward our "active" members by giving them a bonus for directly referring three or more members in any given day! And REALLY get our members excited when they earn a HUGE Matrix Cycle Bonus! This then creates a multiplying effect that has all our members wanting to share their excitement about 3x3 Gold with others!!!

If you're tired of joining "regular" Matrix Cyclers that make you wait to complete your matrix before you earn. If you've had enough of your current Matrix Cycler where they take your earnings to upgrade you to a matrix that never cycles. Then Join 3x3 Gold today, where you are rewarded from the very beginning for building your matrix, and YOU always have a Gold Membership Status!!!

Join Today!!! Start Earning Profits Right Away!!!

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