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Frequently Asked Questions

This section is short and was compiled based on the TOP questions members desire to know:


What if I do not reach my target of 2 members by the end of 30 days? If by the end of 30 days you do not have at least 2 sign-ups, please contact our support team at [email protected]

What are the recommended resources you suggest I start with, out of all of the ones listed? All of the resources we have listed on this page should be utilized and can be setup within 30-45 minutes. They all work together to produce my a viral marketing system that will work to explode your downline. *Exception to the rule*: If you are on a budget, at very minimum you want to implement the following resources:


Yahoo Search Marketing

Steps #1-4


What do I need to do once I have joined the co-op and have setup my 55k website? implemented the 30 minute setup? Once you are entered in the co-op and your 55k website is setup, make sure all of your information on your new ECS site is accurate displaying all of your information correctly. Once you have confirmed your information, to get off to a fast start, it is recommended that you implement as many of the resources in this training member's area that you can. Each step should take no more than 10-15 minutes (at the most to setup). Hopefully it doesn't taken you longer. If you are running into any problems, please contact our support via email A.S.A.P. at [email protected] and we will assist you.

Have More Questions? Contact us at [email protected]
How To Handle Your Co-op Prospects and the email REQUIREMENT .

In your training area, when you sign-up, there is a section that reads ONLY REQUIREMENT. That requirement is that each

time you receive a notification from GBG with the subject "You have a new preferred customer", you will need to copy and paste that welcome letter into a new email and send it to your new downline member/customer.

As the direct sponsor of your new member, you receive 1st notification from GBG that your new member has signed up and are able to verify it faster than we here at support can.

This will help your members get setup quickly and not have any delay times in the setup process due to verification time frames, etc.

SUBJECT: Welcome to the team RECRUITS_NAME


Welcome and thanks for joining the GBG 55k team. No doubt you will be keen to get started. To get your 55k website setup and added into the marketing system, simply follow the

steps below:


Go to the following website and register for your free duplicate 55k team website: (you will need your GBG Member ID to complete this step).



Make sure you register with our member mailing list, so you do not miss out on important member mailing and notifications. To do so, please send an email to [email protected]

Once you complete step#1, contact the support team at [email protected] and inform them that you just signed up (if you haven't already done). Make the subject "New GBG Sign-up" and in the body of the email, put your new GBG member ID, your first and last name, and the text "Completed Setup".

Best Wishes and please do not hesitate to contact me for any advice or assistance. You may also contact our stellar 55k Team Support at: [email protected]

Regards, YOURNAME.

Ok,some more FAQ for you.

Handling your prospects in the right way is crucial to your success. It is so important to share the proper information with them so they can understand the opportunity, but also show them that you are there to support them should they decide to join your team.

Many new MLM Downline Builder members join an Advertising Co-op or pay for Guaranteed Tour Takers, but then never follow through properly and end up losing excellents prospects simply because they failed to follow up with them.

Following up is very simple and can be done with simple emails.

Our team has developed a series of emails to help you follow up and in addition we have some (Pre Written Welcome Letters) you can edit with your own name and send.
Also there are some auto responder emails.

You can find these in your back office of 55k(ECS)

Just a simple "Welcome Letter" from you, then followed up by a series of emails from the system(all done for you automatically) make all of the difference. Your prospect will be receiving information from you AND from our system which is very effective.

We have provided some simple steps below to help you handle your new prospects....whether they be - Tour Takers, Free Members or Upgraded Full Members.
If you handle them the right way - you will have so many more people joining you in your business.

If you have been participating in various Co-ops or have been placing Ads out on the Internet.....then you very well could be generating interested prospects that you need to be paying attention to.

Tour Takers - These are folks that have visited your Free Trial site and filled out the form. They get the company letters(automated)but none from you.So once you see that you have got a Tour Taker,send them an email.

This entire process is very easily handled once you know exactly how to handle your prospects (Tour Takers), Free Members and then your Fully Upgraded Members.

The steps below should help you share as much information with them as possible with the least amount of effort. AND most is done by email ;-)


Handling Your Tour Takers...

Steps to Take - All that is needed from you is a personal email. They are already receiving automated emails from our system. If you find new Tour Takers in your email account,FROM-55k.(You just Got A new Lead) then you know the advertising is working.


Make them feel welcome,and send them to this page if you want to,so they can go to the forum and learn more.

That gives them real people to talk to in the forum,and do their Due Dilligence.It also helps if your not home,and they want some answers.And if they have other peoples opinions,that is a big plus.

Optional and Additional Step To Take....This is totally up to you - but most of our team members get twice the upgrades when they pick up the phone and personally welcome their new Free Trial members.... in addition to sending them the welcome email. Remember...you don't have to explain anything about the business and this should only be a personal contact to introduce yourself. Simply direct them to their OWN website for more information and let them know that the best way to get their questions answered is to visually see this online.

You also can direct them to the Forum.

You also can simply call and leave a short message on their voicemail - welcoming them,and letting them know how to contact you should they have questions.


Handling Your Fully Upgraded Members....

Steps to Take-

Optional but very effective - Give them a quick call and introduce yourself.
This is the fun part! Meeting new people who are joining your business! Remember if you work together with your group and help your team members -- your organization will grow MUCH FASTER! Find those that are serious about growing a business and work closely with those people!

Once you start to handle your Tour Takers and Free Trial Members effectively - you will see a big increase in UPGRADES!
Here's To YOUR Success!

Scott P. Houge

Q: Who is GBG?
A: GBG is a 13 year old Health Sciences company located 58 miles east of San Francisco in the beautiful agricultural valley of Vacaville, California. Originally GBG started as a telecom reseller in 1995, but has been exclusively distributing high quality nutritional products for the past 7 years.

Q: Why this particularly low offer?
A: GBG believes customers want the best for less. GBG also believes customers want to be treated so well that they become customers for life. The compelling offer of $19.95 per 30 oz. bottle is designed to sign-up record numbers of new customers, saving them an average of $40 or more per month per family member. GBG believes these happy customers will try other GBG breakthrough products.

Q: How long will the $19.95 per bottle price last??
A: This is not a trick. The price will stay at $19.95 per month plus tax (if applicable) and normal shipping and handling. Just stay on monthly recurring auto-shipment. Customers may quit at any time without penalty. It's that simple.

Q: Can children take the GBG Liquid Multivitamin and Mineral Formula?
A: Yes, the rule of thumb is for every 17 lbs use one teaspoon up to the normal adult dosage, however consult your physician first.

Q: Is the GBG Liquid Multivitamin and Mineral Formula safe for pregnant women?
A: Yes, but it is very wise to consult your health care professional before using this or any other nutritional supplement. GBG is gluten free.

Q: What is the liquid in the vitamin?
A: Triple Filtered USP water, Sorbitol solution and glycerin.

Q: Are there any contaminants, allergens, or pesticides in the vitamin?
A: The raw materials meet the rigorous receipt profile established by the Manufacturer and the Dietary Supplement GMP's. There are no allergens as per the required FDA labeling laws. The product does not contain soy, tree nuts, wheat, fish, dairy, eggs or crustacean shellfish. If you are allergic to other specific products however, please read the label carefully before taking GBG's 10-in-One.

Q: Does the vitamin allow the body to excrete whatever vitamins it does not need, rather than storing them in your body?
A: Vitamin A, D, E and K are fat stored, the remaining vitamins are water soluble. Water soluble vitamins excrete out more quickly than fat stored vitamins. The vitamins and minerals in 10-in-ONE fall below the Lowest Observed Adverse Effect Level (LOAEL) according to Council for Responsible Nutrition, so there should be no concern.

Q: Does the vitamin have any ingredients that cause the blood to clot?
A: Vitamin K is contraindicated for persons on blood thinners. Anyone taking those specific ***** should check with their physician before taking 10-in-One.

Q: How much Lutein is in the vitamin?
A: 10-in-One contains 2 mg of FloraGlow raw material, 100mcg elemental Lutein.

Q: Where do the trace minerals come from?
A: Specific deposits of ancient earth beds.

Q: Does the vitamin have yeast in it?
A: NO.

Q: What is the source of Rhodiola in the 10-in-one?
A: Rhodiola Rosea extract, Siberian origin.

Q: What is the source of the vitamin B-12 in the vitamin?
A: Cyanocobalamin ( listed on the label)

Q: Where does the glycerin from the 10-in-one come from?
A: The glycerin is plant origin.

Q: Does 10-in-One contain L-arginine?
A: 10-in-ONE does not contain L-arginine.

Q: Is the new 10-in-One food or plant based?
A: 10-in-One is classified as a dietary supplement and is a combination of botanicals, vitamins, minerals and specialty ingredients. You could not get the nutrients that are in 10-in-One just by eating a normal diet.

Q: Can I duplicate the GBG Multivitamin and Mineral Formula?
A: Some people will buy 3-5 products paying up to $150 for the same ingredients.

Q: Is it equally beneficial for both men and women?
A: It is a good source of nutrients for everyone.
Q: How much sodium and potassium benzoate are in the 10-in-One?
A: The level allowable by the FDA as deemed effective to control yeast or mold - 30mg each

Q: With all the elements, how does this not increase the risk of toxicity when combined with prescription meds?
A: It is always wise if taking prescription medications to check with your physician. However, the ingredients in the 10-in-One are not known to have contraindications with pharmaceutical *****. Each person is responsible to understand the medications they are taking and the contraindications with the *****.
Q: Do any of the trace minerals have significant toxicity potential?
A: At the 5mg dose per serving, there are no known toxicity concerns.
Q: Aren't some of the trace minerals useless and bad for the body?
A: In trace measures, the elements are beneficial to the body. If an individual suffers from mineral or metal toxicity, they should refrain from taking any product that contain trace elements.
Q: Is there any oversight of the product by any agency?
A: ALL dietary supplements are manufactured according to regulations as set forth by the FDA, currently under the Food, Health and Cosmetic act. The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) has Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's) published and are enforced by the FDA according to company size. Large companies are currently required to manufacturer under DSHEA GMP's, medium size companies by the summer of 2009 and small companies by the summer of 2010. The manufacturer of the 10-in-One currently manufacture under a structure very close to the DSHEA GMP's and is audited by the FDA for compliance.
Q: What is the level of iron?
A: Iron is present in the trace minerals and could be found as high as 80mcg. The DV for iron is 18mg
Q: Is the 10-in-One made from whole foods or is it synthesized?
A: 10-in-One contains whole as well as factory manufactured vitamins
Q: Why is sorbitol and natural artificial flavors used in the product?
A: Daily consumption is important and people will not comply if the product does not taste good. The numerous ingredients require bold and intense flavors and natural flavors do not contain the intensity needed to make the 10-in-One taste good. The least objectionable ingredients were used in the formulation.
Q: Why is the calcium so low and not at 100% RDA?
A: According to the formulator, calcium is a mineral that causes some very difficult taste challenges at the 100% DV level. It's one of the few downsides to having a liquid product.
Q: What restrictions are there for transporting the 10-in-One out of the country, but not selling it?
A: A person can take a product with them for personal use, in most countries, up to three months worth of product.

Q: What are the artificial colors, flavors and ingredients in 10-in-One?
A: Natural and artificial orange, turmeric (root)

Q: What is the source of the vitamin B-12 in 10-in-One?
A: Micro Biological Fermentation

Q: What form of biotin is used?
A: Straight biotin

Q: Where do they source coral calcium?
A: Above sea level coral calcium

Q: What is the heavy metal content in L-Carnitine HCI?
A: Less than 1 part per million


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