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Experience Counts!
Web's Best Marketing, based in Lake Tahoe, Nevada is one of the longest running companies in the Internet Marketing business. We were formed in 2000 and opened our first traffic exchange in 2001. WebBizInsider is still one of the largest and fastest growing traffic exchanges online, with over 136,000 members and adding close to 2,000 new members each month.

Web's Best Marketing Ltd.
297 Kingsbury Grade, Suite D
Box 4470
Lake Tahoe, NV

Toll Free: 877-789-0002
Email: [email protected]

How Is TopTierTraffic Different?
TopTierTraffic is not your standard traffic exchange! We have mixed things up and spent over a year writing custom scripts to add a lot of enhanced benefits for our members.

At TopTierTraffic, you have the ability to ""Earn Your Way To The Top"" with our flexible Dynamic Matrix Structure.

Each week, we will reshuffle the matrix, putting those members who earned the most Position Points in the previous week at the top and cascading down from there. Your place in the matrix is all based on the Position Point Leaderboard.

You can earn Position Points by being an active member of our community. Different actions you do to participate earn you Position Points. Surfing, referring new members, clicking email links all earn Position Points. The dynamic leaderboard will always show you exactly what position you are currently in and by being more active, you work your way up. Each week, the Position Points are reset and your chance to ""Earn Your Way To The Top"" begins again!

Completing these actions to stay active also earns you Traffic Credits, which are used to deliver visitors to your site, or you can trade them for Text Link or Banner Credits.

This focus on rewarding the most active members will mean that your advertising time and resources will be well spent at TopTierTraffic. Active members mean more signups and sales for you!

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