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The Mission
The Trump Network's mission is to encourage its Independent Marketers to achieve personal financial independence.

By promoting and coordinating the networking activities of marketers through a structured program of education, sales of cutting-edge nutritional and wellness products, rewards and incentive plans, the goal of The Trump Network is to assist millions of people to succeed with creating their financial dream.

The Trump Network products include highly-advanced, scientifically-proven health and wellness products, including customized testing and metabolic analysis, effective weight-management solutions and vitamin and mineral supplements.

We encourage all of our members and potential members to take charge of their future. There's a big difference between opportunity and success.

Invite your friends and family, and everyone you know to join our team.

How To Join The FastStart Way
Register with The Trump Network by completing a Marketer InfoForm - either online or by fax - and receive a personal or business-name identification number. The person who introduced you will be your enroller in The Trump Network.

Independent Marketers with The Trump Network are able to place a product order to experience the breakthrough products and to qualify for bonuses and residual income.

The FastStart Bonus Program was developed to help you start your business efficiently and to encourage you to sponsor at least five other people in The Trump Network so you can earn 100% return on your initial outlay.

Here's your best value for joining The Trump Network today:

First: Become a Marketer the FastStart Way.

The Marketer Kit
The Marketer Kit enables you to purchase products at wholesale prices, receive commissions on product sales, and access your personal business center at www.uixonline.com. Only $30 annually.

The PrivaTest®
The PrivaTest is the result of decades of scientific research. Your PrivaTest will tailor your Custom Essentials® for the possibility of greater youthful vitality, increased energy, enhanced memory, more restful sleep, daily toxin removal, and better overall health. Only $139.95 ($347 Value)

The Business Starter Kit
The new Business Starter Kit (BSK) is packed with $430 worth of products that include a complete set of QuikStikTM Mood Infusion Beverages, three boxes of delicious Silhouette StaplesTM Bars (Chocolate, Peanut, & Blueberry Pomegranate), one Chili Lime Puffs, Chocolate Colossal Shakes; unactivated PrivaTest, a bottle of Super OptiGreens® and interim Prime Essentials® multivitamins. Only $297.95 ($430 Value)
Total of all three $467.90 ($777 Value)

Second: Share the information.
Sponsor 5 people who start the same way.

$500 FastStart Bonus
Share the information. Sponsor 5 people who start the same way. You as the sponsor receive a $100 FastStart Bonus each time one of your personal recruits takes advantage of the FastStart Way package.

Your sponsor can explain other options for joining The Trump Network.

View details on the FastStart Bonus Program.

For more information, visit

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