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5% Referral Offerings and 165% R.O.I


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Name Price Referral Percentage Reinvest Auto Reinvest ROI Last Cycle
Firecracker Trial Run $1.00 5.00% No 165.00% 7/5/2009

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to join? To become a member of CashBombs.com is absolutely free. All you have to do is complete the registration process.

2. Can I have more then one account? Our system only allows one account per IP address. There is no reason for multiple accounts as you can have as many positions/memberships as you want under your account.

3. How will I be paid my rebates? As we use only Alertpay as payment processor – all transactions will be done via Alertpay. You can join Alertpay for free at www.alertpay.com. Once you have joined Alertpay, log back into your account here and update your payment processor account with your new Alertpay account info.

4. What is the minimum withdrawal amount? The current minimum withdrawal amount is set at $10. This is subject to change at the discretion of the admin.

5. How do I earn referral commissions and how much are they? You simply copy your referral link found on your referral page and send it to everyone you know or you can copy one of our banners with your link embedded in it and place it on any type of online advertising. For each person that you refer that upgrades from a free member to that of an upgraded member, you will earn 5% of the upgraded membership fee.

6. When will commissions be paid? Admin will process withdrawal requests on a daily basis! Withdrawal request will normally be paid within a 12 hour period, but may take up to 48 hours.

7. Can I resell the downloads to make a profit. Yes, all our downloads come with full resale rights which allows you to use them to offer to your own members or new customers.

8. What is the cost of Upgraded memberships? The different membership levels are all priced differently. Please review the table in the members area called "View Lines" to see each level.

9. How does the rebates work? When you upgrade to a paid membership you are put in a line with others members that have also upgraded at that level. After a set number of people have joined, the person at the top of the line is paid their rebate and removed from the line. The person who was 2nd in line is now the 1st member and as soon as another set number of positions are filled they too are paid and removed. Each membership level is independent and does rely on the other levels to move along and pay the rebates.

10. Can I have multiple memberships/Lines at any one time? Yes, to maximize your earning potential, we strongly suggest having multiple memberships/Lines at one time.

11. I'm new to the internet and don't know how to get referrals, so how will I move to the 1st position? This is where team work comes in to play. Everyone that joins the same membership level after you helps move you to the top. It amounts to a preset number of people that upgrades that pushes the #1 member out and moves the line up. This is one of the quickest cyclers on the internet and everyone will get paid over and over again. Also, the Admin will be taking part of the sites‘ earnings and upgrading throughout the week which will in turn help move everyone up and get paid quicker.

12. Can I lose money? Yes you could if NO ONE joined or upgraded any more. This is most unlikely, but it is possible. This is where you can help by referring the site to others. Remember, you earn referral commissions for doing this, so why wouldn't you tell everyone you know how they too could make some extra money by referring others or Upgrading and earning Rebates. Words to live by on the internet: "Never invest more than you can afford to lose".

13. Is this a pyramid or MLM? No, this is not a pyramid as no one has an up-line receiving anything from you or CashBombs.com other than if they referred you to the site. To be a pyramid you have to have both an up-line and down-line that get paid off your efforts so to speak and you have neither with CashBombs.com. And as far as being a MLM, no up-line is making anything off your purchase of downloads and you are not required to recruit new members to earn any type of rebates. This is basically called a straight line cycler with benefits. Every third to fourth person who upgrades cycles out the top member, so no one is at the top earning all the money like Pyramids and MLMs do. Free Products with full resell rights, are also available/offered when you become an upgraded memberof CashBombs.com.

14. I purchased a membership, but it does not show up in my members area, why? Admin has to verify that funds were actually received from Alertpay. Even if it takes a few hours to show up, you don't have to worry about someone getting ahead of you, because all positions are processed in the order that they come in. First in line is the first to get activated.

15. Can I get a refund? No refunds are issued for membership level upgrades. As soon as you upgrade, the funds from your membership upgrade are used to pay the referral commissions, the admin fees and the rebates for the member on the top of the list in your membership level.

16. Can I advertise CashBombs.com? Yes you may, but we do not allow spam of any kind. Any advertising of your referral url using SPAM will result in your membership being cancelled without notice. All funds in your account will be lost and no further earnings will be given. We have created several banners so feel free to use it, but DON’T SPAM!

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