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This is going to be huge. The guy behind it is a Billionaire that was the major stockholder and driving force behind the company that started MySpace. My upline has met with him on several occasions in Tampa over the last few weeks. He is a MASTER Internet marketer and is doing something here that has never been done before. It hits the market perfectly right now.

Just watch the videos'you will be blown away at the quality of the site. Just launched July 1st store will be active by July 15. They are perfectly positioned in the market no cost to join max requirement of $20 per month to get paid. It's a uni-level but we are building it like an 8x8 matrix (build a fire deep and the flames burn up right?).

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This is a BIG one... This week the products will start coming up on the site. They are even working on a deal with FORD to get cars at a discount. They will have 2-3 thousand products up by the 15th of July and 20-30 thousand products by Christmas. ALL AT A HUGE DISCOUNT. They will have the Spanish site up soon and several more countries by the 15th.

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Our Cause
What if you could purchase great products at wholesale prices AND feed a starving child for one week with every purchase...would you do it? Welcome to Tampogo! We have built our company based on this exact concept. We contribute to a major non-profit organization that focuses on ending world hunger. They have scientifically designed a food and vitamin product that provides all of the essential nutritional support for undernourished children in second and third world countries around the world. The food is packaged by volunteers and shipped to volunteer run distribution sites around the world. Every item you purchase on Tampogo, feeds a starving child somewhere in the world for one week. Imagine a world in which you help end hunger, poverty and hopelessness. It is possible and Tampogo is dedicated to make this dream a reality. We have committed a percentage of every purchase as well as a percentage of our annual profit. You can be part of the solution by providing hope and nutrition for a hurting child.