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How do you reach people using the blogs? I have
never heard of this before, how does it work?
Blogs are a new way to publish content and advertising to readers, instead of using email to inform their members of news or information. They are also used as diaries for personal thoughts, advertising, fan info, discussion, general news, etc. In the past year as people become familiar with the word "Blog", what they are used for, and several websites popped up offering to host a free blog for anyone who wants one. This caused an explosion of blogs.

Blogs have RSS feeds, or news feeds inserted into their webpages. Those RSS feeds have constantly changing news being shown in which this make the search engines visit those pages - frequently. YOU WILL GET YOUR SITES LISTED IN SEARCH ENGINES MUCH FASTER WITH THIS. . It has real, constantly changing content, information, photo's, links and news. If you have a link along with a short ad on those pages, the search engine will pick up your site and also count your links as valid, and they are valid!

People do visit blogs to get the information they offer and can not ignore any advertising on it. Advertising is being offered right now by the companys who are the hosts of the free or paid blogs but this runs into thousands and thousands of dollars. You can hand post to every blog, but this would literally take forever as thousands of blogs exist now and more are created every second of the day. Here is an example of where to create one free (suppress popup killer) and here is an example of a real live blog here, but there are all kinds and types.

Our unique Blog Blaster will place your ads for you right now! This is your shot to be first in using this, as no one else has made any sort of Blog Blaster - yet! Being the first will also give you a huge running start on making affiliate commission.

How do the Blasters work?
We know some blasters are in the works by a couple of people right now. They are going to do it in download form and charge enormous prices for it from what we saw. We decided to go a different road which works for everyone despite what computer or isp connection that you have. Ours work right in your web browser, runs on our server and is not a download. Our blog blaster also auto subscribes you in 1 click to the blog sites that require a (free) username to post. Then, it is 1 click sending of your ads daily.

Since this is not email advertising, you do not get any emails in return for advertising your sites!

ATTENTION: Our membership fee is also very low. it is considered extremely low since this is the first site offering such a service and have no competition but we know how it is for alot of people trying to make it online, so we keep it low. The membership fee is for lifetime use and is one time buy.

This program also offers commissions and very good tracking if you choose to make money with us. We offer $20 per sale! Since there is no competition on this... then a person would have to buy from YOU to take advantage of this revolutionary advertising method!

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