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    Default TAGM - Guaranteed Spillover Matrix Weekly (Just Launched)

    This one is going pretty good and i am getting good results from the banners and text ads

    that i posted also the Solo Ads are delivering great results.

    I think that the Guaranteed Matrix Fill Up is going to be a good hit on this one.
    Hoping for the best.

    TAGM's revolutionary income grids require just 6 positions to cycle and these will be filled

    by you, by your sponsor via spillover, by your referrals via spillunder and by us via our

    guaranteed placements. This guarantees you will cycle & earn a residual income as long as

    you stay a member. Your cycles earn you $10, $25, $60, $120, $240 and $480 depending on

    which level you have reached at and you're automatically entered into the higher levels by

    the system with no out of pocket expenses.

    The IG system also pays handsome matching bonuses on all your personal referrals. Your

    matching bonus payments earn you $5, $10, $25, $60, $120 and $240 depending on the level

    your referrals are currently cycling at and in the same way we fill your IG's we fill your

    referrals IG's too so your referrals are also guaranteed to cycle and when they do you'll be

    paid. Best of all, we pay out ALL commissions owed to each member DAILY direct to your

    AlertPay Account!!!

    TAGM Just LAUNCHED!!Guaranteed Spillover and Moving Fast

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    The Guaranteed matrix fill up is going to make my next cycle possible pretty soon!!!

    Payments are also being received very fast and on time, this one is going to be good as the retation ratio is going to be high.

    I sent another solo ad with great results even though people are sending tons of these.

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    Hi (strosdegoz)

    And hello to ALL 1,700 PRO members of TAGM (The A'dvertising
    Gold Mine!)

    (And all those that have not upg'raded to pro yet!)

    First, before we get in to todays update, we want to stop
    for a minute and wish all those out there that celebrate
    today, a very happy 4th of July. We hope that you all enjoy
    what ever it is you are doing today with your families!

    On to todays TAGM update...

    As you rea'd above, we have JUST hit 1,700 PRO members in the
    TAGM program!!!

    Our Alexa Traffic Rating is off the charts as well!!! Just
    Yesterday alone, we ha'd a traffic rating of 6,445 and since
    we launched, a traffic rating of 15,460 out of the millions
    of websites online today! Pretty impressive. We have
    received messages from members letting us know that they
    received signups to there programs they are a'dvertising
    through TAGM, one person even received 17 signups via banner
    a'ds alone...and that is due to the amount of traffic being
    driven to the TAGM site as well!!!

    If you have not started using the TAGM system yet to promote
    your programs, get to doing so!

    So far to date we have paid out over '$5,165! And best of
    all, we have not even seen the FULL potential of the TAGM
    system YET! What do we mean by that? Simple...

    Guarante'ed Placements!!!

    Once the Guarante'ed Placements begin being a'dded to members
    Bronze Level IG's (as of now, 1,700 Guarante'ed Placements
    will be a'dded), the flow of cycling throughout the TAGM
    system will really kick in!!! See, many alrea'dy just need 1
    or 2 to fill there IG's. When the Guarante'ed Placements
    begin to be a'dded, they will cause cycling, and when cycles
    occur, not only do you get pai'd and your sponsor gets paid,
    the new re-entries that follow will also then help others to
    begin to cycle which also causes spillover and so on...

    We were sitting here today discussing this...that our Pro
    members (you and all the other pro members) have not even
    seen the FULL potential of the TAGM IG System. Once that
    begins to happen, members will start to understand exactly
    just how special the TAGM system is and how it truly is one
    of if not, the best system online today!

    We took a lot of time and planning in to the design of the
    TAGM system, working out flaws from other programs, and
    working to put together a system that works for everyon'e.
    TAGM is that system!!!

    Other notes:

    Please make sure to visit the TAGM programs section and
    update your username or program ID's in the list of programs
    found on that page so that your personal referrals can join
    them under you. There is a list of a'dvertising sites (plus
    we just a'dded a new one today as well) and a'dvertising tool
    sites found on that page. Also use them to promote TAGM!!!

    Let's all get out there and promote the TAGM program in
    every place we can. The larger the amount of Pro members we
    have in TAGM, the more exciting it will be week after week
    with all the Guarante'ed Placements being a'dded causing a
    continuous flow of cycling, re-entries and more cycling,
    week after week!!! And of course don't forget the DAILY

    Here is to your success...

    Gregg, Jules & Wayne
    The TAGM A'dmin Team

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    Urgen't TAGM Update:

    Hi Folks,

    Well it seems we've been concentrating so much on building
    such huge value into TAGM so you guys can make money we've
    done a lousy job explaining how and why this works.

    So for everyon'e who thinks that because they have not seen
    thousands flowing into their AP accounts after less than a
    week of going live here's why and also here's and
    explanation of why if you cant stick it out for a few weeks
    you're going to miss out on what is the very best part of
    the TAGM system and more importantly the income that will
    bring you.

    Firstly we still have many many members that haven't started
    using their a'd packs! This is simply crazy! This suggests to
    us that some members are still only seeing TAGM as a matrix
    program to join and make money from. Don't make that
    mistake! The matrix is just the icing on the cake! Yeah its
    pretty awesome icing but its just a small part of the deal
    none the less. If you don't recognize the power of the a'd
    packs, you're losing an entire income stream.

    You'll make great money from your a'ds alone, potentially far
    more than your membership costs you. Our Alexa rating is
    10410 which show we are getting huge traffic and getting
    serious exposure and

    Remember too, a'ds have to be seen at least 7 times before
    MOST people will signup so you wont get close to seeing the
    full potential results of your solo a'ds for at least 2-3
    weeks as you can send every 48
    hours. We've not even been launched a week yet so most
    members are only on their first or second send!

    Anyone not prepared to give TAGM 2-3 weeks will never see
    the full a'dvertising potential they have in front of them OR
    for that matter ever experience the full effect of
    Guarante'ed placements.

    Both these benefits wont be fully realised until around the
    2-3 week mark so whatever you do, don't look at your results
    and think this isn't working until then. If you do you'll be
    throwing away by far the biggest and most valuable part of
    the amazin'g TAGM system and you'll never see the true
    potential of whats in store.

    Many big recruiters also need to get used to this business
    model. Its different! Its new and never done before!

    We know many of the top recruiters are used to the initial
    big payouts cyclers and may be disappointed with the early
    TAGM payouts but we want to assure everyon'e this is NOT
    about cleaning up at the beginning and moving on while
    everyon'e at the bottom struggles. This is about helping
    everyon'e earn and from that, growing a vast residual

    We could easily be like all the rest, push the money up from
    below at the start but what happens then? Yep, the program
    dies and everyon'e then drops out. We want TAGM to be
    different! You simply wont see those massive payout in hours
    with TAGM and thats why!

    We built this program to be different, to last, to generate
    a solid and long lasting residual income for EVERYON'E, and
    through that then generate substantial & long lasting
    residuals incomes for those who help make TAGM a success.

    With TAGM, the big payouts come as their referrals start to
    cycle which for 95% will be via gp's after 2-3 weeks. Many
    of our lea'ders are alrea'dy sitting on huge potential cheques
    and many of their referrals are poised to cycle from
    gu'ranteed placements which will send a tidalwave of cycling
    upwards throughout the whole system.

    This is the beauty of the TAGM system! Sponsors earn the big
    money when their referrals cycle and we guarante'e that. As
    your referral cycle not only does this generate your
    matching bonuses but this pushes up and spills up to force
    your own personal cycling.

    As each of your referrals cycle at each level, this trigger
    their sponsors to cycle at that level too. When 6 of your
    referrals cycle at gold you too will cycle at gold and this
    is all in a'ddition to your matching bonuses and personal

    But this will not happen within days of launch, this will
    start to happen in the coming weeks and will power TAGM and
    your earnings to heights you just wont see right now.

    So please, accept our apologies if we have not covered these
    points sufficiently and keep up the great work you are all
    doing. In a few weeks you will all see why TAGM is different
    and why we WILL
    be the hottest moneymaking and a'dvertising site of 2009!

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    Latest Update
    Hello Strosdegoz

    Our First Week is over and many people have no clue
    how they cycled in BRONZE without sponsoring 1 person.

    Well, each day now, as the new members and renewals
    come in, people will start to see that what we say we do
    and what we do, is what we say.

    TAGM is NOT LIKE anything ever online - EVER!!!

    If you are "waiting" on alertpay funding or
    verification, do not worry that you are coming in LATE - as I stated above TAGM is not a program that you have ever been in online before..... EVER

    Its an IG system, created by us, for you, not for US!

    Its and IG system that does not care about when you
    joined, to be "in the top" - its not prejudice against newer

    FORGET everything please - EVERYTHING , all the junk
    that goes along with getting in "early" - TAGM is out of that league.

    If we were the FIRST PROGRAM online ever, the rules
    would have been set along time ago!! We broke the rules of GREED and poured in a system (called IG - Income Grid) that needs to be followed by all future companies, or they will FAIL.

    You are not in a program that CAN FAIL, its WILL
    provide you with not only OUTSTANDING a^dvertising and new fresh credits each week for your banners and text a^ds, but also has the best methodology in the form of bonus material in our back office , that, if rea^d and put to use, will bring you more referrals than you ever seen in your life.

    I have over 75 referrals now myself? Why? Not
    because I am a^dmin in TAGM, but because I put to use the methods in a few of the eBooks we have in our bonus section - I actually rea^d them and did what they said - and typcially I get around 5 to 7 new people in programs , I am up over 75 today -

    So the IG system, the a^dvertising credits and the
    bonus material you get is all worth a priceless penny !! We cannot put a number on it , except to say, ^$5.75 a week with new credits and guarante^ed placements that does not get wider, but gets better for all as the system Grows!!!

    Wayne Merritt

    "Lead, Follow, Or get out of the way"
    General Patton, US Army

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    TAGM Bu'y In's Are Rocking & Rolling!

    If you have not seen yet, we a'dded a ***** new feature to
    your TAGM members area called TAGM Bu'y In's and all we can
    say is WOW!!! The new combination of the weekly '$5.75
    membership ENGINE (Thats only ''$23 per month) and now the new
    Bu'y In's have alrea'dy got members cycling in ALL IG levels
    of the TAGM IG System!!! Yes thats right, if you don't want
    to wait to cycle up to the higher levels you can now bu'y
    your entry instea'd of it being funded from your second cycle
    pay outs.

    Bu'y ins have been live for less than a day now and we
    alrea'dy have members cycling at Platinum and one lucky
    member is just one position away from cycling at the top
    Diamond level, that's a cool '$480. I'm sure you know who you
    are :)

    We were hoping they would cycle from todays guarante'ed
    placements so we could announce it with a bang but alas,
    we'll have to wait for tomorrows GP's now. Just think about
    that for a moment! If you don't cycle today, maybe you'll
    cycle tomorrow? GP's are happening on a daily basis now so
    even if its not your day it will be someone else's and
    theirs could easily cause you to have a splillover or
    spillunder position fill so you will cycle! Where else can
    you cycle any time, any day without referring a single

    If you've not checked out the TAGM Bu'y In's page yet, do so!
    You can find it just above the Bronze Income Grid Button.

    And if you've not checked your incom'e grids lately, I'd go
    have a look right now & see if you've benefited from the
    tidal waves of cycling being created by our company funded
    guarante'ed placements and now the optional bu'y ins! We can
    see from the a'dmin ******* there are so many members so
    close to cycling just needing one or two! And that could
    happen any time any day! That's what TAGM offers you, 24
    hours a day, 7 Days A week! Total Excitement! And if its not
    happened for you yet don't worry! IT WILL! Just keep
    plugging away with your a'dvertising, making money in your
    primary business and watch as your Incom'e grids fill over
    and over.

    Can you believe we still have members who have not used a
    single a'd credit!?!? If only you knew what you were

    If its because you don't have an opportunit'y to promote for
    goodness sake go get one. members are getting amazin'g
    results from their a'ds, one TAGM solo mail pulled in '$218 in
    one shot!

    Since last night at 10pm EST, we have ma'de 2 payouts for a
    total of over '$1,000 in commissions earned bringing the
    total paid out to date (in less than 2 weeks) to over
    '$10,255.00 AND we have more alrea'dy to be paid out!!! And
    again, we reiterate, we have not even been open 2 FULL weeks

    The TAGM IG System is plugging away daily, a'dding Guarante'ed
    Placements, causing cycles, causing re-entries, causing
    spillover/spillunder, and paying members...

    PLUS the A'dvertising you get with TAGM is pulling in signups
    and sales for members constantly!

    That is what TAGM is, a super responsive A'dvertising System
    with an amazin'g back end Income Opportunit'y!

    Other News:

    Last night we held our FIRST ever TAGM Ra'dio Show. If you
    were not able to attend, we have posted the recording in the
    new TAGM Ra'dio Show section of your members area. It was a
    great call (if you can forgive Wayne for his involuntary
    rants), lot's of information about TAGM and a Q&A session as

    We will be hold another TAGM Ra'dio Show on Tuesday, July
    14th at 6pm EST. You can join online or by phone line BUT
    you need to have a fre'e TalkShoe account to do so.
    Instructions on signing up to TalkShoe can be found on the
    TAGM Ra'dio Show page...

    We have also a'dded new links so you can email your PRO &
    Fr'ee referrals. Fr'ee referrals are people who have
    registered but not completed the payment process. this could
    be due to lack of fund in their Alertpay and are waiting for
    funding. This allows you, as their sponsor, to contact them
    and offer assistance.

    If for any reason you need to reactivate your subscription
    you can find instructions to do this inside the TAGM Support

    Thats all for now folks, TAGM is really taking off and we
    envisage this next coming week will be our biggest with more
    members cycling at ever higher levels. Go sprea'd the word to
    as many people as you can! Send out your referral links
    everywhere. Many members are now seeing the power of TAGM
    and benefiting from their referrals beneath them cycling
    from spillover, spillunder & guarante'ed placements, even if
    they have no personal referrals of their own. Thats the
    beauty of TAGM! Make sure you grab this unique opportunit'y
    with both hands!

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    TAGM Update – '$19,300 Paid Out In 16 Days!

    Hi Dirson Jimenez (strosdegoz)

    16 Days in to being launched to the Internet and we have now
    paid out, as of this morning, '$19,300! The TAGM IG System is
    plugging away daily with a continuous flow of Guarante'ed
    Placements being a'dded, cycling happening, re-entries
    occurring and spillover trickling on down helping members to
    fill their Bronze IG levels, pushing them up through the
    Silver IG levels and above....

    As of now, we have over 1,900 PRO members in The A'dvertising
    Gold Mine. As mentioned on last nights call, the IG System
    combined with the new TAGM Bu'y In's Fast Track system, has
    started to pick up speed and handing out larger payouts
    along the way. Now imagine for a moment what would happen if
    we all worked to get 1-2 members in to TAGM over the next 2
    weeks... we would literally TRIPLE the speed of the IG
    System as well as the payout amounts that happen on a DAILY

    Think about it for a moment...based on 1,900 pro members,
    thats an average of 271 Guarante'ed Placements a day per week
    (average) pushing a constant flow of cycling, re-entries and
    a'dvancements up to higher levels. IF we all brought in 2 new
    pro members, would bring it to 5,700 pro members and an
    average of 813 Guarante'ed Placements being handed out
    DAILY...TRIPLING the speed of cycles happening, re-entries
    happening, spillover happening, and triple the size of the
    payouts happening..

    When your a'dvertising the A'dvertising Gold Mine, remember
    it's an a'dvertising website first and foremost...BUT has a
    revolutionary back end income generating opportunit'y
    attached giving you an a'dditional incom'e stream to the
    programs you are alrea'dy promoting... A'dvertising Site
    first, Income Opportunit'y second!

    The a'dvertising being used through TAGM is providing
    outstanding results for our members. Use it, promote your
    primary businesses through it, and at the same time
    a'dvertise TAGM out on other websites for their members to
    see and come join YOU here in The A'dvertising Gold Mine...
    If you allow the TAGM system to do it's job, it can become a
    very prosperous a'dvertising and money makin'g to
    speak, your very own Gold Mine!

    If you did not listen in on the call last night, we would
    encourage you to do so. Listen to what others have to say
    about TAGM as they fully get and understand what TAGM is all
    about. The call last night was a great one...

    You can listen by going to:

    Feel fre'e to use that recording in your a'dvertising as
    well..and also invite them as a guest to the next TAGM Ra'dio
    Show which we will have in a few days. We will announce the
    date in the next TAGM Update...

    TAGM Bu'y In's – This is a great way to fast track up through
    the higher levels and increase not only the amount of random
    members you can send your Solo A'ds to every 24 hours but
    also increase your incom'e earning potential in a faster
    manner. As the weekly TAGM IG System continues to push
    cycles in Bronze on up through the Diamond Level, pre bu'ying
    your position up in those levels is obviously a very smart
    decision. 3 things happen when you Bu'y In in a'dvance up to
    the higher levels. 1. Your alrea'dy placed up there ahea'd of
    the flow coming from the '$5.75 per week TAGM IG Engine. 2.
    The second cycle in the previous IG level is canceled out
    and you will earn MONEY on the second cycle were as if you
    did not Bu'y In to the higher level, that second cycle would
    have been used to bu'y you in to the next level. 3. Just one
    cycle in the level you bu'y in to happens and you DOUBLE your
    money bac'k that you paid to Bu'y In at the higher level.

    TAGM Bu'y In's are BIG... and remember, once your up in ALL
    levels, you can be simultaneously cycling in all levels AND
    receiving fre'e re-entry back in to all levels. Your incom'e
    potential is ongoing, never ends, and quit frankly, you
    could be creating yourself a very nice daily or weekly
    residual income as well... Imagine for a moment...If your in
    at all levels of the program, and you cycle in each one JUST
    one time a week...that would be a weekly residual income of
    '$935...and thats not including matching bonuses... put that
    in to the mix as well, let's say you have 10 personal
    referrals up in all levels, and each cycled just one time in
    each per week, that would earn you an a'dditional '$460 per
    referral (x 10 in this example would be '$4,600)... So does
    it pay to Bu'y In at the higher levels in a'dvance? Answer is

    Folks, TAGM, as you can see, can be your own personal Gold
    Mine if you use it the way it is intended! A'dvertising
    System First, Income Opportunit'y Second!!!

    Allow the system to work for you and it will become your own
    personal Gold Mine...

    The system is built to last a long time. It does not matter
    when a person could be 6 months down the roa'd.
    They will have the ability to earn the same as you if not
    even better by then as TAGM continues to grow. Unlike other
    programs and one time payment programs, TAGM is built to
    continue pumping out signups, sales and money to our pro
    members... Other programs dwindle, TAGM won't due to the
    revolutionary design behind it...

    An a'dditional note. One of our TAGM pro members was nice
    enough to put together a video for our fellow members,
    explaining how to submit Solo A'ds, Banner and Scrolling
    Banner A'ds, Text A'ds and other stuff in the members area.
    You can view the video by visiting the Tutorial Video page
    in your members area...

    We are proud to have each and everyon'e of you as a member of
    the TAGM program and look forward to us all working together
    to continue to grow the membership base and as well increase
    the amount of payouts to our members daily!

    Let's all work to get just 2 new pro members in in the next
    couple of weeks (remember you will earn big matching bonuses
    on them) and really drive TAGM in to a higher level not seen
    by other programs online today.. '$19,300 paid out alrea'dy...
    we will without a doubt double that number over the next 1
    to 2 weeks... We alrea'dy have people asking us how we can
    payout so much with so little members...The answer is it's
    our own TAGM system!!!

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    Just made another Bronze cycle and got paid almost instantly!!
    Also one of my referrals cycled too which added some Matching bonus commissions things are going great
    everyone is cycling as we move further through the IG's this bonuses are going to get pretty good.

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    I've made few cycles her in TAGM and so my referrals, looking good so far.
    Hopefully i will get to cycle Silver soon and get a buy in for Gold.

    I like the new contest good opportunity to make some good bucks, even
    if you offer a cashback on everyones first week you would be get in profit.

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    TAGM Update...

    Hi Dirson Jimenez (strosdegoz)...

    Just a quick update today. Today happens to be our 1 Month
    Anniversary of being open LIVE to the Internet and in that
    one months time, we have NOW paid out over '$33,000 to our
    pro members!!! To put that in perspective, MANY and we mean
    MANY of those that have been paid to date have ye to even
    refer 1 single pro member to the program...Soooo, does the
    TAGM IG System work? YOU BETCHA IT DOES!!!

    But we want to remind you that The A'dvertising Gold Mine is
    an A'DVERTISING WEBSITE first and foremost... NOT an Income
    Opportunit'y FIRST... The TAGM IG System to be honest is just
    ICING ON THE CAKE! An a'dditional Incom'e Stream that our
    members can be generating while promoting their primary
    businesses and actually can build a very nice a'dditional
    Income with it IF you allow the TAGM System to work for

    To be honest with you, it totally BLOWS us away when a
    member cancels a membership first, that has alrea'dy cycled
    once, twice or more times AND they never used the MAIN thing
    on TAGM. THE A'DVERTISING!!! You see, if your using the
    business for what it is (The A'dvertising), you are not only
    generating an extra incom'e in TAGM but your also generating
    new SIGNUPS and SALES in your primary business... AND guess
    what!! The A'DVERISING on TAGM WORKS if you USE IT!

    The A'dvertising through TAGM happens to pull FAR BETTER than
    many other sites out there. TAGM receives MILLIONS of HITS a
    day, THOUSANDS of VISITS a day and even more importantly our
    members are on the TAGM site PLUS visitors for an average of
    5 MINUTES every time they visit. During that 5 minutes,
    thats that many more changes for your a'ds to be seen and
    clicked on and the opportunit'y for new SIGNUPS and SALES

    IF your not using TAGM for the A'DVERISING you are TOTALLY
    missing the boat and losing SIGNUPS to your primary
    businesses every time you don't use it!

    Send your Solo A'ds every 48 hrs.. Change up the subject
    lines and content every time until you find a Solo A'd that
    pulls better for you.

    A'dd your Banners, Scrolling Banners and Text A'ds and re-up
    your credits to those a'ds every week your membership renews
    with the credits that are a'dded to your account
    automatically on renewal. Here is a little secret on placing
    Banner and Text A'ds to help you get them seen more
    frequently....Instea'd of a'dding ONE banner with 2,500
    credits...instea'd a'dd like 10-20 of the SAME banner and
    distribute your A'd Credits to each of them... So a'dd 20
    banners, and assign like 125 Credits to each. You see, now
    you have 20 times the amount of your banners being rotated
    through out the TAGM network..That's 20 times more people
    that will view your banner..And when your membership renews,
    assign more credits to them!!! AND you can do the same with
    TEXT A'ds!!!

    DON'T let the A'dvertising you get with TAGM go to waste, USE
    IT and in the back end, earn a little extra incom'e...

    Now, with that said, I want to also remind you that we still
    have ONE FULL MONTH left in the TAGM Pro Referral Contest...
    TOP Prize is '$1,000 and lowest is '$50... PLUS we will be
    giving away THOUSANDS of a'd credits along with the CASH
    bonuses from the Contest. Visit your TAGM Contests page for
    FULL details on how it works...

    Cash Prizes are as follows:

    Refer 5 to 10 new Pro Members receive a '$50 bonus!
    Refer 11 to 20 new Pro Members receive a '$100 bonus!
    Refer 21 to 30 new Pro Members receive a '$150 bonus!
    Refer 31 to 40 new Pro Members receive a '$200 bonus!
    Refer 41 to 50 new Pro Members receive a '$250 bonus!
    Refer 51 to 60 new Pro Members receive a '$300 bonus!
    Refer 61 to 70 new Pro Members receive a '$350 bonus!
    Refer 71 to 80 new Pro Members receive a '$400 bonus!
    Refer 81 to 90 new Pro Members receive a '$450 bonus!
    Refer 91 to 100 new Pro Members receive a '$500 bonus!
    Refer 100 or more new Pro Members receive a '$1,000 bonus!

    Refer and earn BONUS money!!!

    PLUS you receive weekly referral BONUSES as well on every
    active PRO referral you bring in to TAGM... Shoot, refer 12
    new pro members Receive a '$100 Bonus PLUS your earning an
    a'dditional '$6 a week in referral bonus money (covering your
    pro membership fees) PLUS your cycling more and earning
    matching bonuses when they cycle as well... Can't say it
    enough, the more pro members we bring in as a TEAM, the
    larger the daily cycles and re-entries and spillover is PLUS
    the larger the PAYOUTS will be!!!

    Use TAGM for the A'dvertising, Promote TAGM for the
    A'dvertising and ALLOW TAGM to become your own A'dvertising
    Gold Mine!!!

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