ATTENTION: Pre-Funding is now available! Instructions are in your members Welcome email and in the NewsScroller to the Left. So get pre-funded so your ready when the first line opens on Friday 3rd of July.

Note: PreFunding your account in pre-launch does not mean that at a lines launch time the system will automatically buy your positions. You will still have to purchase the positions yourself with the funds credited to your account you sent for prefunding. The benefit of prefunding is you are very fast at buying the positions because you do not have to go through the processor to do so. This alone saves almost 3 minutes making you much faster than those people that don't prefund. And we all know in cyclers speed is everything.
Welcome to CashRobbers.
Most of us have tried to fill a Matrix and failed miserably! In 99.99% of these cases you actually lost money in the process, as the one above you in the matrix,would always stay above you and keep on earning from you month after month. This is NOT the case with CashRobbers! Here everyone moves to the top, gets paid and cycles back into the line (as long as you Buy Back into the line) to repeat the process all over again! This is a simple straight line cycler where everyone ends up getting paid over and over again!
As you upgrade by buying a position you are getting access to software downloads worth much more than the upgrade itself, which means an immediate return on your investment even though it is not a monetary return on investment! The position(s) you buy when upgrading will always work for you and create income once cycled! You will NEVER lose that position, unless the line you invested in already cycled your position out and you didn't reinvest in that line again. In that case the whole Return on Investment (ROI) goes to your CashRobbers account balance!
You will see that our plans are very fair and all are at least 200% back on your funds. We do not believe anyone should be forced to Auto-Reinvest so we do not have it on our site. It is advisable though that after you cycle a spot you should put something back in to cycle again but that of course is up to you.
So you ready to receive those "YOU GOT PAID" emails? If so then come and signup! You will get paid even as a FREE member here! How you ask? Like this: When you promote CashRobbers and someone joins and upgrades from your referral link you get PAID also! So see, It's a win/win situation for everyone here at CashRobbers!

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