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In relationship marketing, typically the representatives, distributors or members are simply assets to the company, and only a small percentage of those involved reap significant benefits for their hard work. At Solstice International PartnersTM, we have specifically chosen the title Independent Business Owner (IBO) for those involved in selling ManduraTM. IBOs are not merely an asset to ManduraTM, they are why ManduraTM exists. Solstice International PartnersTM was determined to create a compensation plan that favors the success of the IBO.

ManduraTM is the first company ever to implement a compensation plan called the Straight Line Forced Matrix. With this revolutionary plan, once an individual enrolls as a ManduraTM IBO, any IBO that enrolls after them will fall into their organization, regardless of who personally sponsored the new IBO. At Solstice International PartnersTM, we want you to understand where the commissions are going. By knowing this, you will have the best opportunity possible to become successful with this amazing product. The ManduraTM compensation plan has been designed to enable the IBO to have more income than expenses. How much? That is completely up to you! Our goal at Solstice International PartnersTM is to do our absolute best to prepare you to be successful.

With the ManduraTM Straight Line Forced Matrix compensation plan, we have designed seven different ways for you to earn income and prosper in this exceptional opportunity.

7 Ways to Receive Income:

1. Retail Sales (30%) - For every individual that signs up with your IBO number to purchase Mandura as a retail customer, you will receive a 30% commission from each sale.

2. Personal IBOs/1st Generation IBOs ($20) - For every IBO that signs up using your IBO number, you will receive $20 monthly commission.

3. Bulk Order Bonus ($35 - $95) - For every IBO that enrolls under your IBO number for a 3, 5, 7 or 10 case autoship, you will receive $35, $55, $75 or $95 respectively.

4. 2nd Generation IBO ($10) - When one of your 1st Generation IBOs personally sponsors an IBO, you will receive a $10 2nd Generation Bonus every month that the 2nd Generation IBO continues to order.

5. Straight Line Team Commissions (20% of Total Company Revenues paid in 20 separate 1% Pools) - When you earn and maintain the required PV and TV per rank level, you will receive monthly revenue from that rank's 1% pool divided among everyone in that rank level. (see Compensation pdf for more details)

6. Multiple Generation Bonuses - To reward our leader's personal efforts, we have created this bonus that will be paid out according to generation level volumes when an IBO's PV reaches specified volumes. (see Compensation pdf for more details)

7. Royal Matching Bonus - To further reward our leaders, everytime your 1st generation IBOs qualify for a new rank, you will be netered into the Mandura Royal Matching Pool and receive a share of this.

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