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Receive a $70,000.
Reverse Pension Plan Payment
BEFORE You Retire!

Tell your friends and receive
$2,000 per membership
Plus INSTANT bonus payments, too!

What is a Pension Plan?
The traditional pension plan is one in which you pay an ongoing monthly fee for years
and years, until you retire, and then get paid out a monthly amount that you hope
may be enough to live on for your retirement years.

What is a REVERSE Pension Plan?
The Excel Prestige REVERSE pension plan is quite different from a traditional pension
plan, because for a one-time affordable fee of only $40., this plan pays you out one
lump sum of $70,000. BEFORE you retire, once the required membership goal has
been met.

Reverse Pension Plans have, for a long time now, been a closely guarded secret
amongst an elite few who were already rich and powerful, and traditionally anyone
wanting to participate needed to put together $50,000 to $100,000 for this special

With the advent of a strong Internet marketplace, and the ability to harness the power
of numbers, Excel Prestige is pleased to be able to bring you a world wide reverse
pension plan that everyone can afford.

Excel Prestige invites you to enjoy the following elite benefits at family rates:

One-time membership fee of $40. USD
$70,000. pay out at program completion
Offshore bank accounts and ATM cards
Purchase of unlimited policies available
Instant referral bonuses up to $18,555.
$2,000. bonus per referral at pay out
Batch pay out every 25,000 policies
You qualify if you're between 18 and 75 years
Maximum number of policies: 100,000

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