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What does TIIDAILYCLICKS.COM offer to advertisers and affiliates?

TIIDAILYCLICKS.COM offer advertisers the opportunity to advertise products and services to all affiliates who are prospective buyers or users of this website.
Advertising packages are offered at affordable prices to advertisers and these advertisements are then shown to affiliates who would earn real cash or points for viewing, clicking, surfing, or signing up for products or services that are offered.

How do members earn cash?

There are 16 different ways to earn real cash on TIIDAILYCLICKS.COM that are as follows:

* Paid To Click - $0.01 up to $1.00 for each clicks
* Paid $10.00 - $500 with the Yearly Premiere Income Builder Upgrade
* Paid To Review - $0.01 up to $1.00 for each reviews
* Paid To Sign Up - $0.10 up to $5.00 for each offer
* Paid To Read E-mails - $0.01 up to 0.50 for every e-mail read
* Paid To Auto Surf - $0.001 up to $0.25 for surfing
* Paid To Manual Surf - $0.001 up to $0.25 for surfing
* Paid To Chat - $0.001 for discussing advertisements through chat
* Paid To Refer New Members - $0.075 up to $0.25 on every referral
* Paid Commissions - 30% or $20.00, $10.50 or $1.95 from referral upgrades
* Paid from Referral - $0.01 up to $0.25 when referrals click on advertisements
* Paid from Raffle Games - $25.00 up to $250 participating in Raffle Games
* Paid from referral contests - $7.50.00 up to $200.00 by winning referral contests
* Paid $1.00 cash for every 3000 points earn
* Payout increase of 25% for Upgraded Accounts Only
* Paid on average $5.00 up to $250 per month just for making over 20 daily clicks

The more daily clicks affiliates make, the more cash he or she will earn. All that is required is that of actively participating in all of the advertising programs that are applicable to get the maximum returns as a TIIDAILYCLICKS Upgraded Affiliate, Advertiser or Free Affiliate.

What is the frequency of advertisements on this Site?

The advertisements frequency could vary depending on the number of advertising packages that are purchased by advertisers. Some days are anticipated to have more advertisements while other days may have less. The number of advertisements that are placed on the Site would increase when members stay active by responding to at least 20 or more advertisements each day. The more members participate or respond to the advertising programs, the more cash he or she will earn.

What is the minimum payout?

The minimum payout for Upgraded Affiliates is $3.50 and $10.00 for Free Affiliates. A $1.00 fee applies to all payouts. Payouts are made automatically on the 18th and 03rd of every month. No withdrawal requests are needed for payouts. Upgraded Affiliates will receive 25% increase on all payouts excluding cash bonuses, and monthly winnings from contests or raffles.

How much do I earn from referrals?

Affiliates will earn $0.075 up to $0.25 for every referral. When an affiliate has 100 referrals per month he or she will receive a total of $7.50 or $25.00 depending on the rate that is applied during that month. The rates for each referral will vary each month but will remain in the range of $0.075 to $0.25. Another way that affiliates will earn from referrals is through the number of clicks, reviews, surfing, e-mails, and signups that each referral makes each day. This is a great opportunity for affiliates to earn more cash and have a steady monthly income from referrals. All affiliates have to do is to refer at least 3 affiliates or advertiser per day.

How do Affiliates receive Paid To Read E-mails?

All paid to read e-mails will be delivered in your tiidailyclicks.com inbox only. Please ensure that you checked out the inbox options to receive all Paid To Read E-mails. In the event that you have both your e-mail and inbox checked please removed check mark from your personal e-mail note that the same Paid To Read E-mails will be in your inbox. To avoid duplication Management will prefer the use of the tiidailyclicks.com inbox for receiving all Paid To Read E-mails.

How much can I earn from the Yearly Premiere Income Builder?

There are only 5 packages available to Affiliates and Advertisers. Only the $100 package is presently available on this website. On the 15th of Every Month 10% is automatically added to every Premiere Income Builder Account so that would be $10.00 for every $100. Packages are limited and are only available in increments of $100, $250, $500, $1000 and $5000. Please deposit funds to your account using the deposit option that is available, and send an e-mail with the transaction details to [email protected] for any of the other Yearly Premier Income Builder packages.

Will this site be using debit cards to make payouts?

Debit cards will be used when the total number of Affiliates exceeds over 25,000. All Affiliates would be given this alternative option to receive payouts by purchasing the debit cards from this website when that transition takes effect.

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