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AgoraClub offers a 10 levels Affiliate dowline, divided in two parts :

1. The 10 levels downline for FREE credits.

All Members, from FREE to PLATINUM, have a 10 levels downline for credits !

Each time one of your First level Affiliates gets or buy credits, you receive in your AgoraClub account 10 % of these credits.

Example : when you make a new Affiliate, he receives 2500 FREE credits, so you receive 250 FREE credits in your account. If this Affiliate upgrades to PRO Gold, he receives 20,000 credits each month and YOU receive 2,000 FREE credits each month !

Each time one of your Affiliates from level 2 to level 10 gets or buy credits, you receive in your account 5 % of these credits.

All our Members, FREE and PRO, have the benefit of this distribution.

2. The 10 levels downline for BONUSES ($$$).


* 50% to all the memberships and
25% to the sales force team (coming soon)

First of all, how many affiliate levels do you have ?

It depends on your membership's category :

-As a FREE Member, you have 2 levels downline
-As a PRO Basic Member, you have 4 levels downline
-As a PRO Silver Member, you have 6 levels downline
-As a PRO Gold Member, you have 8 levels downline
-As a PRO Platinum Member, you have 10 levels downline

When your Affiliates from level 1 to level 10 pay for PRO Membership, renew it, or pay to buy extra credits or extra banners, you receive BONUSES (Dollars) in your Bonus account :

+ 5 % on your Affiliate's Membership payments;
+ 5 % on each sales to your Affiliates - extra banners, extra credits.

And this for your 2 to 10 LEVELS AFFILIATE DOWNLINE.

You can WITHDRAW your cash bonuses, or you can use them :

- to upgrade to PRO
- to renew your PRO Membership
- to buy extra credits
- to buy extra banners

Promotion - click on the "Promotion Tools" link after login.

When you promote agoraclub.com, it's VERY IMPORTANT to use your personal Affiliate Link that you will find on the main page after login.

To avoid any mistake, copy and paste your referral link when you post it in e-mails, ads and banners. ALWAYS test it before using it.

The AgoraClub Affiliate program will give you such huge results that it will become, FOR SURE, your ultimate choice to promote your sites WORLDWIDE. ^ top

Publish 1 to 20 Ads in the Agora StartPage and thousands of people will see them !
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Show your promotional e-mails fullscreen and escape from spamming complaints risk.

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