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* 20MillionHits.com is the brother site of 20MillionBanners.com and 20MillionAds.com

How it works:

Step 1 >>
Before registering for FREE, you will view 8 sites from advertisers who registered previously. It will take just a few minutes, and this is the basic way to explode the number of real visitors.

Step 2 >>
Number of REAL visitors who will view your website
Level Visitors - Hits
1 8
2 64
3 512
4 4,096
5 32,768
6 262,144
7 2,097,152
8 16,777,216
Total Hits 19,173,960
After viewing these 8 sites, you will add your own website.

It will appear at the first level and will be viewed by all the new members in your first level affiliate downline.

Letís say that it will be first viewed by 8 visitors.

When your first level affiliates register under you, and upload their own site, your website will appear at the second position, and it will be viewed by 64 visitors, then it will appear at the third level and it will be viewed by 512 visitors, and so onÖ

See your estimated explosive hits in the table from the right.
Step 3 >>

After you register, you will receive your self-replicated website like this one to promote it in the best free promotion tools that we provide.

Then your website will start to appear in all your downline affiliates and the number of visitors will explode, up to 20 million hits !

All you have to do is to build your first level affiliates with the referral link of your own self-replicated website.
Your affiliates will do the rest !

Step 4 >>
After you register for FREE, you will discover how to receive up to 2 million dollars with our explosive promotion tool, with NO additional effort !
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