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Welcome to Outback Doubler

Please join us in the outbackdoubler threads at *** or Rally4Profits Talk to keep up with all of the news.

This is where everyone can have fun, make new friends and double their money. Teamwork is the most important part of participating in this program. If everyone becomes a reliable team member everyone will benefit, including you.

Please check the RULES, RESPENDING PLAN AND NOTES before purchasing a spot in the program. By buying a spot you are indicating that you agree with these rules.

Please check the Trusted Sites page and see what other programs are out there. You can add banners for a small fee.


This Earning Schedule includes the deduction of egold and respend fees.

Line = Earnings
$1 = $0.24
$1.50 = $0.67
$2 = $0.56
$3 = $0.33
$5 = $2.08
$7 = $1.69
$10 = $2.19
$15 = $1.10
$25 = $3.30
$40 = $8.80
$60 = $4.17
$85 = $15.67
$115 = $31.67
$150 = $261.17

Total Profit = $333.65
Please Note that when you cycle out of the $2 line you will have made your initial spend of $1.10 back. Any amounts earned after the $2 line are profits.

Comps and Offers

This is where any current competitions and offers will be displayed.


If a member breaks the rules at Outback Doubler, Iron Doubler, Addies Doubler or 2 Gets 20 they will lose ALL of their spots in ALL of these doublers.


1st Prize: Top $10 COMP spot
2nd Prize: Top $7 COMP spot

3rd Prize: Top $5 COMP spot

How do you win? Simply buy spots in the $1 line. The person who buys the most spots wins 1st prize. The person who buys the 2nd most spots wins 2nd prize. Etc.

The competition will run until the running days reaches 336. That's 14 days.

Have Fun Everyone

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Please do your DD before investing in any program.