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    Default PUSH BUTTON XTREME PushButtonXtreme Passive Profit System

    Interesting new Business Building Profit system


    push button extreme

    At long last, a new and cutting edge Prospecting System that will automatically get you referrals ….. ALL done on Auto Pilot!

    This amazing new program has what they call "The EXTREME Matrix". Every time YOU hit the TOP, you get PAID more and more money! If you join right away, before the Company begins its massive advertising campaign, who knows how many times you could cycle again and again for weeks …. months!

    $495 per week... $1,980 per month .... if you are Passive (in other words if you do not enroll anyone) that's the MINIMUM you can earn from this if you keep cycling through all the pay levels!

    Like clockwork you'll automatically get put in line, hit the top, and GET PAID. Get put back in line, hit the top, and GET PAID.

    Therefore QUICKLY secure your *FREE* position by going to:

    You will then have till the end of the day to review the program in order to decide if you want to join or not. After that, you will lose your position and your downline!

    So DO IT NOW before the masses join. Note the result of a test conducted by the owners

    "We ran a test on the matrix and the first 1,000 who join are going to cycle a lot of times, making hundreds of dollars in just a few days without referring anyone".

    It is expected that the first 1000 to join will earn LOTS of $$$$ in the first few weeks alone just from the Passive Matrix! The earnings from this Program could well be much higher than the ones from your Main programs!!

    “Everyone who cycle through all cycle levels will get paid around *$500*. Whoever completes this 4 times a month, will earn a nice passive *$2000* a month. The cycling can happen weekly or monthly and the monthly fee will feed the recycle effect.

    Success To All, Mike

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    Default PUSH BUTTON EXTREME Is A New Kind Of Matrix Never Seen Before Got My Attention Fast


    Jan 23rd, 2009 at 5:56 PM PSTHi Michael,

    If you were to start drawing a 2x10 matrix before reading this explanation, it will be much more clear. Draw one circle at the top of your page. That's level 1. Draw 2 circles under it. Thats level 2. Draw 2 circles under each of the circles on level 2. Thats level 3 and it has 4 circles on it.

    Now draw 2 circles under each of the 4 circles on level 3. Thats level 4 and it has 8 circles on it. Now draw 2 circles under each of the 8 circles on level 4. Thats level 5 and it has 16 circles on it.

    Keep going. Soon you'll see that as you go down in levels, the number of members per level grows.

    And also notice that if you were the left circle on level 2, the 3rd and 4th circle on level 3 are not under you. Neither are the 5th - 8th circles on level 3. But the other circles on levels 2 and 3 are under you.

    Also notice that if you are the 8th circle on level 3, the first few circles who join on level 4 are not under you.

    Understanding the above will make this explanation more clear.

    Typically, in other matrix programs your position in the matrix never changes. Where you get placed when you join is where you stay. And you get paid based on how many people are below you in the matrix.

    Of course the deeper you are in the matrix, the less likely it is that new members would fall under you. As you go to deeper levels in a matrix, there are more and more people on those levels. Deep levels have thousands of members on the same level. At those levels it is rare that new members actually get placed under you. Instead, new members get placed beside you on the same level you are on, which does not benefit you.

    For this reason we did not design the EXTREME matrix as a typical static matrix. We disagree with designing a matrix were people get stuck at worthless, lower levels and never make any money, while sitting around getting promised thousands of dollars that will never happen all due to their permanent position in the matrix.

    The EXTREME Matrix was designed in a way to get money into the hands of everyone. Rather than making people wait for thousands and thousands to join under them before they get paid, which for most people never happens, we divided the payout requirements into smaller sections.

    The EXTREME Matrix is a company wide 2x14 forced matrix. So all members are in the same matrix. Your position in the EXTREME matrix is not static. Your position in the EXTREME matrix changes as current members above you in the matrix cycle, and are pulled out.

    As new members join they are placed in the next available spot in the matrix. As existing members cycle, they are pulled out of the matrix above you and are then re-entered in the matrix in the next available spot at the bottom of the matrix.

    The matrix has 5 payout levels which are $27, $57, $97, $127 and $167. Once you get 27 people placed under you in the matrix you cycle, get paid $27, and then you are pulled out of your current position and re-entered in the matrix in the next available spot at the bottom. Then when you get 57 under you in the matrix you cycle, get paid $57, and then you are pulled out of your current position and re-entered in the matrix in the next available spot at the bottom. Then when you get 97 under you in the matrix you cycle, get paid $97, and then you are pulled out of your current position and re-entered in the matrix in the next available spot at the bottom. Then when you get 127 under you in the matrix you cycle, get paid $127, and then you are pulled out of your current position and re-entered in the matrix in the next available spot at the bottom. Then when you get 167 under you in the matrix you cycle, get paid $167, and then you are pulled out of your current position and re-entered in the matrix in the next available spot at the bottom.

    $167 is the 5th payout level. Once you cycle at that level you start over at needing 27 people to be placed under you in the matrix.

    So to recap, as members above you in the matrix cycle and get repositioned to the bottom of the matrix, this causes those members below to move vertically up in the matrix one spot. As you keep getting bumped up vertically one position you are also moving to a new level. Say you are on level 10 and you get bumped up to level 9. Because level 9 has way less people on it than level 10, the likelihood of another member getting placed under you is that much greater. Meaning, that you will start to cycle faster.

    Think of a triangle - wide at the bottom, narrow at the top. If you are half way down the triangle and on the far left side, new members who join arent always placed under you. Many are getting placed over on the right side. But as you move towards the top where the triangle is more narrow, more of these new members are falling under you.

    So the higher you get bumped in the matrix, the faster you start getting people placed under you. So if you have gotten your $127 payout and you are now waiting for 167 people to be placed below you in the matrix, AND if you are far down in the matrix, you will get a few people here and there placed below you but as you keep bumping up the levels, people start getting placed under you faster because you are higher in the matrix where the levels are narrower which means more people are falling under you.

    The Push Button Extreme Support Team

    Well, if you haven't been around for a while, you may not know it, but all these so called matrix deals hyping up spillover are all nonsense, I know, for I fell for a few in my life as most have. They all sound good, but none work as hyped.

    Now read the above a couple times to understand what makes this so unique and totally unlike all the others. We do not occupy one position in the 2X14 matrix like all the rest, we are constantly cycling within this one company wide matrix which insures everyone gets paid, not just the so called heavy hitters or Guru's of the internet.

    In fact, if you notice who is involved, it is all the whose who of internet Guru's, and they will all be under you at one point in time over and over as everyone cycles and is moved to bottom open spots, so they will all be under all of us over and over again, a first. Everytime you cycle, you are re-entered in first spot at bottom, so let that sink in, this is powerful, and the marketing tools are super as well, so get in now friends, this one has real potential for everyone, those who recruit or not, everyone wins, another first.

    Success to all, Mike

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    Default Push Button Extreme is Exploding Onto Internet


    I made my money back already

    3 days ago, I told you about Push Button Xtreme .

    I am reporting back in that I have recouped all of my money plus.

    The system cycled and I signed up five.
    Between those two things, I made back all of my money plus without even trying.

    The next cycle is all profit, etc, etc.

    Every time YOU hit the TOP you get PAID more and more money!

    Please head on over to my Push Button Xtreme Page to sign up for:
    • A home business opportunity
    • EXTREME Matrix Profit Share System
    • Fast Start Bonuses and residual income
    • A fully automated marketing system
    • Lead Capture Pages
    • Create massive mailing lists

    The power players behind this program will literally force your position to recycle again and again...
    No recruiting - no sponsoring - you just get paid...

    Those players are
    Each one of these members is consistently in the top one, two, three, or four spots of any network marketing program that they become involved in, on that company's leader board... every month. It's amazing! I have put this supreme elite team together for the sole purpose of leveraging our marketing muscle to build any program that we recommend deep deep deep under you, and to give you an extreme competitive edge...

    This amazing and EXTREME opportunity just launched and it's purely based on TIMING. Join now. Lock in your position. Then watch in real time as EVERYONE else is forced into the EXTREME Matrix AFTER YOU... pushing YOU to the TOP!

    Come check it out. I am glad that I decided to try it instead of skipping this one.

    Push Button Xtreme

    The Internet has NEVER seen anything like this. The EXTREME Matrix is paying out $495 per week, $1,980 per month, and MORE... NO recruiting! The only thing required is that you Get in line!

    It really is that easy. No recruiting required. No skills required. No experience required. No marketing required. No hidden costs. Just get in line and GET PAID!

    PLUS you will get instant access to our EXTREME product, the Capture Page Creator, that was designed to dramatically increase your ability to make an online fortune building massive mailing lists with a simple Push of the Button!

    Mike G, Rachel Long, Paul Darby, John Denton, Dave Dubbs, Jane Mark, Frank Astheimer... ALL the Big League Marketers making hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per year have ALWAYS used Lead Capture Pages. It's truly the "Must Have" piece of the puzzle.

    Problem is, creating and managing Lead Capture Pages takes tens of thousands of dollars AND programming knowledge AND web design experience. Constant communication with your list via email requires thousands more dollars. Most of us don't have access to ANY of this.

    But now... thanks to Push Button Extreme... all you have to do is simply Push the Button and you're instantly in the MONEY! Push the Button once and you've got powerful Lead Capture Pages live online generating your mailing list. Push the Button again and you've got a world class autoresponder system blasting out sales letters to your list!

    As a member of our Team you will have...

    You can also get more info at USA phone number 305-356-7671

    The EXTREME Matrix

    Your Ultimate Money Maker

    • A revolutionary cycling forced matrix that allows you to Hit the Top and GET PAID over and over again as people join in below you.
    • A revolutionary cycling forced matrix that can pay you $1,980 per month without you needing to recruit anyone or make a single sale!
    • A revolutionary cycling forced matrix that allows you to "Hit the Top" and get PAID an UNLIMITED number of times if you refer JUST ONE active member to the Team!

    A Revolutionary Business System

    • A lucrative commission program that will pay you a SUBSTANTIAL weekly income without having to build your own downline!
    • A high powered, state-of-the-art, automated prospecting system that does 99% of the work for you to generate online sales 24 hours a day. Remember, JUST ONE sale and you can "Hit the Top" and GET PAID infinite times!
    • Free access to the best training, autoresponders, lead sources, and NEW recruiting tools exclusive to Push Button Extreme members that can increase your sales by 500% in one week!

    PRODUCTS that Make YOU Big Money Online

    • The exclusive Members Only site gets cracked open... letting you discover ALL of the shockingly simple ways our members consistently use the Capture Page Creator to generate outrageous profits week after week while working from home in their spare time.
    • You have the freedom to customize Capture Page Creator to earn incredible incomes from multiple sources like Push Button Extreme, other Network Marketing opportunities, MLM's, investment clubs, affiliate programs, eBay, Google Adsense... basically any way you can make money online.
    • Every online success story was achieved because of the mailing list. If you don't have a mailing list and don't know how to create one, YOU are SUNK. There's HUGE MONEY in a mailing list and Capture Page Creator will help you create EXTREME lists with a single Push of the Button!
    • Constant communication with your list is key. The more you communicate, the more money you will make. Every Push Button Extreme member gets immediate and FREE access to a fully automated, custom autoresponder system designed by the #1 autoresponder company in the world, Get Response!
    • Time is money. Capture Page Creator will allow you to make money fast by cutting all the corners, taking matters into your own hands, and doing it yourself! ZERO technical knowledge or web design experience necessary. All you have to do is Push the Button.

    Never again will you waste your hard earned money on Internet deals that offer the world and leave you to fend for yourself.

    Here at Push Button Extreme all you have to do is Get in Line to GET PAID!

    And now thanks to Capture Page Creator you WILL finally reach the Big Leagues of Internet marketing...

    following in the EXACT footsteps of Mike G, Rachel Long, Paul Darby, John Denton, Dave Dubbs, Jane Mark, Frank Astheimer and more.

    The Business

    $1,980 per month is only the beginning! Please read VERY carefully because we've solved a massive problem that has kept you from making more money.

    The EXTREME Matrix is a dynamic forced compression matrix where you continually Hit the Top, GET PAID, and re-enter the matrix in the next available position to repeat the process. That's right... YOU hit the TOP!

    Here's a sad story about most matrix programs...

    The second the program launches, "Big Shot" marketers get a heads-up call to join before everyone else. These people permanently lock themselves into the matrix at the TOP where all the money is.

    Hours, days, or weeks later when you join, your position in the matrix is also permanent... but it's a far cry from the top of the matrix where you need to be in order to make decent money. You're so deep in the matrix that all you can do is just sit and hope as many people as possible will be randomly placed under you so that you can earn a few dollars. Insider knowledge --> this rarely happens.

    The Push Button Extreme EXTREME Matrix is here to solve that problem in a big way...

    The EXTREME Matrix is a "Cycling Dynamic Forced Compression" matrix. It's a one-of-a-kind matrix plan. No one's position in the matrix is ever permanent. We're talking equal opportunity at big money for ALL!

    YOU will have unlimited opportunities to reach the TOP where you will cycle and GET PAID the MOST amount of MONEY possible! You can continue to cycle again and again and earn up to $495 per week or $1,980 per month WITHOUT having to sponsor anyone!

    But get this... if you sponsor JUST ONE person into Push Button Extreme you qualify to Hit the Top and GET PAID an UNLIMITED number of times as more people get placed into the EXTREME Matrix below you.

    In addition to the amazing EXTREME Matrix "Profit Share System" you are also rewarded for sharing Push Button Extreme with others

    Complete compensation details are..

    • The moment you LOCK IN your position in the EXTREME Matrix you begin skyrocketing to the TOP as new members join under you and existing members cycle and get placed under YOU!
    • Every time you Hit the Top you cycle and GET PAID. You automatically re-enter the EXTREME Matrix after each cycle and begin rising to the top over and over again!
    • Every time you sponsor a new member you earn a $25 Fast Start Bonus. Fast Start Bonuses are paid out once per week on Friday, along with your EXTREME Matrix earnings.
    • Every time you sponsor a new member you also earn a $15 Referral Bonus which is paid as residual income month after month for each member who remains active.
    • 10% of TOTAL monthly commissionable revenue is allocated to our Extreme Leader Pools. These pools were designed to pay HUGE MONEY to Push Button Extreme members who make an EXTREME effort to share the opportunity with others.
    • All commissions are paid weekly to a debit card that you will receive FREE of charge ($55 value) in the mail once you join. This debit card can be used at most ATM or point of sale terminals (stores, gas stations, etc) world wide.

    The Push Button Extreme EXTREME Matrix Home Business and "Profit Share System" was designed to help YOU make MORE MONEY FASTER and EASIER than you normally would in any other program... GUARANTEED!

    Never again will you be forever stuck in one position within a matrix, waiting and hoping for enough people to join so that you can get paid. Never again will you be secluded from the top of a matrix where ALL the big money is.

    Our dynamic forced compression matrix design will have you continuously Hitting the Top and GETTING PAID over and over again. Never again will the Big Shot Gurus rule the top and make all the big money. Thanks to Push Button Extreme it's finally YOUR turn to rake in the cash from a matrix program.

    It's this amazing cycling matrix plan that allows more people (regardless of experience, financial resources or personal ability) to make more money at Push Button Extreme than they would anywhere else.

    The faster you join the higher we can place you in the EXTREME Matrix.

    The higher you get placed the sooner you Hit the Top and GET PAID to your FREE debit card that will arrive at your doorstep in just days!


    How fast will I "Hit the Top" and GET PAID in the EXTREME Matrix

    This depends on how fast you join the EXTREME Matrix. The faster you join, the more people we can put in below you.

    As more people join below you, you get pushed closer to the TOP of the EXTREME Matrix.

    Depending on the volume of new members joining and existing members hitting the top, getting paid, and re-entering the EXTREME Matrix you could cycle multiple times in ONE DAY or it could take a few days to cycle.

    GUARANTEED... it won't be a monthly waiting game like you might have experienced in other matrix programs that don't offer this unique style of "cycling" matrix.

    Do I have to sell anything or recruit to cycle and GET PAID in the EXTREME Matrix?

    No. Just get in line and GET PAID. It's that simple. No recruiting or selling required.

    Is there a limit to how many times I can cycle in the EXTREME Matrix?

    Yes and no. If you join and never recruit one personal member into your downline you are limited to cycling 5 times per week.

    If I never recruit anyone and get limited to 5 cycles per week, how much money will I make?

    If you cycle 5 times per week you will make $495 per week, or $1,980 per month.

    If I personally sponsor one person, how many times can I cycle per week and how much money will I make?

    With JUST ONE personally sponsored member you can cycle an infinite number of times. No limits!

    The amount of money you can make is unlimited. Every time you "Hit the Top" you GET PAID... over and over again.

    When I cycle in the EXTREME Matrix how fast do I get paid?

    Push Button Extreme pays commissions once per week on Friday.

    How do I collect my commissions?

    Push Button Extreme pays all commissions via our debit card system.

    The moment you join we will mail you a FREE debit card valued at $55!

    Every Friday your commissions are sent to your debit card and you can withdraw money from any ATM or use your card at any point of sale terminal (store, gas station, etc).

    What is the product offered by Push Button Extreme?

    What is it that I will promote or sell if I decide to?

    The product is a set of professionally designed "Lead Capture Pages" which you can customize to promote any income opportunity online.

    Our "Lead Capture Pages" will also help you build a massive mailing list that you can sell to again and again.

    How can I sell the Push Button Extreme products and home business opportunity to make more money if I want to?

    Push Button Extreme provides a turnkey, completely automated marketing system and a customized web site made specifically for you.

    We provide training and a full list of effective marketing resources and ideas for you to use.

    If I never promote Push Button Extreme to others will that affect my membership?

    Not at all. You can simply remain an active member and collect from the EXTREME Matrix week after week for as long as you want.

    But remember, with JUST ONE personally sponsored member you can cycle an unlimited number of times and make an even bigger FORTUNE from the EXTREME Matrix!

    If I personally recruit people to the Push Button Extreme Team how much money do I make?

    For each new personally sponsored member you earn a $25 Fast Start Bonus.

    Each month that your personal members stay active in Push Button Extreme you earn a residual $15 per member.

    If I join and later change my mind does Push Button Extreme offer a money back guarantee?

    Yes. We offer a no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee on your first month's membership fee if you request it within 30 days.

    How is the EXTREME Matrix different

    from other matrix programs?

    The EXTREME Matrix is a cycling matrix. This means unlike other matrix plans, you never stay in the same position. You have the opportunity to reach the VERY TOP of the matrix, where the BIG MONEY is, over and over again!

    In MOST matrix programs people sit on the same position for months and the matrix never fills up. As a result, many people never get paid.

    In our cycling matrix you continuously move to the top of the matrix as people join below you, GET PAID, and then re-enter the matrix in the next available position and begin moving up AGAIN!

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    Default PUSH BUTTON EXTREME Three Week Progress Review Update


    Having tested this system, I must say, this is interesting. Anyone who has been in a matrix knows it is nearly impossible to see any spillover unless you are extremely lucky or are the top of matrix, which few ever are for obvious reasons, there are not many top positions, and the so called heavy hitters and internet guru's are the ones who get in first over and over again.

    What is interesting about Push Button Extreme is that the position in matrix is not static, as in, remains the same from start to finish. Most matrix plans run there course in about six months and then die on the vine. What makes this unique is the position is constantly being forced to top to cycle over and over again, hense, true spillover for first time for everyone.

    I am not heavy hitter, but I did take a position knowing that building a list is critical for anyone working any business, online especially. What amazed me most is I cycled the second day without promoting it, so it got my attention. I cycled again the third day, and take note, my position was on 10th level of the 2X14, so I was far from the top, but as each person is pushed to top, the then go back to next open position at bottom of matrix. Well, I was tracking my position, and sure enough, some of the heavy hitters are now pushing me to the top again, so is this the long term matrix we have all been waiting for?

    It has been three weeks and I cycled three times, and since I have been promoting, as well as using the lead list provided, I have more than 110 in my contact list already to market my other businesses to, which was what I wanted to start with. Simply put, you cannot lose as I see it. You need leads, you need a list manager, you need an autoreponder, and you need to earn an income, and PBX is proving to provide all of the above, and without any selling or recruiting, a first in my experience.

    Perhaps we can get some more input on this forum as there is on others. If enough people try this, they too will see what I am explaining, it works as promoted. I have serveral who have also cycled, and although it may not excite some, the thought of a minimum of $1980. per month for just using system is something you have to pay attention to. $1980. is not a lot of money, but in this recession, it may make the difference if you lose your job or have a medical emergency. Make one sale, and you open up unlimited income potection with multiple cycles per week.

    I research them all, thousands over the years, and I had always been looking for that one program which allowed the newbies and little guys and gals a chance to make it big. Although this will take time if you choose to not promote it, I feel that most will not quit like in all the other deals which never provide the do nothing people a dime. This one could be a game changer as far as spillover goes, so as I see it, the spillover fairy just may bless us all for the first time in a matrix. lol

    Success to all, Mike

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    Default PushButtonXtreme Push Button Extreme is Dead


    Well, for all of you who know I research a evalute every new program, just as I did with PBX, here are my results. No doubt, this one had my interest for it offered a new twist on the old tired warn out matrix system buy introducing a so called non static position. It sounded good, but like all matrix plans, they end up dying due to the huge number of quitters in the industry.

    No matter what system you join, it has to provide enough incentive to keep people from quitting after the second month they did not become millionaires. lol Sadly, the mentality of most online marketers are the same, if they can't get rich overnight, the are gone. What did surprise me with this one is that so many quit when monthly fee was only $36.00, very reasonable for what was being provided as far as list builders go, but hey, it was not unespected.

    I put every program through same promotional program I developed to get on top of search engines, and given this same effort, I judge all programs the same to see which are keepers for my portfolio strategy, and which are losers. I maintain a constant dozen and if I do not see progress in six months, then I drop them, and sadly, PBX did not make the cut. lol

    Sure, with fast start bonus it paid off, but with so many pushing it, the amount of new members died off after first few months as most programs experience after the hype wears off of being the newest and latest and greatest program. Well, like most, this too died after the third month and attrition kicked into overdrive, effectively killing any progress towards the promoted $1980. no recruit income level. In effect, it was not going to pan out just like most of the others we all see.

    Hey, I like to gamble, so I added it to my higher risk programs in my portfolio, so keeping solid long term income earners allows me to take stab at these often times over hyped deals, which is where I put PBX. I didn't lose anything, make a few hundred dollars, but this one will fail based on what I have seen in less than first year just like the former programs from this pair did, LawnChairMillionaire, as example. Any comments are welcome on your results, but I doubt anyone other than the guru's at the top of recruiting list have made the real money.

    Success to all, Mike

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