Good Day Readers,
My name is Ricardo Weatherly, and I am a Sherlock Nation Distributor. My job is to make sure every person with a mobile device or computer has this Great New Shopping App that works on Android Devices, Mac Devices and Computers.

What is Sherlock?

Shopping Sherlock is an APP you can use to Comparison Shop, it is NOT a cash back system or anything like that; it's simply The Coolest Shopping APP I've ever seen!

Success Stories

Jennifer from UK was a house worker working in London; she is originally from The Philippines. A friend of hers told her about the business. After meeting up in a coffee shop, Jennifer decided to join and got started. 12 months after joining Jennifer has quit her job and does Shopping Sherlock full time, working from home, allowing her to spend more time with her children. She also earns in excess of $2,000 per week.

Sergei from Russia is a restaurant owner, originally from Russia. A friend of his told him about the business. They spoke via Skype and he joined. Although limited with time due to a successful restaurant, Sergei enjoys building his Shopping Sherlock business all over the world and is now earning approximately $2,000 per week and rising.

Frazer from UK was a student studying at University. His father told him about the business whilst coming to the end of his course. He decided to join and got started. With no experience, Frazer decided to work from home full time and is now travelling the world building his Shopping Sherlock business. In his first 12 months in the business he earned $97,000 in his first year with the business.

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Ricardo Weatherly
Discount Home Shopping Clubs CEO