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    Default (SCAM) Pay get -

    I am not Admin


    PayGet is a simple, profitable and fully automated service that free from human factor which will help you to get a passive income.
    We are glad to show you an intuitive mechanism for making money which lets you earn +50% of profit to the amount invested by you in 30 days.
    This opportunity is absolutely real because our company is actively diversifying its capital into the rapidly expanding sector of electronic currency exchange.
    To make it easier to understand the whole mechanism, how we do it and where we get the profit to pay our investors, let us consider at our company activities.
    Over eight years, our company develops software for the creation of e-currencies exchange offices. Using our software, a significant number of exchange offices works in the Internet and it should be noted that works properly and without fail.
    Have you needed to exchange one electronic currency for another or the need to withdraw funds from the EPS to your bank account. Today, in that regard exchange office helps to make this operation for a small commission. It’s convenient, isn’t it?
    It is convenient because many experienced Internet users remember how we had to resort to help converters from Skype or ICQ. In addition, this method is far from ideal and very dangerous because many of money-changers are often ordinary crooks who what to get your money.
    Today, when you exchange one electronic currency for another, or just order the withdrawal of funds from the EPS to your bank account with accuracy of 95%, you benefit from our developments.
    Many years our company holds a leading position in the field of production, distribution and technical support of the software exchange offices of electronic currencies.
    We and our competitors have been established and distributed software product “turnkey exchange”.
    We know that life is not standing still and everything change. Especially, market changes very fast. Yesterday all this seemed important, for today, without additional upgrade may not be principal and so we do not stand still.
    There are lots of Apps for creation of exchange offices today and anyone can open its own “exchange office” which can work both in manual and in automatic mode by certain settings. But there is one big nuance. It is reserves.
    At this moment we yet again stand out from competitors because we offer to our clients a so-called working capital by loan credit.
    Of course, the e-currency exchange office is not just a website and software. It also has a vast reserve of all types of currencies that is exchanged, and without these reserves we cannot speak about a normal functioning of the exchange point.
    Here PayGet comes to help!

    Our company besides of our competitors, provides its customers the perfect comprehensive solution!
    We are ready to provide software to our customers and also lend a certain amount that is today in currency turnover for a small interest.
    Thus a new exchange point that begins working with us, gets advantage by showcasing a large selection of exchange and impressive reserves of currencies.
    Thera are a question, where the PayGet service takes money to loan for owners of new offices? Everything is simple, we take them from private investors by the conditions as pointed from the beginning. The PayGet service is intermediator between private investors and borrowers.
    We tried to simplify the whole process by running a fully automated service that completely free from human factor. Also, having considerable experience in creating automated systems we have made our site as simple as possible for everybody, even for unprepared investor.
    All you need is to determine the amount of your investment, register on the site, create a deposit and make a profit!
    As we come to the most interesting, then let's talk about profit.

    First of all, the deposit amount and the accrued profit interest on deposits are included into payments and drawn to you an hour after creating a deposit. Moreover, you receive instant payments on your e-wallet to full-term life of deposit. It is excellent!
    Your profit in PayGet accrue as in the first 10 days of your deposit you get auto payouts every hour, in the next 10 days you get auto payouts every 12 hours and the remaining 10 days of you get auto payouts every 24 hours!
    We remind you that all payments are fully automated!
    After you create a deposit There is no need to enter to the site, order payment, contact, etc. – all payments automatically transferred to your specified e-wallet without your supervision and administration’s participation. The whole process of getting profit is fully automated in the system!
    Moreover, this process can be observed in your personal office in real time.
    Get profit is amazingly simple with PayGet!
    PayGet is automatic profit!
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