This is Owned By TouchingLives International and I am the Admin.

TlintCashClub is a 2 X 4 Regular Forced Matrix Program where :

You will be earning Continuous $40 Per Matrix Position owned for Life. You will be getting $40 over and over again.

You donít need to refer anyone to Earn. Admin is placing downlines under everyone that join. A lot of advertising both online and offline is being done to make sure this is achieved.

You donít need to sell anything to earn.

You will be getting paid any way you want which includes Paypal ( You can choose to be getting paid directly to your Local Bank Account ). You can only withdraw through Paypal.

You can have more than one Matrix Position ( You can have up to Ten Positions Per Account ) and Multiple Accounts & be getting double or Multiple Payments

You can create accounts for your families & friends. There is no IP Restriction

Earn $1 Referring Commission and Continuous $7.50 Matching Bonus instantly for life if you refer a New Member

You will be Earning Level by Level. You don't need to complete the whole 2 X 4 Matrix to earn or get paid.

Withdraw any day and get paid within 24 hours.

Minimum Withdrawal is $5.

Free Worldwide Advertisements for your other Programs and Businesses.

$7.50 One Time Payment - To Get A Matrix Position & Enjoy All These Benefits.

This is the first program from Touchinglives International. We are out to help people make money online. The fact that we now have our own program will make this alot easier for us.

With us, nothing will stop you from making money. Not referring problem or payment problem. If you want to join us, go ahead and join us. You will surely make money.

TlintCashClub uses an Easy, Small, Fast Filling 2 X 4 Forced Matrix with MASSIVE SPILLOVER. It is a program that pay members for downlines placed under them up to Level 4. It does not matter who brought in, the downline.

Every member can only have maximum of Two Downlines on their Level One. Any additional members sponsored by you, will be automatically placed by the system on the next open level down in the matrix and placed under another member.

TlintCashClub is designed to put you into Profits within the shortest time possible, helping you earn unlimited $40 for life from each Matrix Position Owned.

All you need is to own a Matrix Position which cost $7.50 ( Seven Dollars Fifty Cent ) which is a One-Time Payment and you will be earning $40 over and over again for life. Once you have one Matrix Position,you won't have to pay any money again. Your earnings will be for life.

On this program, you can have maximum of Ten ( 10 ) Matrix Position per account.

You will be earning Level by Level. You don't need to fill the whole Matrix to earn or withdraw your earnings.

Level One ( Two Downlines ) - You will earn $1

Level Two ( Four Downlines ) - You will earn $2

Level Three ( Eight Downlines ) - You will earn $12

Level Four ( Sixteen Downlines )- You will earn $25.

Making total of $40.

When you are through with the whole level and have earned $40, another Matrix Position will be created for you automatically which will give you a new $40 Earnings. The Old Matrix Position will expire. This will continue for life.

Referring is not needed to earn from this program. We are working on making sure everyone earn money no matter if you refer or not. We are doing alot of advertising both online and offline in order to help everyone on this program. But if you are able to bring in new members, you will be paid $1 for each person referred as Referring Commission and $7.50 Matching Bonus when the member brought in cycled or complete his or her Matrix. The Matching Bonus is for life. You will be getting it every time the member you brought in cycled.

You can see it pays a lot to try and bring in new members. We will help you out on how you can promote and get in new members. Get in touch and we will help you out.

You Need To Know This :

We did promised to help everyone earn money and that we are doing on First Come First Served Basis. This program is a 2 X 4 Forced Matrix. You can only have two people directly placed under you, we are placing two downlines under each members that are yet to have their own two. The time duration that you can get your own two cannot be determined. You will have to wait for your turn to get yours. If you can't wait, the best option is to bring in the two downlines yourself.

In making sure we meet the target of helping everyone make money, these Advertising Methods are being used :

1. Online Poster / Flier.
We are using this to advertise online especially on Facebook and other Social Sites. Using Image or Picture for adverts attracts more views than text.

2. Offline Poster / Flier / Banner
We are hiring people to distribute our Fliers offline. We are targeting Shops, Malls like Shopprite etc,Offices, Market places, Church, Schools, University etc. Our Offline posters and Banners are being posted / placed in places that will guarantee lot of views or attract lot of attentions.

We are paying for the placing of our Offline Banners in companies controlled advertising spaces.

3. Online Banners
We have online banners for our adverts. We are paying forums, sites to have our banners placed on them.

4. Advertising on Newspapers / Sport-papers.

5. Advertising through News Sites.

6. We paid companies that offers posting service to Social Sites Groups e.g Facebook, Twitter that are having lot of users, to post our adverts on them for us.

7. At a latter stage, we will produce our Companyís Configured T-Shirt, Face Cap, Pen, Books, Calendar and give them out to members either for free or charge small fee. This is a good method of advertising.

8. We intend to have our own forum and we will do everything humanly possible to turn it to one of the biggest forum online. We will target Ten Million Members and will be used to advertise our programs. It will serve as a good source of income for our Company.

9. We already created a Facebook Page. We are working on getting it Millions of fans. This will also be done on other Social Sites we can use.

10. We will sponsor events and get our company advertised to people.

11.From Time to Time, we will engage in Charity activities which will attract more people to us.

All these are our plans. We want to have Millions of members, we are going to make sure this is achieved. We want to have everyone that loves to make money on board. There will be no problem with how they can get paid because we are using almost all forms of Payment method. Accepting Direct Bank Payment is a good way to get more people in.

People can earn from us even without having access to Internet. They can join us and be getting paid automatically whenever they earn money.

We will be venturing into other businesses both online and offline as we are getting bigger. We want to be the company that help millions meet part if not all , their financial needs. We want to play our part in eradicating poverty and will be doing this for years to come.

Our name is TouchingLives International. We really need to start touching lot of lives.

By the way :

If you are one of Our Downlines on HelpingHands International and Goldmine ( Resources ) Liberty, we will pay for your first Matrix Position in this ( TlintCashclub ) program.

This is a bonus for being one of our downlines in those programs. We always take care of people that join programs through us.

You too can get your First Matrix Position paid for, if you join Helpinghands International through us.

Helpinghands International gives members :

Brand New Company Configure Apple Ipad / HP Laptop

Brand New Hyundai Elantra 2014 Model Saloon Car

$12,000 No Collateral & Interest Free Loan

Be Fully Sponsored to Learn a Trade and Acquire skill

$40,000 Housing Funds

All Expense Paid International Trip to any country of your choice with Spouse or Better Half.

Over $100,000 Earnings etc.

This is not fake, it is real. There are pictures taking and Video Recorded during Ipads and Brand New Car Award Ceremony.

Getting all these is not easy, but if you join us in there, we will help you just like we are helping all our downlines. Joining us will get you downlines that will get you to the stage where you will be getting those benefits.

As a member of TlintCashClub, you will be getting downlines placed under you on other good programs which will help you make more money from them.

Join Us Today & Let's Start Helping You Make Money Online - Get Touched.

$7.50 Matrix Position Is All That You Need.

Note :

It Is Important You Read The Instruction On How To Make Payment For Your Matrix Position In Your Member's Area.

Our Contact :


BBM : 7B52DE7F


VIBER : 2348066677674

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