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Unique Advertising & Revenue Sharing Platform instantly paying profits.

99profitads is a unique advertising and profit sharing platform where 100% of the profits are distributed evenly between the members who purchased ad shares, that way we make sure thateveryone get returns and profits. You do not have to sponsor anyone to earn! You do not have to surf or click any ads in order to earn!
You can earn in 2 ways with 99profitads:
1. You can purchase ad shares for $20 and receive a total of $30 back before it expires. Your ad shares expire when they reach 150%, you can just purchase new ones and carry on earning.
2. You can purchase ad positions for $50 and receive a total of $99 back when they reach the 4th cycle. Every position will be automatically bumped back to the top after every cycle resets until it reaches199% This is HOT.

Join us today and enjoy the following benefits

  • 100% Passive Income Opportunity.
  • Earn up to 199% (99% net profit) on your Ad Shares before they expire.
  • Earn up to $30 return for every $20 Ad Share.
  • Earn up to $99 return for every $50 Ad Position.
  • Paying out 3 levels of referral commission 5%, 3%, 2% on Ad Shares and Ad Positions.
  • Receive 4000 Ad Credits for every Ad Share you purchase.
  • No forced re-purchase rules. Withdraw 100% of your earnings or purchase more shares and continue to earn with us!
  • Purchase and withdraw instantly in PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, Payeer, Paypal & BitCoin!
  • No limit to how many shares you can purchase or how much money you can withdraw from our instant profit generating system!
  • Join today and receive free bonus ad credits with your first purchase!