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I'm not admin. creator of the project acquired banners in signatures as the theme of the project yet, decided to create a

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What can you say about us, the creators of the project? My name is Vladimir , my partner ( programmer and webmaster ) - Sergei. My only idea in programming do not understand completely , fond of such projects and a half years ( as a participant ) , as the creator of the project for the first time . I work as a sales manager (food) .I think each of us would like to participate in the project , which works even in a pyramid , but honestly - to the last penny ?So I wanted to , I turned to my friend - he programmer in one of our banks , and he supported me in my endeavors , as a result bring to your attention the project «Supernaculum» - full cup , and hope that the bowl is full for most of our participants.Do not judge strictly - we tried very hard !
started: 20.12.13
accept: PM
payment method: моментальные
fees: 5% to withdraw


Investment project «SUPERNACULUM» - Full Cupsymbolizes prosperity, family well-being , abundance.Presenting your attention the project, which we hope will take its rightful place among the projects that are taking part you and your friends .In our project, it is impossible to fill the system with money in the early days of the project , the money comes into the project stably and smoothly, no transfers associated with the system does not benefit , which provides a more stable and sustainable development of the project.In our project can not be concluded at the same time all investments , although restrictions on output earned cash we have and never will. That , again, as stabilize the project and makes it more reliable and stable.
3% daily $1-150
4% daily $151-500
5% daily $501-3000
6% daily $3001-10000

If not available limit, your funds will be deposited and wait in line (available limit) to go to work, where they will bring a higher% of the profits. Funds held in custody, bring you 1% of the profit on every balance. Funds can be output from the balance of the project and they immediately transferred to your e-wallet

If there is no queue at the store, then your funds come to work immediately (if available limit), the transition is smooth in operation with 10% of the investment per day, ie transition to the job takes 10 days if there is a queue for storing, the funds come first deposited, and then in turn to the work. (Interest accrued in the period available to the conclusion at any time)

When all contributions will go to work, he begins to bring you 3-6% daily depending on the amount of your deposit. Profits will accrue on the balance sheet and is available to the conclusion. also an opportunity to withdraw from the project body deposit fully or partially

Get more profit by recommending project "SUPERNACULUM" friends, partners, friends and relatives. Spread your referral link and promotional materials on the Internet and get a 5% deposit personally invited participants, 3% of the contribution of the partners of the 2nd level, and 2% of the contribution of the partners the third level.

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