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Weexor Pre-launch Now!

This is a great day to achieve your financial freedom. This is a golden opportunity for anyone who expects a better future.

On this day, we are very proud ... and we present to you a new revolution in online business and advertising networks. Yes ... WEEXOR now presented in front of you.

Sign up immediately ... invite your friends, your family and your business associates. Get $ 10 free voucher balance in your account, and start to do business with us in WEEXOR for free. Advertise, build a network and receive unlimited income every day with ease and pleasure.

At the time before launch, you can only do the activity:

1. Register and log in to the members area,
2. Receive a free $ 10 voucher balance,
3. Buying a Business Unit using your voucher balance,
4. Invite friends to join, build your business network, and receive an extra commission,
5. Learn more all the features and the systems of work in weexor,

And some features that are not enabled at the moment before we launch, including:

1. Adding funds to your account,
2. Daily profit sharing holded,
3. Make withdrawals from your account.

Official launch: August 10, 2013.

Business Plan:


A. Lite Plan + Free Shareholding 2% /day

Purchased with Voucher Balance
Cost $10 - $100 / Unit
120% Guarantee Profit Sharing
Shareholding Contract is 60 Days
Include 1000 Ad Credits / Unit
10% Referral Commission

B. Pro Plan + Premium Shareholding 2.5% /day

Purchased with Cash Balance
Cost $20 - $1000 / Unit
150% Guarantee Profit Sharing
Shareholding Contract is 60 Days
Include 10000 Ad Credits / Unit
10% & 5% Referral Commission
Reward Point
$25 as a bonus from 2x2 Cycle Matrix

Extra Income:

1. Referral Commission

Come participate in our marketing network and earn ton of commissions from us, and this is absolutely free. Every referral that bought the business package, then you are entitled to earn instant commissions.

We have two types of referral commissions tailored to your membership status. If you are a free member then you are only entitled to receive a 10% commission on your direct referrals only, and if you are a pro member you are entitled to receive an additional 5% commission on your 2nd level of referrals.

2. Reward Point

As part of our appreciation to all our members and our marketing network, we also give a reward points or coupons. The point can be exchanged into a voucher balance to buy another package of our business units.

Conversion rate of 1 point is equal to $1 voucher balance. You can redeem your reward points in the member area.

Reward points received when you receive your referral commissions. 2 reward points for 1st level of referrals and 1 point for 2nd level of referrals.

3. Cycle Matrix Bonus

Get a $25 bonus when matrix of your network filled. This is simply and very easy.

We have setup a 2x2 matrix to be a cycled. To get the bonus you just simply have 2 downlines (level-1) to fill 2 spots in the 1st level of matrix and 4 downlines (level-2) to fill 4 spots on the 2nd level of matrix. If all spots filled, the status of your matrix has cycled and you are entitled to receive a $25 matrix bonus.

a. Auto-filled System

When your direct referrals (level-1 of downline) is not active (not have a downline), the matrix in your network will continue to run and filled by your direct referrals (level-1 of downline) only. So you just need more direct referrals (level-1 of downline) to fill all the empty spots in your matrix.

b. Re-entry System

When your matrix is full, then the position in your matrix will be cycling and should be filled again to get the matrix bonus again. To continue getting your matrix position, then after cycling you must pay a participation fee of $10 every time your matrix cycled.

Payment Processor:

Paypal, Payza, Egopay, PerfectMoney, Okpay

Register Now and Get $10 Voucher Balance.