Rock-Ad-Roll offers a powerful marketing solution for your website or affiliate link. Our ad packages cost just $10 each and each includes 20,000 banner ad credits. Each credit comes in the form of views to your banner ad which is shown on the Rock-Ad-Roll website. As well as receiving powerful online marketing for your business or affiliate link, each ad package purchase also gives you free entry into our unique compensation plan with 3 powerful ways to earn. The More Ad Packages That You Purchase, The More Marketing You Will Receive And The More You Can Earn.
The Rock-Ad-Roll compensation plan.
Below are the full details of each of the 3 powerful ways that you can earn with us just for purchasing ad packages to promote your business.

R-A-R Revenue Share Program

Revenue share with each ad package purchase, you will receive a share of our cycled revenue up to 200% of the value of the original ad package purchase. The more ad packages that you purchase, the more shares of our revenue you will receive. Spend $10 get $20, spend $20 get $40 and so on. All members earn when someone buys an advertising pack in the Rock-Ad-Roll!

R-A-R 5x5 Forced Matrix

When members are joining The Rock-Ad-Roll program they automatically placed into 5x5 forced matrix. So every one can earn an affiliate commssions without sponsoring a single person! Income in the matrix depends on the level of ad packs purchases. Some members buy one ad package and others 100. Many members are buying ad packages multiple times. Every time some one in your matrix purchases advertising, you get paid! An approximate income is shown in the table below.

- Get automatic referrals by spillover from sponsors
- Get automatic referrals by spillunder from down line
- Potential earning $15,625 without referring a single person!
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