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    Default New Life of iWowWe - Global Group!

    Hello dear colleagues. iWowWe is back with new strength. We are a global team. But more on that later

    Some information about iWowWe company

    iWowWe is a leading developer of both Web & Smart Phone application. Bill Starkey is the CEO of iWowWe, which he founded in 2007.

    iWowWe has developed a simple to use, proprietary, interface that makes it possible for everyone, from a child to a grandparent, to communicate using a variety of media formats online.

    Previously, only a select few, highly skilled, groups of individuals could generate what WowWe has incorporated into a cost effective product with global appeal. iWowWe has a product mix designed to reach the masses; from individual consumers to fortune 2000 businesses.

    iWowWe is a certified Email Service Provider. the company maintains its own secure, fast data center. The company is based in The Woodlands, Texas, USA and received Better Business Bureau accreditation in August 2010.

    iWowWe is Full Members of the DSA (More info: ).

    Video About Company
    The Company's Office Tour


    With iWowWe, you've got a comprehensive video communication suite that will deliver more power, more impact, and more features than any other option.

    The iWowWe Video Suite offers all these powerful tools, and more:
    Multi-purpose Video Email: For individualized "one-to-one" messages (
    Powerful Video Conferencing: For collaborating "many-to-many" (
    Fast, Efficient Broadcasting: For elegant "one-to-many" communications (

    There's no complicated separate products, no confusing monthly subscription plans, and no special hardware to buy. If you've got a webcam and Internet access, you have all the tools you need to:

    Strengthen relationships
    Expand any business
    Touch lives and Change the World!


    iWowWe is committed to making a positive difference in people's lives around the world.

    iWowWe is much more than a company; it is a massive organization with hundreds of thousands of marketing partners and customers around the world. Together we can make a difference; we can do something significant and we can make the world a better place!

    22,000 children under the age of 5 die every day. Millions more experience disease, abuse, and deepening poverty. A toddler in Mali today may not reach his fifth birthday because the only drinking water is contaminated. A boy in Bangladesh may face absolute poverty his entire life. A baby in Mozambique could be permanently disabled by malaria. A girl in Cambodia might be abused or forced into prostitution.

    iWowWe has partnered with World Vision to protect and nurture 10 million children over the next five years and ultimately impact 100 million children over a generation.

    Children's lives are at stake. If you and I don't respond, who will? Who will be the voice for children against poverty and injustice? Will you join us?

    iWowWe Compensacion Plan


    7 Powerful iWowWe Income Streams:
    1. Direct referral commissions
    2. Eagle club bonus
    3. Dual team commissions
    4. Dual ream residuals
    5. Director fast start
    6. Pay matching
    7. Leadership lifestyle enhancements

    Binary Compensacion plan video

    As an iWowWe Affiliate, you can Super-Charge your Income and put you on the Fast Track to your Dreams!

    Our Global Team

    So like I said, we are building a global team. We have a very strong sponsors who work with us. Our sponsors and mentors in this business are Don & Nancy Failla. With us work and another strong man - his name Rick Everts. This man is one of the earliest work in this company.

    Connect to our rapidly growing team and achieve financial freedom! :)

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    Double Down Promotion Returns to Kick Off April

    It’s Back! Last month’s one-week Double Down promotion was so successful, we’ve decided to bring it back for another round, this time for TWO WEEKS.

    Between April 1st and April 15th, you will again be able to qualify for a $100 cash bonus for every group of 2 affiliates you enroll. While enrollments from March will not carry over for this new promotion, you will, however, have TWO weeks to earn this extra cash. These will all be in addition to the regular Eagle Club or Dual Team Commissions you would normally earn.

    A Note to the New Affiliate: Those of you who are within your first 30 days with iWowWe will want to use this promotion as a springboard to help you become a Super Affiliate. When you bring in your first two affiliates, make sure one goes in your left leg and the other in your right. Then, if you are within your first 30 days at iWowWe, you can work with these two to get THEIR Double Down bonuses and this boosts you to Director, qualifying you for the Fast Start Director Bonus of $100.

    Add two more enrollments and you get an extra $100 for the Eagle Club. This is all in addition to $50 each in Direct Referral Commissions – and the $200 you’ll get from the Double Down bonus. That potentially could be a total of $600 for two weeks work: Not a bad way for a brand new affiliate who is within their first 30 days!

    Remember, this promotion started on April 1st and is open to everyone regardless of how long you’ve been with iWowWe. An extra $100 for every group of 2 new affiliates will go a long way to help make your springtime months more alive than ever. But act quickly since this promotion will only last two weeks and will no longer be available after April 15th.

    So get busy and Double Down your way to iWowWe Greatness today!

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    Bill hits the road throughout Eastern Europe. His message: “Recruit the World!” And he’s coming with the tools to help you do just this, including:

    • Officially launching the V5 product
    • Unveiling the latest mobile app
    • Recognizing the efforts of European leadership
    • Launching a new market in Turkey

    See the iWowWe Event calendar on the blog for more details. If you are within any reasonable traveling distance from any one of these meetings, you simply won’t want to miss this historic opportunity:

    May 15: Frankfurt Leadership reception
    May 17: Kiev, Ukraine event
    May 19: Budapast, Hungary event
    May 21: Czech Event
    May 24: First iWowWe Event in Turkey:
    May 25: Additional meetings with Turkish leaders (TBA)
    May 26: Brunch with Turkish leaders and guess

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