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Started 25.01.2013 at 20:00 on MOSCOW TIME
Return of legendary GreenFlower$ +300%
You shouldn't wait long and it isn't necessary to attract anybody, the system will make everything itself, everything that you need it it is simple to wait the turn on payment. Payment happens instantly into your specified account of PM.

In total that you need to make is to buy, at least GreenFlower$ worth $1 1 and to wait while to you will present GreenFlower$3 or $3. There is a question how such can be, a course 1:3, from where money? Answer simple: at the time of GreenFlower$ purchase you become alive turn of participants. Three participants in turn pay to the first GreenFlower$ standing it, etc. Speed of payments makes 1:3. It also is a system secret.

Think, than you risk? Participation costs only $1, and at the exit you receive $3. It is possible to participate some time and to buy GreenFlower$ in unlimited number. Hurry to be in turn the first! ! ! !

Accept: PM

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