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    Default BlockBuzz -

    Block Buzz is an incredible new advertising platform that
    offers members 10 different ways to get paid!

    Compensation Plan Includes:

    Retail Ad Block Commissions
    Fast Start Ad Block Bonus
    GOLD Maxline Bonus
    PLATINUM 3x9 Matrix
    Generational Matching Bonus
    Residual 2x15 Ad Block Matrix
    Diamond Infinity Bonus
    Diamond Bonus Pool
    Top Producer Bonus Pool
    Rank Advancement Bonus

    Join Today!

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    We are holding a BIG Webinar event on Monday!

    This is a LIVE event that you DO NOT want to miss. By Monday we will have everything live and we are going to explain how the future of Block Buzz is going to work with placements each week now that we are launched!

    Make sure you attend this one if you can!
    Date: Monday Nov 19th
    Time: 12:00pm PST, 3pm EST

    Register Here...

    Some Updates...

    1. The GOLD Maxline is LIVE

    We just finalized the GOLD Maxline and all commissions have been posted. However, we are still calculating the matching bonuses on everything so all earnings are low (especially if you have a large enroller tree).

    Just an FYI.... Our GOLD Maxline is only a very small piece of the compensation plan. Out of every $35 Ad Block purchased, $3.00 is split up through 8 levels.

    So you should think of this GOLD Maxline as a forever growing company wide bonus that will continue to fill and fill as more Ad Blocks are purchased. Each Ad Block will fall into the next available position.

    2. The 3x9 PLATINUM Matrix & Generational Match Bonus

    We are going to be posting the 3x9 Matrix over the weekend along with BOTH the Generational Matching Bonuses from this structure and the GOLD Maxline. This is where the bulk of the commissions are going to be paid out. In fact about 70% of all earnings that are paid will come from the Platinum and Match Bonuses.

    This will show LIVE in your Member's Area as soon as its finalized and you will be able to request your commissions.

    3. All Remaining Commissions and Bonuses

    Everything will be completed this weekend! (that's one of the main reasons it's so important to join us on the Webinar on Monday).

    After the Platinum and Match bonuses are up we are going to be paying the Diamond Infinity, Top Leaders Bonus, Rank Bonuses, and we will also be contacting all Founder's about the special 1% pool explaining the eligibility for it, the payout schedule and how many people you are going to be sharing the pool with.

    To be eligible for all bonuses you must enroll 1 person and be active!

    4. Autoships for recurring $25 monthly Ad Blocks

    As we mentioned in the last update email the $25 monthly recurring payments will be available very soon. We are going to push hard to have it done by the Monday Webinar, but if it's not ready in time it will be ready very soon after.

    The new 2x15 Matrix will be placed on Dec 1st so you need to make sure that you have set up an autoship ASAP to lock your position into this structure.

    You only have 1 autoship for $25 per month no matter how many ad blocks that you have. Your $25 gets you a discounted Ad Block each month along with full access to members area, training, and it makes you eligible to earn future commissions.

    If you have any questions please contact our support. The best way to do this is to open a support ticket so we can track it and respond fast!

    We hope to see you on the webinar on Monday!

    -BlockBuzz Support

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